The number one all-time leftist question of Tea Party members is: “where were you when George Bush and the Republicans were running up all those deficits?” AWDs response is: “we were hating them just as much as you, just for different reasons.” Libs hated Bush and Karl Rove because they were Republicans. We hated Bush and crew because they were wussypants Republicans who spent money like Democrats. And Karl Rove’s big, fat, greasy. jelly-doughnut eating fingerprints are all over the decline of the Republican Party ever since.

The problem AWD has with Karl Rove is the same problem I have with RINOs like Newt Gingrich. They talk a good game until they enter the playing field. Then they suck. Hugely. Because both are loyal to the Republican Party above all. While they pay lip service to conservative principles, they will pander to any group they believe will bring them a vote or get a Republican (any Republican) in office. All the while, they lose the base they believe they cannot lose.

AWD met with Gingrich a few years ago face to face. This was after Newt had endorsed the monumentally liberal “Republican” Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 special election. There was a bonified conservative in the race. Scozzafava was so liberal, her Democrat opponent ran TV ads saying “don’t vote for Scozzafava, she’ll raise your taxes too much.” Scozzafava eventually dropped out due to the Tea Party giving massive support to the conservative in the race. AWD criticized Gingrich for supporting Scozzafava when she was in no way a conservative. Hell, she was to the left of her Democrat opponent. Newt said he made a mistake in backing her. Here’s what I told him:

“Here’s the difference between you and me. You knew she was a liberal but supported her because she had an “R” after her name. I knew she was a liberal and would never, ever support her no matter what. Now you apologize when you knew supporting her was the wrong thing to do. That’s the difference between you and me. There are some lines in the sand that must never be crossed.”

Wussypants Republicans are very much like my college basketball team. They never fail to disappoint. Oh, they’ll get you excited once in a while, but you know they’re eventually going to flush your fledgling hopes right down the toilet. If you found yourself in battle to the death with Democrats, who in the wussypants Republican leadership would you want in your bunker? Mitch McConnell? He’d immediately reveal he had flat feet to go with his weak, round shoulders and would play dead once the lead started flying. John Boehner? He’d put up the white Kleenex flag of surrender, go over to the other side and share moisturizing techniques with Major (idiot) Barney Fwank! Karl Rove would eat all your rations while telling you the war really isn’t worth fighting and that the enemy’s ideas aren’t really all that bad.

Karl Rove has now come out against the real enemy in America…the Tea Party. He has convinced some big-money RINO tools to give him large amounts of cash American to keep his fellow Scozzafava-types in office. Those Tea Party people are a little too…dangerous…shall we say, for the wussypants RINO elite. The only group in America that hates the Tea Party movement more than the Democrats are the wussypants Republicans. And don’t fool yourself into thinking they don’t hate you. They hate you more than Sean Penn hates second grade grammar.

Rove and his spineless cronies love to take credit for the resounding Republican victory in 2010 when 63 Democrats were sent home and the Repubs retook the House. Republicans were voted into office mainly on the fact they were not Democrats. Lesser of two evils. Tea Party patriots knew what we would get in Boehner and his circus of RINO clowns. Oh sure, Boehner and the wussypants promised a lot of spending cuts but, of course, they didn’t deliver. A promised $100 billion in spending cuts from a $1.4 trillion deficit ended up being $253 million. And that was before adding a few billion to fund the wars. Thanks for nothing, wussyboys!

The Republican elite screwed the pooch with Romney. Since the November election loss, their mantra has been “we need to have more Hispanics.” They are working overtime to pass amnesty for illegals. Why would they do something so monumentally stupid? Experience shows Hispanics are a steady vote for Democrats. Amnesty turns most red states blue and insures there will never be another Republican president. Red states go blue. Wussypants Republicans ignore the real reason they lost the election. Conservatives stayed home and didn’t support Romney. Just like they didn’t support Juan McCain. And we will not support another RINO in ’16. AWD has sworn an oath to God and Ronald Reagan that I will stay at home and clean my “assault rifles” before I ever vote for another wussypants RINO Republican.

Rove and his fellow RINOs love to bring up losing Dick (and I mean that) Lugar’s seat in Indiana when Tea Party supported Richard Mourdock put his foot in his mouth on abortion. What did we lose there? A Democrat in Republican clothing that was known as “Obama’s favorite Republican” and was a reliable vote for the Dims? Good riddance. Dick! At least we don’t have Lugar fouling the Senate anymore. Akin in Missouri? Yeah, it was a bad loss but one that could have been avoided several ways. Akin should have stepped down so another Republican conservative could run. Like a self-interested politician, Akin refused. But he lost all Republican Party support and money. Karl Rove even threatened killing Akin on Fox News. Great work, Akin! Great work, Karl! Now we’re stuck with Claire McCaskill for another six years.

But the Tea Party is fully responsible for tri-sexual (he’ll try anything sexual) Charlie Crist not being one of the Senators from Florida. As well as RINO Bob Bennett in Utah, replaced with conservative superstar Mike Lee. And Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. Rand Paul in Kentucky is another Tea Party supported warrior. And Texas would not have Senator Ted Cruz if not for the untiring efforts of the Tea Party movement to fight against the RINO’s boy David Dewhurst.

Never, ever give a penny to the Republican Party and feel free to fart in the general direction of Karl Rove should you ever be in close proximity. Rove and his band of RINO losers have destroyed the Republican Party. They are not men of principle. They are politicians. Spineless, weak, back-room dealers who would sell their mother to further their career. Democrat-Lites.

AWD sees the Republican Party as big an enemy as Democrats. Why? Because Tea Party conservatives must rely on the Republican Party to save this country. For now. I’m tired of blindly supporting girly-men RINOs and will never do it again. Sure, Democrats will kill this country. Republicans will kill us only a little slower. Either way, we’re dead.

Karl Rove is indeed the Architect. Of losering!


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