The Korean company that makes sh*tty little stupid cars has jumped into the male bashing commercial bidness with all the other politically correct companies AWD won’t do bidness with! KIA’s cars have such a bad reputation for reliability the company name might be an acronym for Killed In Action.

The commercial shows a female robot kicking the dog snot out of a metrosexual nerd who touches the car. Such wit!

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind kicking the dog snot out of that douche baggerous tool either. But this commercials scores twice on the male-bashing board. A woman beating the hell out of a man and the man (I use the term loosely) being a weak, nerdly waste of oxygen. Bet she wouldn’t try that sh*t on the Terminator! I’ll be bahk! With an F-150!

All this male-bashing seems to be working out for the evil forces who seek to destroy traditional gender roles in America. Last weekend, AWD attended an outdoor concert (David Sanborn…incredible!) nearby with the filly and my beautiful angry white daughter. The festival was held near a local university and many of the attendees were college students. Never have I seen such an assortment of freakazoids and metrosexual idiots in my life! And this is Texas!! John Wayne would have wept…if he only knew how!

The place was crawling with wormy little poofterish-looking tards that looked like they would be incapable of defending themselves…against the Girl Scouts. They were pitiful. When looking at the assorted women in male bodies at the festival, I had the sad, startling thought come to me….America is screwed!

I guess it’s wealth (or borrowing beyond our means) that destroyed us. When my parents were starting out, men either went to work after high school. The wealthy went to college. But they didn’t study Womyn’s or African-American Studies. The men who went to work usually married young and had the responsibility of a family to keep them on the straight and narrow. There wasn’t food stamps and welfare. You produced or your family starved. Also, since America hadn’t been overrun with illegal labor, American men actually made things. Televisions, cars, steel, houses, buildings. They didn’t serve coffee at Starbucks with earrings in their face. They were frugal because they had to be. And they worked hard because they had mouths to feed and they wanted a better life for their kids.

It seems to have started turning the wrong way in the sixties with hippies and LBJ’s Great Society that paid people not to work and taught them to become dependent on those that do. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, America became the only world superpower and prospered greatly. But during that time we got away from what once made us great. Decency, morality, manners, generosity, hard work, sacrifice were all replaced with hedonism, vulgarity, rudeness, dishonesty, laziness, etc. Our jobs were forced offshore because of the insanity of the federal government with their thousands of labor laws that made it impossible to make anything here profitably. Our politicians opened the flood gates to illegals for their own selfish gain at the peril of the country.

Now we see self-centered, unemployed, 30 year olds who can’t change the oil in their car but know all the lyrics to the latest rap song and the finalists on American Idol. We have welfare-dependent, lazy hordes who enjoy taxpayer funded iPhones, food, housing, etc while committing violent crimes against us in the streets. We even extend the madness of welfare to illegal aliens! Is there any way a country can survive with such stupidity?

America’s wealth (real and borrowed) has made useless, lazy slugs out of too many young, white males. Perhaps it will take a crisis like the collapsing of the dollar to teach Americans that wealth must be created by work. Once the spigot of easy or free money is shut off, a lot of those metrosexual poofters I saw last weekend are going to end up digging ditches or starving. Perhaps Darwin was right.

I don’t know what this has to do with KIA’s male bashing commercial. Maybe, like welfare and the wussification of the American male, KIA just sucks!


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