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I went to Temple University and all I got was a brick in the face! Oh, and a hundred grand of debt to risk life and limb to attend a university in Philthadelphia, the city of brova-ly hatred of crackas.

A female student being indoctrinated to be another politically correct brick in the wall at a liberal northeastern university wound up learning reality by getting a brick in the face!

No, AWD or his chirren didn’t go graduate from Temple. I’m much too intelligent to attend or send my children to be offered up as prey to savage black ghetto “yoots.” Unfortunately, a Temple co-ed’s parents do not share AWD’s wisdom in terms of racial reality. And their daughter got a brick to the face and several knocked out teeth because of her belief that ghetto blacks can act any other way except uncivilized. Ain’t diversity great? Racist, AWD, you say? Reality, sad reality, I say!

The NY Daily News reported:

A gang of teens and children beat a Temple University student in the face with a brick during a Friday night stroll with her boyfriend.

The 19-year-old girl had dislocated teeth and several injuries to her face, according to the 20-year-old boyfriend, who wouldn’t show his face to NBC Philadelphia cameras.

“It was terrible, it was terrifying,” he said.

The couple was going to get some food, but the gang followed them until just outside the campus and taunted them.

Nice job protecting your girlfriend, Lance. Better hurry up, you wouldn’t be want to be late for your latest class on the the greed of white privilege you enjoy! Oh, better change your tampon first.

The yoots taunting them were probably upset that the white students are fans of Milton Friedman and shouted taunts such as “You, monetarists, you!” to provoke a spirited street debate. The yoots are undoubtedly adherents of the economic policies of John Maynard Keynes. As such, the gang of street terrorists advocate the use of fiscal and monetary measures to mitigate the adverse effects of economic recessions and depressions and merely altered Keynesian “priming the pump” theory into “bashing the face” with a brick to make their points to the crackas. Economic theory reduced to the ghetto level.

How many times do we have to see this Knockout Game scenario play itself out until we realize the fastest way to become a victim of violent crime is to be in close proximity to urban black street terrorists? Life expectancy is probably much greater walking the streets of Gaza dressed as an orthodox Jew than walking any of America’s inner cities dressed as a cracka!

The PC propaganda media, of course, didn’t report the race of the attackers. That would be racist. Because the attackers are ALWAYS black. And the PC propaganda media has a sworn duty to cover the sins of any black criminal as much as they can. However, at this point, the media doesn’t really need to point out the race of the attackers in street violence, Knockout Games, or Flash Mobbing….we already know. However, to be fair, whites also participate in flash mobs. You can always spot them hauling cellos and tubas around city centers and malls.

The Philadelphia Police released this photo of the attackers:

philly brick assault

The Police noted: While the photo appears to show African-American youth, we cannot be sure. The attackers could be rich, well-tanned, suburban white women just back from their latest pleasure cruise so let’s not jump to conclusions. Please.

Don’t expect any comments from Hopenchange about the savage behavior of “his daughters.” That is, unless the cracka students had pulled a gun and killed the little savages. Nor can we expect Eric “I Hate Me Some Crackas” to push Hate Law charges. Hate laws only apply should a white (or Hispanic Cracka) kill a black person. Blacks attacking or killing white people is, in his mind, righteous retribution. Slavery, you know.

Aren’t there schools in cracka areas like Idaho or Utah where your children actually can walk the campus without their cracka-ness making them prey to ghetto “yoots?” Oh yeah, sorry. Those white schools don’t embrace diversity. Or bricks to the face.




  1. Spurwing Plover

    These evil black sluts need to be locked up for life in prison No Parole,No visitations,No Plea Bargins,No movie offerd from Spike Lee, No Clemency or Pardons,Lock them up and throw away the key

  2. Time to shoot these bastids…….that’s all. ENOUGH. Read what happened Saturday night in louisville, Kentucky. 200 negra yoots rioting, looting and assaulting whites. shoot the bastids and let them lay there and rot.

  3. I find it fascinating that articles like the ones on James Broadnax, or The Hard Truth Blacks Hate White People, or pretty much any write up on Saint Trayvon, will draw militant trolls like flies to a fresh steamer. Yet when an article like this, with video as proof, is posted, our militant trolls such as The End and Uncontainable Spirit, are nowhere to be found.

