The wussypants Republicans have one more chance to save their pathetic Party of Pussitude in voting for a new Speaker of the House. Since AWD has zero confidence in the Republicans to piss and hit terra firma, look for California Democrat/Republican Kevin McCarthy to be elected to become the next John Boehner.

Listen to McCarthy’s lies on Faux News. You’ll hear the same lies Boehner said when he was begging for Tea Party votes to put the wussypants Republicans back in power:

[yt id=”s2ym7SLXWqo”]

“I want us to be closer to the people we represent.” Bwahahaha! As Boehner’s chief henchman, McCarthy represented the interests of Big Business! He is no different. Just another Establishment turd who will appease the Democrats exactly as Boehner did!

And McCarthy, Boehner did NOTHING to win two majorities in Congress. Conservatives only voted for Republicans because they were once viewed as the lesser of two evils. Now we fully realize Republicans are the same evil as Democrats!

McCarthy and Boehner punished every conservative in the House that didn’t march lockstep with their Pelosi-like agenda. Conservative were removed from committee chairs if they didn’t kiss the ass of the Establishment.

The Republicans in the House, under Boehner/McCarthy were every bit as bad as Pelosi. Actually, they were worse. They promised their base they would reduce the size and cost of government, repeal ObamaCare, stop illegal immigration, etc AND LIED ABOUT EVERY ISSUE!

The Republicans decided to fund everything Obama and the Democrats want and then tell the SRVs (Stupid Republican Voters) how much they fought to oppose. Nothing has changed under Republican control of Congress. NOTHING! Or, in the preferred language of the Republican Establishment, NADA!

Even after resigning, it’s come to light that Boehner agreed with Nancy Pelosi to FUND EVERY OBAMA PROGRAM!

The House is full of Establishment wastes of oxygen. Boehner only resigned once he realized he could only hold onto the Speaker’s gavel was with the support of the Democrat caucus. Think about that. Democrats support Boehner. Conservatives don’t. Boehner should hang his head in shame. If he had any.

Anyone, ANYONE, in House leadership should be removed from power immediately! The Establishment has failed their constituents. In doing so, they have lost the support of conservatives. And they damn well deserve the scorn they are currently receiving.

Want to change the culture in Washington, McCarty? Resign. Give up your cushy little job and turn it over to someone who isn’t bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce. Do ONE THING right in your life and go away. Don’t insult us with your bullshit lies! Enough!

AWD KNOWS the Republicans will elect McCarthy as the next Speaker. And that is why the Republican Party must die.

I will never again vote for a Republican. I will continue to vote for conservatives.

Call your worthless Congressman and tell him you will never again vote for a Republican Establishment tool. The Republican Party has screwed us time and time again. Time for some payback.


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