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AWD has been watching President Trump talk of destroying ISIS and I am not a happy infidel. Everyone seems so eager to send American troops and money to fight ISIS. Wasn’t Trump the guy to get us out of permanent, unwinnable, expensive wars?

My question has always been this:


Has no one bothered to think that far? Wouldn’t it be prudent to realize that nothing good comes from Islam and they are all hell-bent on world domination whether it be Sunni or Shia or whatever subset of savages that gets enough followers and guns.

So, is the problem an ISIS problem or an Islam problem? I submit it is the latter.

Here’s a post from last year on the subject. Am I wrong???

I can’t get through Facebook without seeing a conservative wanting to send troops to Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS! Anyone in opposition are deemed as “liberals.”

Well, I don’t want to send anybody or any money to fight ISIS! But AWD, you must be a liberal! No, I am sick of wasting time, money and American lives trying to prevent Muslims from killing Muslims! It’s like trying to get Michael Moore to stop spreading butter on Oreos. Ain’t gonna happen!

The only way to prevent Muslims from killing Muslims is for the American taxpayer to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to station troops in Iraq or wherever to force the Shia from killing the Sunni and vice versa. In essence, we give them Americans to kill instead.

I believe ISIS is the most evil group I will see in my lifetime. I wish them all dead. They are savage barbarians and not worthy of the oxygen they consume. I understand it’s difficult to watch the videos of the barbarism committed by the 7th century monsters.

But, at this point, what has ISIS done to America? Beheaded a few Americans stupid and naive enough to travel to a Muslim country. OK. Traveling to the Middle East is like sending your daughter to intern for Bill Clinton. Nothing good can come of it. Humanitarian efforts only work with humans.

But AWD, they are slaughtering Christians and beheading innocents! Yes, they are. But slaughtering Christians and beheading innocents was not invented by ISIS. It’s a Muslim thing, you civilized people wouldn’t understand. It’s what Muslims do.

And what about the next savage Muslim group that replaces ISIS once we have spent another trillion and lost another few thousand precious American lives? If history has taught us anything, it’s “meet the new Muslim savages, same (or worse) than the old Muslim savages.” So spending dearly to replace ISIS will merely open the door for the next savages who will also rape, behead, torture, and kill.

Plus, any additional war from America towards Muslim savages will not be fought with an end goal. America doesn’t win wars anymore. That’s so WWII. The war will drag on and on so John McCain and Lindsey Graham can fill their sales quotas for the defense companies who own them. Is AWD the only person who read Orwell’s 1984??

Want to kill ISIS? Then be prepared to kill a whole hell of a lot of Muslims. Because they are training 6 year olds to behead their enemies. And Americans don’t have the stomach to watch videos of exploded mini-jihadists on the news right before Dancing With The Stars.

So, all my friends on FB, it sure sounds brave and patriotic to call for America to send in the Marines. But, the truth is, those who control the Marines don’t want to win wars. They will tie the hands of Marines so it becomes more difficult to kill ISIS. Those in control only want to sell bombs. And any action against Muslims in the Middle East will be an open ended cluster you-know-what that will further drain our coffers and military. Perhaps that is the end goal of those in control.

Want to stop ISIS? Nuke the bejeezes out of the entire region. Because that is the only way you’ll ever stop Muslim terrorism and savagery. And that is what we should do if America is attacked by ISIS or other Muslim savages. Until then, repatriate as many Muslims as far from America as we can get them. Stop the import of savages from Syria, Somalia, Iraq, etc. It’s not difficult if America regains sanity. Other than that, it’s only a matter of time until coordinated terrorist attacks take place throughout the Great Satan in schools, malls, office buildings, etc. Terrorism. It’s what Islam does!

Sorry to make all you people think a little! It’s time for Dancing With The Stars.

Yeah, yeah, AWD is a liberal!



  1. Awesome article, AWD! I wholeheartedly agree. When this whole crap factory started, my opinion was just to turn the desert into a glass parking lot, (environmental advantage: no more sandstorms) then go into Israel and level the dome of the rock. The only things Muslims understand is force, and if we have to destroy their holy places and kill them, their wives and kids, and their goats too, then so be it.

    OTOH, if the enviropukes and other libtards whine about cruelty and destroying the planet, we could give them a warning that if there is an attack on American interests or assets, anywhere in the world, we will roll out the B-52s, load them up with 1000 pounders and/or daisy cutters, and evaporate one Muslim city for each attack, and they can find someone else to help them rebuild.

    The only way that Muslims will ever be non-threatening to the civilized world, will be when they return, either forcefully or by choice, to being desert nomads who use dried camel shit to cook their food.

