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We All Knew Something Like This Was Coming


Bet you’ve never seen this photo before.

Even the most optimistic amongst us must have known that the relentless, over-the-top, 24/7, all-hands-on-deck assault against Trump was eventually going to get him to do something to make even his most ardent supporters lose faith.

This ridiculous attack on Syria is a big mistake on Trump’s part, but I don’t think it’s a fatal mistake–at least not yet. I believe Trump–and by extension, the movement he’s inspired–can recover with one simple trick: Oust Kushner, reinstate Bannon, damn the torpedoes, and full isolationist/nationalist ahead.

Clearly the globalist, war-mongering neocons and have been successful in isolating Bannon and driving a wedge between him and Trump. As Bannon became less of an influential voice, the neocons moved in with their forked tongues, whispering sweet nothings into Trump’s ear, encouraging him to start WWIII.

“Think of the children, Trump! Won’t you think of the children, Trump?”

We all knew Trump’s not a genius. He has great instincts, but he’s still liable to fall prey to evil geniuses–and evil geniuses infest DC like maggots in roadkill.

Since our thoroughly evil Establishment couldn’t beat him in the general in November, and their stupid “Trump collaborated with Russia!” nonsense wouldn’t take wing, they’ve gone with Plan C: Get his America-first, Anti-WWIII advisors like Bannon out of the way, and sweet-talk their way into having him take out their enemies–Assad, Putin, Iran, maybe North Korea, and who knows who next.

I see a lot of people saying “I told you so! Blackpills for everyone!” kind of stuff. I have to believe 90% of these posts are coming from our enemies, trying to drive home the despair that they have foisted upon us in the first place. To them I say, nuts.

Trump has brought a new energy to the fight for Western Civilization unlike anything we’ve seen since, at best, Reagan. This is not a time to abandon him, but to make it clear he must correct course, and do so quickly. We who put him into office don’t want Kushner advising him. We want Bannon. We don’t want more wars, we don’t give a shit about Syria or North Korea or Iran or Russia; we care about our house-of-cards economy, failing infrastructure, abysmally corrupt institutions, treasonous government, etc.

We voted you into office, Mr. President. And we can vote you out far more easily. Work for patriotic Americans, not for the treasonous slime who are trying to persuade you that starting a global, possibly nuclear, conflict is somehow the morally right thing to do.

Rid yourself of Kushner. Reinstate Bannon. You are in charge. Make sure the neocon lunatics understand this.

PS: In case you missed my comment on AWD’s post on this topic: Daily Mail in 2013: U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’.



  1. Timmy T. Bone

    I hope you are right but it appears Trump has sold out. He now looks like another Neocon puppet supporting Israel on the back of Americans. He swore up and down when he was running that he wasnt going to do this kind of stuff and here he is doing that. You know its ugly when Hillary and the other globalists are on TV saying how much they approve of this.

    Do Americans really want Iraq 2.0?

  2. “Do Americans really want Iraq 2.0?”

    Of course not. But it has not mattered what Americans want since at least 1969. What matters is what our Establishment wants, and they are extremely adept at getting it.

    What they want, apparently, is WWIII. It’s looking more and more like they’re going to get it.

  3. Well, if they get WWIII, it won’t be like they expect. There will be terrorist attacks in every western nation including here. I’m not talking about the attacks like those that we have had, but attacks on our kids in their schools, our shopping malls, sports events, etc. The establishment won’t be immune either, unless they plan on hiding in their gated/walled communities 24/7.

    • Back in 2013, when these diabolically evil, mentally insane, blood thirsty, mostly but not entirely jewish neocons tried their first ‘gas attack’ false flag scam and tried to snooker the American public into supporting yet ANOTHER illegal war and invasion of Syria – which the savvy members of the population flat refused to go along with – I called my district Congresscockroach and reminded the scumbag RINO that if these neocons succeeded in pissing off Russia and Putin decided it was time to start raining down nukes on U.S. soil – he and every other cockroach in Congress had better hope and pray that those nukes killed every last one of their constituents – because those of us who survived were going arm ourselves and come looking for every politician who supported the irresponsible and illegal aggression that led to those nukes falling on the United States.

      In 2013, Putin stepped in and drew a line in the sand and exposed the whole thing as a neocon false flag and that the same anti-Assad rebels who the US was funding and arming were the ones who used the gas. This around, these mostly jewish neocons – Jared Kushner and his evil bitch of a wife – didn’t want to wait for any investigation to be done, because they knew their little false flag op would be exposed yet again – so, that is why Trump decided to violate the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act, along with International Law and order 59 cruise missile attacks on Syria. In other words, Donald Trump was so freaking STUPID that he handed his enemies a 100 percent legitimate act of criminality that is 100 percent an impeachable offense.

      So, now these diabolically evil, blood thirsty, Israel First cockroaches have him by the balls – anytime he steps out of line and doesn’t do what he is ordered to do – they can impeach him. My question is how in the hell can guy who’s managed to accumulate several billion dollars of net worth – be this stupid and easily compromised by the enemies of every honest, law abiding, patriotic White American?

  4. Quartierleblanc

    Not that big a deal. Putin and Trump walked up to a bridge to take a leak. Putin looks at Donald and says, “the water is cold.” Trump replies,”And it’s deep too.”

  5. Red, great advice but I believe Trump has been assimilated by the neocons. This has nothing to do with gas attacks. Follow the money. Our dollar is built on nothing. The Chinese and Russians have been buying tons of gold and are making moves to go around the dollar. This destroys the false value of the dollar as the global financial standard and hastens America’s decline in power.

    (((They))) probably told Trump if he waits it will be too late. When McCain and Graham jump to agree with you, you’re doing it wrong.


  6. bluecollar

    Why is it the name of the author is not shown on the article?

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  8. The gas attack was terrible. When we see the small children and women gasping for breath and rolling on the floor we do get angry and want revenge for these people. What I want to know is,….where was the outrage when these ISIS bastards lined up Christian Arabs and cut their heads off while they were still alive (obviously died right after). ISIS has been murdering Christians by the thousands. I personally am not going to worry about some Muslim kids dying in gas attacks when we consider what they have done to Christians.

  9. The Middle-east area has been fighting each other since Sumer and Babylon. Their fighting with each other is vicious and there has never been much thought given to the safety of children and women. They would attack each other’s towns and either take the women or kill them along with the children. Both sides would have gassed children along with everyone else if given the chance. It is not right but that area of the world is demonized and has been for a long time.

  10. When we voted for him we knew that he would react differently than the ‘establishment. You will hear the media clowns say ‘he has no plan…. Thank God he does not!
    These so called plans are what got us into Iraq and other nation building experiments. What I see and hope I am right is a grandpa that saw kids killed and said to his generals, “that’s crap boys, what can we do to send a message to these folks that will hurt them and make them think twice before doing this again?” Thus the bombs. It sends many signals most of which seemed to be more positive for us than negative.
    Now I’m going to put my tin foil hat back on….

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