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It’s May and no NFL team has expressed interest in former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. I know. I too feel your pain.

The Mercury News reports on three reasons Kaepernick is being ignored:


Colin (why are all black guys named Colin douchebags?) Kaepernick gained infamy for refusing to stand for the National Anthem because of…well, lets face it…he’s just another cracka hating brother who saw his protest as a thumb in the eye to white America. Those racissss crackas in the stands paying several hundred dollars per ticket to watch footbawwwww happen to be patriotic Americans. So Kaepernick soon became the most hated player in football history.

He spouted Black Lives Matter rhetoric, refused to stand for the National Anthem, and attended press conferences wearing Malcolm X and Fidel Castro t shirts. This guy was just begging to be hated. And he is. And he wonders why no pro team will touch him with a communist flag!

The irony? Kaepernick was raised by wealthy crackas. No good deed goes unpunished.

Not to say Kaepernick is the only of his kind. If not for agents controlling their clients, you’d see hundreds more black NFL millionaire players protesting the racissss America.

Kaepernick’s downfall is blamed on some black female radio host in Oakland that became his girlfriend who is a converted Muslim and hates her some crackas. Kaepernick reportedly has also converted to Islam and changed his name to Colini al-Douchebagi.

Yes, the owners of NFL teams certainly hate Kaepernick. No, owners don’t have morals or scruples but realize where their bread is buttered. TV ratings plummeted after Kaepernick and his fellow cracka-hating fellow players began their Anthem protest antics. This cost the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars. The league even had to rebate advertisers because viewership was down.

Kaepernick should stay on his knee. While there he should beg for forgiveness for insulting a nation that makes millionaires of morons who have negligible athletic skills and less intelligence.

Some future employment options for Kaepernick might be:

1. Spokesperson for Afro-Sheen, Ultra-Sheen, and Afro-Sheen Cosmetics
2. Host of Soul Train now that Don Cornelius died. It’s gonna be a stone gas, honey!
3. Host of every show on MSNBC
4. Host of every show on CNN
5. Next Plesident of North Korea once Chubby is offed.
6. Unemployed forever

AWD lost interest in the NFL decades ago when Neon Deon Sanders first began going into spasms after every good play. Yawn. If I wanted to watch ghetto ball, there is always the NBA. And who cares about that garbage? The good thing is millions of marginal fans realized this year that they could live without the NFL. They won’t be back. Who needs to waste their time watching oversized, tattooed felons play football? Especially when the players go out of their way to insult fans? Not me.

Oh, and here’s Kaepernick’s audition for the new Soul Train. Oh Kaepernick? He’s the one with the fro.

Oh, and Colin? See ya at the BLM protests!



  1. Leftists only lose their jobs when the free market can no longer subsidize their unsavory behavior. The NFL lost almost 10% of it’s TV viewership during the 2016-17 regular season, and this is likely the major reason Kaepernick has transformed from NFL platinum to NFL plutonium in less than five seasons. The players salaries are so high that even 2-3% ratings dip is substantial. The guy has raw talent, but he obviously could not keep it together mentally after his first break-out season. This will still not change how I spend my Sundays in Autumn, but it will likely help alleviate some of the NFL’s $$$ hemorrhage.

  2. He’s going to double down and whine that he didn’t get picked because–waaaysism! Then he’ll sue the NFL and win, because the NFL is run by pussies.

  3. Quartierleblanc

    Good riddance. The guy cost some very rich guys a lot of money. They’re going to blackball him to make an example so the rest of the riffraff will get into line. The problem with “Kap” is that he’s not going to go away quietly.

  4. I hope he likes his just desserts. But of course, it won’t be his fault, it will be those racissss crackas. Sheesh.

  5. Being a high school football coach for 20 years i have always tried to use the game as an opportunity to instill positive character traits in young men. My goal has been to teach discipline , respect , work ethic , loyalty and teamwork. Hopefully my players will be productive citizens.I want them to be part of the solution not part of the problem. When I see how some of the NFL ass clowns act it makes me want to puke…That is why I watch NCAA not NFL…What we tolerate we encourage…

    • Coach, I played high school football in the late 70’s. I went back to see my coach about ten years ago as he was about to retire. He told me I wouldn’t believe the difference in the quality of the kids versus when I was in school. He told me his starting QB had been arrested for murder the previous week.


  6. Flounderello

    If someone makes a movie set in 19th Century East Africa, Kaepernick could play a Fuzzy Wuzzy.

  7. Bye bye Colon Krapperdick!
    You can always get a job as a mail prostiture!

  8. AWD , I played in the mid to late 80’s and the difference i see is that kids are still the same but parenting has went to $hit…Kids are either raised right or they aren’t and the latter is the source of societal decline…Also kids have greater access to everything now days due to technology…There are also fewer role models of quality character for young people…Kapernick is a hypocrite and a pathetic joke… What we tolerate we encourage…

    • “Role model.”
      I hate that term. Charles Barkley got it right when he said “I am not your role model.” Anybody looking at an athlete for a role model has a problem. That’s why a child has parents (plural): a mother and a father.

  9. When it comes to professional sports, my first question is always:

    “What corporation am I supposed to root for?

  10. Disgusted Caucasian

    I haven’t watched a Negro Felony League game since the 70’s. I guess I was way ahead of the curve. The invasion and focus on the “Ns” is what turned me off.

  11. Carnac123

    The NFL and ESPN or two of the most liberal organizations on earth. Remember, no whites on the field then no whites in the stands.

  12. Quartierleblanc

    Yahoo Sports said as of today that the market for “Kap” is frigid. Meanwhile he’s giving away 50 that’s right 50 custom suits to his homies. He’s desperate now. Arena football call now Kap.

  13. Pingback: KAEPERNICK IS KAPUT!

  14. Disgusted Caucasian

    I was wondering how you get that much fro under a helmet??

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