  2. Sage advice. That said, I’m not sweating Trump sounding like a noecon on ISIS. I think he’s proven, repeatedly, to be as much against their nonsense as he is against the left’s nonsense. (Of course, there’s little difference between neocons and lefties–the former merely being the warmongering versions of the latter.) Let him beat the drums against ISIS to keep the bloodthirsty neocons salivating and distracted while he dismantles their invade the world/invite the world/in hoc to the world ideology.

  3. I share almost the same sentiments as expressed by AWD in this article. Minus the foolish and irresponsible notion of ‘nuking’ the Middle East, with the implied insinuation that it might help solve the ISIS / Muslim problem.

    I hear far too many right wing oriented people screaming that sort of ‘nuke’ them all baloney, which indicates to me that these folks have very little, if any, education with regards to the incredibly destructive hazards that are associated with using nuclear weapons. Or, maybe they are just worked up and blowing off steam to sound like they are a ‘bad ass’ and haven’t bothered to rationally think through the consequences of using nukes.

    In a nutshell – the simple fact of the matter is that nuclear radioactive fallout is impossible to contain or restrict to a specific place on the planet. The resulting radiation and hazardous fallout gets caught up by the winds and travels around the world, and when it rains – the rain helps spread this hazardous fallout into the fresh water supplies, as well as falling upon the agricultural areas of the Earth which are used to grow the food that humans and animals must eat to stay alive. Eating food that has been contaminated by nuclear fallout will kill you – eventually, because you’re going to get cancer.

    Take a look at what the Fukushima disaster has done to the sea life in the Pacific Ocean, AWD. I’ve read reports that 100 percent of the tuna that is being caught by commercial fishermen is testing positive for cesium – which is an extremely hazardous component associated with the massive amounts of nuclear waste that the Japanese are dumping out of Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean. I’ve also seen reports that are documenting a huge spike in the levels of radiation that are now hitting California, which might help explain why the liberals in Hollywood seem to be acting even more bat-shit crazy than normal.

    Oh, and while I admit to being in favor of hoping for that final gigantic earthquake that breaks California off of the continental USA – the one thing that California has been useful for is their agricultural industry. Due to their warm weather, they can provide the rest of the USA with fruits and vegetables – but, now that Fukushima’s radiation is hammering the West Coast, poisoning the rain that falls on those fruits and vegetables – how safe is it to consume those fruits and vegetables?

    In short, there is no such thing as a ‘safe’ use of nuclear weapons. Nuking the Middle East would result in radioactive fallout spreading north into and across Europe – and millions of our fellow White Europeans would wind up dying from cancer or some other respiratory related illness brought on by their exposure to deadly radioactive fallout.

    Check out the consequences to our military troops who Bush and Cheney and their lying cabal of neocons sent into a war based on pure lies, fabrications and bovine excrement – and they exposed them to deadly Depleted Uranium poisoning:

  4. Careful there, Tucker. You may incur the wrath of Mr. Rational, who thinks radiation is beneficial to the human race. According to him, there is no dangerous radiation emanating from Fukushima and the Japs are foolish for evacuating a large area around the plant.

  5. Rebelpatriot

    Bomb with conventional bombs like they did in WWII. Then repeat. Send all muslims to hell. Islam is the enemy and I for one have had enough of this insanity.

  6. “Bomb with conventional bombs like they did in WWII. ”

    Now, there is a suggestion that I would endorse.

    Except for the fact that the USA fought on the wrong side during WW2. We should have allied with Germany, and as General Patton eventually came to realize – the real enemy was the Bolshevik Communists who controlled the USSR. Patton wrote at some length about his rather startling change of attitude in his famous book ‘The Patton Papers’.

    I once saw a copy of that book for sale at a gun show, and started to buy it – but changed my mind. I regret that decision and always look for that book at any gun show that I attend.

    Incidentally, the consequences of having fought on the wrong side in WW2 are being seen today, when the same tribe who snookered us into that war have shown their gratitude by seizing control of the immigration policies of every historic White European nation and the proceeding to flood those historic White nations with millions upon millions of low IQ, parasitic, low skilled, blood sucking non-white leeches from the third world and creating an existential crisis for the very continued survival of the White Western nations. And, if any White man or woman dares to object to their plans to racially dispossess us inside our own nations – the tribe will spew venomous accusations at them and call them a ‘racist’.

  7. sebastian prinsloo

    1. Get ISIS to attack Israel.
    2. Watch Israel wipe out ISIS.

  8. the middle east and north africa are 3rd world hell holes still stuck in the stone ages…you can’t fix something that is broken that bad…you can’t democratize tribal people or socialize savages…i don’t know the answer but i do know importing them into a first world country is insanity…what we tolerate we encourage…

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