    Could it be that they have nothing that will refute the truth? Not even “Whitey deserved it?” What is it that draws the trolls to some posts, but makes them ignore others? Our own recently banned Black Poofter would spout some unintelligible crap having to do with God only knows what.(but it would boil down to it being whiteys fault)

    Does anyone have any theories on this phenomenon?

    • JMV,
      I also have noticed the same thing……..I believe some are directed here ..some govt , happens far more than one would believe…….and of coarse some have nothing better to do down there in Mom”S basement.

      • Agreed, but I’m just wondering why they pick some racially toned threads, while completely ignoring others. They bury some threads with asinine bullsh!t, but on other threads, where they can actually have the opportunity to explain their reasoning, they are dead silent.

        And very rarely do we get an actual intelligent, reasoning black to comment on anything at all. It’s not like everyone here hates all blacks, but I would like to here an intelligent theory from a black person, presented without all the racial slurs and statements that it’s whiteys fault, as to why blacks are violent and racially intolerant, while screaming racism whenever a white looks sideways at them.

        The silence from the blacks is like the silence from the Muslims. None of them are on a soapbox condemning terrorism, and I know damn well that not all Muslims are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

        Maybe I’m just over thinking it.

        • Jmv,

          well i have done tons of over thinking it and finally realized they simply want to stir the crap and have no excuse left… truth we never hear from the ones that we should hear from.
          and that is a shame ,because if things stay the way they are going …there will be one hell of a civil /race war…..

        • Not all Mohammedans are terrorists, but, if they believe the Koran, Allah commands them to be, or at least to support those who are.

    • JMV, thanks so much for your generous donation to AWD!!! I’m going to take back some of the bad things I’ve been saying about you! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the boutique to look for a new man purse!

      Of course, any other goat-ropers are welcome to click on Rosie and send AWD a few pesos to pay for our @#*& skyrocketing bandwidth costs. Muchas garcias!


    • I have noticed this same phenomenon….blacks only go to certain posts and I have theorized this……..

      the spooks hide…..they hide behind these posts that are so burried in the past that no one can find these posts very easliy……the spooks scream “”we want a conversation about “race” and that we whites don’t want to have a national conversation about race….that we are ag=fraid to talk to them about race……””

      the truth is the blacks do want a conversation about race…..their conversation and only their conversation……they want it to go their way and only their side of the story can be told…….they don’t want any debate what-so-ever…..they want a one sided conversation…..their side…..and only their side…….when these blacks say lets talk they only mean they do the talking and you have to shut up or your a racists……and anything you say is racist….no matter what you say you are wrong and they won;t listen to anything else…..”””you made me a slave””” and now you have to pay for that………..

      the truth of the matter is blacks won’t comment on stories or posts that are recent and up to date…..they hide……they hide behind these older posts…..and make their racists comments…..and go back into the shadows so no-one knows they have been here………….blacks won’t comment on anything that is recent or up-to-date………it exposes them to other blacks that come here and read these posts………………..

      I’ve been coming to this site now for a little over 4 years and have never seen any blacks comment on recent posts…’s always those older posts…..and I doubt if I ever will……I have asked them to comment on an up-to-date post and they won’t……it exposes them that they have come to a site that for a long time had a tag-line……””””””in defense of the most ridiculed and unappreciated being on the planet…the white male”””””

      I have tried to draw them out into the open and have this so called “conversation” about race with them but they won’t…..they just don’t have the ammunition or the brains to win an argument……..

      • Yes, and I see in the recent comments that The End is back posting more ignorant sh!t on the “You Will Fight or Die in the Coming Race War” thread, and that thread is pretty old itself.

        Another POS clearly in need of the ban hammer!

        • Ban Hammer indeed! Many of them over on threads like that never get the ban hammer. I don’t even go there anymore…sick of the trolls.

        • JMV,

          funny we were just talking about that bad boy…LMAO…….
          sad really sad..


          • Yeah Jigg, speak of the devil, and he shows his ugly face…

            BigT, I try to stay away from commenting there too, but sometimes I’m in the mood for an argument, and other times I’m loathe to let their unsubstantiated BS go unanswered. If we let them spout that unproven crap without challenge, it just makes them bolder.

            But seriously, I kinda wish he would get banned, his arguments haven’t changed at all from the it’s whiteys fault for making us slaves, and that’s why we can’t improve ourselves, line.

