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The Korean company that makes sh*tty little stupid cars has jumped into the male bashing commercial bidness with all the other politically correct companies AWD won’t do bidness with! KIA’s cars have such a bad reputation for reliability the company name might be an acronym for Killed In Action.

The commercial shows a female robot kicking the dog snot out of a metrosexual nerd who touches the car. Such wit!

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind kicking the dog snot out of that douche baggerous tool either. But this commercials scores twice on the male-bashing board. A woman beating the hell out of a man and the man (I use the term loosely) being a weak, nerdly waste of oxygen. Bet she wouldn’t try that sh*t on the Terminator! I’ll be bahk! With an F-150!

All this male-bashing seems to be working out for the evil forces who seek to destroy traditional gender roles in America. Last weekend, AWD attended an outdoor concert (David Sanborn…incredible!) nearby with the filly and my beautiful angry white daughter. The festival was held near a local university and many of the attendees were college students. Never have I seen such an assortment of freakazoids and metrosexual idiots in my life! And this is Texas!! John Wayne would have wept…if he only knew how!

The place was crawling with wormy little poofterish-looking tards that looked like they would be incapable of defending themselves…against the Girl Scouts. They were pitiful. When looking at the assorted women in male bodies at the festival, I had the sad, startling thought come to me….America is screwed!

I guess it’s wealth (or borrowing beyond our means) that destroyed us. When my parents were starting out, men either went to work after high school. The wealthy went to college. But they didn’t study Womyn’s or African-American Studies. The men who went to work usually married young and had the responsibility of a family to keep them on the straight and narrow. There wasn’t food stamps and welfare. You produced or your family starved. Also, since America hadn’t been overrun with illegal labor, American men actually made things. Televisions, cars, steel, houses, buildings. They didn’t serve coffee at Starbucks with earrings in their face. They were frugal because they had to be. And they worked hard because they had mouths to feed and they wanted a better life for their kids.

It seems to have started turning the wrong way in the sixties with hippies and LBJ’s Great Society that paid people not to work and taught them to become dependent on those that do. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, America became the only world superpower and prospered greatly. But during that time we got away from what once made us great. Decency, morality, manners, generosity, hard work, sacrifice were all replaced with hedonism, vulgarity, rudeness, dishonesty, laziness, etc. Our jobs were forced offshore because of the insanity of the federal government with their thousands of labor laws that made it impossible to make anything here profitably. Our politicians opened the flood gates to illegals for their own selfish gain at the peril of the country.

Now we see self-centered, unemployed, 30 year olds who can’t change the oil in their car but know all the lyrics to the latest rap song and the finalists on American Idol. We have welfare-dependent, lazy hordes who enjoy taxpayer funded iPhones, food, housing, etc while committing violent crimes against us in the streets. We even extend the madness of welfare to illegal aliens! Is there any way a country can survive with such stupidity?

America’s wealth (real and borrowed) has made useless, lazy slugs out of too many young, white males. Perhaps it will take a crisis like the collapsing of the dollar to teach Americans that wealth must be created by work. Once the spigot of easy or free money is shut off, a lot of those metrosexual poofters I saw last weekend are going to end up digging ditches or starving. Perhaps Darwin was right.

I don’t know what this has to do with KIA’s male bashing commercial. Maybe, like welfare and the wussification of the American male, KIA just sucks!



  1. Nostradumbass

    Damn, AWD. I could almost hear CDB when I was reading this.

    A poor girl wants to marry, And a rich girl wants to flirt.
    A rich man goes to college,And a poor man goes to work.
    A drunkard wants another drink of wine,And a politician wants a vote.
    I don’t want much of nothin’ at all,But I will take another toke.

    ‘Cos I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin’,If I can’t get it on my own.
    If you don’t like the way I’m livin’,
    You just leave this long-haired country boy alone.

    – Charlie Daniels Band

  2. NeverNeverNeverGiveUp

    There are still many of us in the heartland that still have the work ethic and don’t believe in the libtard B.S.
    Teaching my grandsons how to pull their own weight, fix their cars,correct their PCed education with the real facts, etc. The time will come when metrosexuals, wussies,etc. will find out the government isn’t going to bail them out of very bad thing that befalls them. Ask anyone who has been in a major natural disaster how much real help their almighty federal government provided. T’ain’t much. You either learn it & do it, helping others when you can….or else become what the government really wants…serfs.

