AWD didn’t watch Kathy Griffin’s press conference yesterday. I have a job so I can support those who won’t work. Speaking of not working, so-called comedian Kathy Griffin will probably soon be the latest welfare moocher glomming on to AWD’s earnings.

After her ridiculously offensive President Trump decapitation photo, her shows have been cancelled as well as her yearly New Years Eve gig with the equally ridiculous CNN. So yesterday’s press conference was designed to rally the last bastion of Americans who will support Griffin’s career. The only group who will rally around a talentless leftist hack. That group is hardcore liberals. A group of talentless leftist hacks.

And who do hardcore leftist wastes of space hate more than any creature on Earth? Yep. Us old white male meanies who just keep everyone down (while we pay for their sustenance). Here’s what Griffin said to set the stage for the rest of her career:

“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump… He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life… He Broke Me”

Isn’t this just like a spoiled leftist? Blame others for your own stupid actions! She publishes a photo of her holding Trump’s decapitated head and HE’s the bully! I have to laugh! Maybe she’ll blame the Russians next!

Ugly lesbians across America upon hearing Griffin’s presser, tore off their flannel shirts and cheered! They have a new misogynist hero! Unfortunately for Griffin, these types constitute a very tiny percentage of the US population. Those that are stupid enough to follow someone so stupid!

Griffin’s advisors should have told her the age-old wisdom to quit digging when you find yourself in a hole. It’s quite apparent to every normal American that Griffin brought this to herself. Trump never mentioned her. He never “bullied” her. But she thought she could use her pitiful brand of shock humor to gain the spotlight. Well, she did and it didn’t work out like she intended. So instead of humbly apologizing and begging forgiveness for offending Americans and the Trump family, she went on the worn out offensive against evil old white men. Yaaawwwwnnnn.

Here’s the deal. If you want to appeal to the majority of Americans, don’t hire Gloria Allred’s leftist, anti-male, disgusting daughter as your counselor. That may play well in Nueva Jork and Hollyweird but you’re pretty much screwed everywhere else. Humble yourself and ask for forgiveness and some in America will forgive you. Most won’t but more than what you gained yesterday with your “I’m the victim” BS.

Watch for Griffin to return to more shock humor. My guess is she’ll next be holding the severed head of Melania up for the camera to seal her appeal to the small minority of idiots in America who have no moral values and her total destruction of what’s left of her very limited abilities as a celebrity comedian.

Oh, and Kathy? See ya!


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