      • RandomMexican

        Maybe because when they do comment, a group of ignorant white men attack them becasue maybe they are the ones that are ignorant. Black people want to talk about race, but when they do talk, they are faced with the most ignorant white people. Maybe its not theri fault that they cannot commetn on the recent post because of people like you do not give them a chance. They do nt think tat they are right but that they have reason to heard, and has your race been inslaved. White people have lived a life privelage, so it maybe its time for you to reason with what they have to say, instead of telling that they are afraid. How hypocritical.

        • Did you even bother to read any of the comments posted here by blacks? My guess is no. Every one, and I mean EVERY ONE of the blacks who posted don’t want to talk about race, unless its a one sided conversation with them doing all the talking. They start by using the standard BS about white privilege, then go into slavery, followed by discrimination, and from the beginning there is usually liberal racial insults interspersed in the theories.

          Well guess what, there is no white privilege, that was turned into black privilege over 40 years ago. Whites have been giving free stuff to blacks (and illegals!) for decades, they also get preference for college placement, jobs, and any number of preferential treatment. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, and the first slave owner in this country was a black man. Whites have been enslaved, it was called indentured servitude, and today we are slaves to the blacks, because every dollar we earn is raided for a percentage that is given to blacks who don’t want to work.

          Dont do a drive by here spouting your crap, pal. We’ve all heard it before. Just take a look at the archives and see and read the facts that we have given to refute every argument these idiots like yourself have provided. Hypocritical indeed, you douchebag.

        • Look at what happened in Liberia,what happened in Uganda,The Congo,etc etc.Look at what is happening NOW in The Central African Republic and tell us how it’s whiteys fault.

        • cranky.white.woman

          Do you have any familiarity at all with world history? EVERY RACE has been enslaved at one time or another. Heck, the Romans were equal opportunity slavers, enslaving any body of any race, gender or age that they felt like enslaving.

          BTW, Random Mexican, I am half Latina myself, which makes me a “Creepy Ass Cracka,” just like George Zimmerman. Did it not bother you that a half-Latino man was tried and convicted in the press by racist blacks and their white liberal overlords nationwide for the “crime” of self-defence? As a Latino, you need to be aware that if the White race disappears, it will be the Blacks and Latinos going at it next.

          • WEB SITES: BLACKS CALL FOR RACE WAR….utube….Black race war with Mexican or Latino utube now look at blacks post see they hate everyone……( BLACK PANTHERS HAVE BOUNTY ON ZIMMERMAN……calling Mexicans Latino white cracker Jews trash…now also see what blacks say about Mexican Latino Whites up there also…..GOD BLESS EVERYONE , AND PRAY THEY STOP BEATING EVERY RACE TO DEATH….see…WHITE GIRLS BLEED ALLOT…AND KNOCKOUT GAME…look it’s Mexican Latino and Whites…( NEW NATION NEWS)…( COUNCIL OF CONSERNED CITIZENS) see blacks slaughter every race to death every day..

    • jose emanuel

      I keep saying black people are a medical marvel,being 400 years old,the thumbscrew scars went away,the whipping scars,malnourished weighing 350 pounds,getting everything for free from whitey.I could go on and on but,it’s all whitey’s fault.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      What is it that you’re interested in discussing?

  4. In the minds of some hardcore lefties, the knockout game is just an urban legend.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Now if some white women did the same to some black women it would make big headlines in all the birdcage linners and parrots toilets the talking heads would be yammering about it all week long and Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton and the rest of their ilk would be demanding these women get life in prison and Obama the Fink would issue a few more of his executive orders

  6. I am tired of these mud criminals. They jam up our courts.
    Time for a law change.
    Anyone convicted of this type of crime is immediately taken out to sea, 30 miles from shore and thrown overboard. Period.
    That’s it.
    The sharks and other sea creatures will take care of these convicts.
    And I betcha this type of crime would come to an instant halt.
    Ever known or seen a negro swim ????

    • Nostradumbass

      Stop me if you heard about this…

      A CEO throwing a party takes his executives on a tour of his opulent mansion. In the back of the property, the CEO has the largest swimming pool any of them has ever seen. The huge pool, however, is filled with hungry alligators. The CEO says to his executives “I think an executive should be measured by courage. Courage is what made me CEO. So this is my challenge to each of you: if anyone has enough courage to dive into the pool, swim through those alligators, and make it to the other side, I will give that person anything they desire. My job, my money, my house, anything!”

      Everyone laughs at the outrageous offer and proceeds to follow the CEO on the tour of the estate. Suddenly, they hear a loud splash. Everyone turns around and sees the busboy in the pool, swimming for his life. He dodges the alligators left and right and makes it to the edge of the pool with mili-seconds to spare. He pulls himself out just as a huge alligator snaps at his shoes.