  3. As for me, I’ll stick to the old tried and true………

    …….the only way to fly…….

  4. MuayTyson

    Don’t be to hard on the younger people. This was all part of the plan look up Frankfurt School.

  5. Nail on the freakin’ head, AWD!!!

  6. As my dad used to say,”If everybody goes to college,,who’s gonna clean the fish ?”..Back in the day rich kids went to college and the rest went to work.Today anyone can go to college with gubment help and student loans.Problem is not everybody should go to college. First year drop out rates are high.We are becoming a nation of Nancyboys,pantywaists,and sissys.If you have sons teach them to be men.They sure don’t do it in school

    • Mr. Rational

      Japan is building robots to carve up the chickens.  Having them clean the fish has got to be on their agenda.

      Who would you rather have as a neighbor:  a nerd-mechanic who installs, fixes and programs the chicken-carving robots at the packing plant, or a 3-bedroom house where 20 Central Americans sleep and party on the weekends (and evenings)?

      Who does our government want you to have for a neighbor?


    Look what happens when our major comerial makers are run by a bunch of dope and booze swilling bunch of ungreatful little wretches. I ahve a DVD set showing some old classic TV ads including those CIGARETTE ADS and can anyone mrmember WESTERN AIRLINES with the bird who said THE ONLY WAY TO FLY and when CAMPBELLS SOUP was producing their MAN HANDLERS soups

  8. AWD, the ad promotes ‘transhumanism’…please check articles at

    And its a crap ad as well….


    • I have to agree,

      Most men would not drive that piece of shit even if that sexbot gave him a blow job, every day on his way to work.

      We all know who drives those cars, first car teenage girls,

      So some brilliant market strategist decides to insult the person that is paying for the product…

      That would be Dad

  9. I wouldnt piss on a Kia if it were on fire. Let alone drive one.

  10. eekalouse

    More systemic violence against men.

    • Yep I wonder if they would find it funny, if the commercial featured Date Rape in a KIA.

      I mean all things being fair and equal, ya know.

  11. Cut the cable/ditch the dish, and starve the beast. Just another way to go Galt!

  12. You’re so on to where the USA is today AWDude. Your eyes are opening up to what lawlessness on the national scale can do to mankind.

    Many years ago… at the start of the one hundred plus mile road trip back to Detroit, a long hauler displayed great anger over our CB radio conversation with my description of a United States of Apathy.

  13. when did ads get ‘anti white’? 5? 10 years ago?
    I avoid TV, so I am wondering.

  14. AWD, do you know lots of colleges have ‘diversity’ officers at 100k / yr?


    I mute all the ads i dont care to listen to theres a few out there youll want to shoot the director



  17. I think this is a great commercial. I think Waspish hit close to the mark when he said:

    “We all know who drives those cars, first car teenage girls,

    So some brilliant market strategist decides to insult the person that is paying for the product…

    That would be Dad”

    The only problem is Dad actually is a workin stiff and my bet is he looks an awful more like me than the pillow biter in the commercial. Nope KIA was taking a stab at would be daughter’s Hipster Boyfriend. That Eunuch she drags home to meet you and left you wondering, “Is my daughter a closet fag hag?”

    Did you know in NYC women have become the more employed gender? Did you also know that they on average, for the first time ever, make more than men as a whole. So pillow biting Hipster Boyfriend is actually unemployed, and he is forced to get chauffered around in a gay little powder-blue KIA with a teacup poodle in his lap thinking over and over about the crappy little commercial where some dweeb that looks exactly like him got his ass kicked.

    You know what they say, you can only kick a dog so many times before the dog bites your ass. Sooner or later the vast majority of those moisturizing creme puffs are gonna wake up, stop moisturizing and manscaping, get pissed off, get a job and buy a truck.

    Reflect on the movie Fight Club and get back to me. All hope is not lost yet.

  18. I think the commercial premise, is rather funny — I like the robots reaction, BUT, you are correct. For the last 40 yr!, ads and TV shows have invested millions into creating weak, feminized males, who behave as bumbling, vulgar, stupid idiots and worse. It’s all done to push the liberal culture of radical feminism. It’s done to turn out entire society into weak sissy males and effeminate men… disgusting. Hate it.

  19. Love how this sissy kicks the tires as if he knows what to look for. He has probably been ripped off on every car he’s ever bought. Let’s see if she’s sturdy. Give that front tire a light tap, if the car collapses into pieces you may want to shop elsewhere.

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