      The flabbergasted CEO approaches the busboy and says, “You are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. You are brave beyond measure and anything I own is yours. Tell me what I can do for you.” The busboy, panting for breath, looks up and says, “You can tell me who the hell the cracka was dat pushed me in da pool!!”

      of course, this could all be an urban legend…

  7. Spurwing Plover

    Returning these backward savages to africa would be a shame how about just marooning them on some island or distent planet

    • jose emanuel

      Now Spurwig, you know better then that.We nuke the distant island or planet after they all arrived,too make sure not a strand of dna is to be found.

  8. Lance, my man. You are what’s called: a Sissified Nancy Boy who should go home and get your My Little Pony backpack out of it’s secret drawer.
    Your girl gets bashed in the face WITH A BRICK and all you got was scratches?
    Why did the Red Curtain of righteous anger not descend?
    Where’s your trophies?
    Why is the hand that held the brick NOT hanging off your belt?
    Where are your scalps?
    You sir are no man, and your woman knows now who will go to the mat for her.
    Not. You.
    The Black chicks are only acting out their feral pathology.
    You as a Man should have priorities.

  9. VigilantAsshole

    These stories make my blood boil. Part of the reason being I know they will be under reported by the MSM. Partly because there is a direct correlation between said under reporting, and the nonchalant attitudes of many of these victims. Lastly because I never hear even a little remorse from the vast majority of the black community.

    I’ve lived in LA, San Diego, and Miami. The only reason something like this hasn’t happened to me is I, long ago lost faith in the majority of humanity. I’m sociable in the right situations, but never do I envision the best case scenario, or expect the best of strangers. Common sense can be a great defense mechanism in this world. Especially stereotyping, maybe not at your buddies get together. But when you’re walking the mean streets, keep your head on a swivel damnit. And if you can legally carry, do it.

    I feel for this poor girl, but people need to realize when in certain areas or around certain types. You are either hunter, or prey.

    • jose emanuel

      I live in Baltimore City,”HARM CITY”and I know exactly what you’re talking about.Grow eyes in the back of your head,because something getting ready too kick off.I feel the tension.

  10. Let’s flip the script.
    CNN: Headline nonstop: 4 whites smash black college girls face in with a brick
    I can hear Al “not so sharp” Sharpton now!

    Complete with medical pictures of course and speculated racial motivations…

  11. Crusading Conservative

    I found myself focusing on the boyfriend, for some reason… maybe it was the fact that he didn’t protect his girlfriend at all … he says the attack was ‘terrible’ and ‘terrifying’. I’m sorry that he had to watch it! My husband would make every one of those little street thugs (including the children) go through him to get to me, and he would have no problem putting the smack down on a girl trying to hit me in the face with a brick. I sincerely hope the girlfriend spends not one more second with the boyfriend, because he is useless! After the attack, she’s in the hospital having her teeth re-instated into her head, and the boyfriend is giving an interview! Tells me all I need to know.

    • Exactly! Your Husband is a Man. Lance, (unfortunately for his girlfriend) is not.
      On the day Mrs. Lazlo and I got married, right before we tied the knot, I was alone in the hallway.
      I swore an oath to the Universe that I would shed every drop of my own blood before I would see a single hair on my (soon to be) Wife’s head disturbed. And that I would exact a terrible revenge on anyone who harmed her while she was not in my presence.
      Prison be damned.
      Mrs. Lazlo can always deliver new instructions and suggestions to me in Prison.

    • VigilantAsshole

      I agree with you, the boyfriend should have been a man and did whatever he could have.

      I don’t believe in hitting women, however if I’m with a family member, friend, or significant other. And it’s the attackers or them, I will not only hit one. I will gladly kick the shit out of them.

      Far too many people are more worried about being PC, than fighting for their rights. Many men and women of my fathers generation don’t really understand the current culture we live in. He is in his late 60’s, and something like this is foreign to him. But those of us who have seen firsthand the dangerous reality of modern big cities should know better. I don’t expect everyone to embrace violence, some of us are more hard wired towards it then others. But if you are going to be a coward, at least be a smart enough coward to run and get your girlfriend to safety.

      PS. I’ve never dated a women who didn’t appreciate feeling protected and safe when with her man. IMO it is our duty, and also f**k feminism and all it’s bullshit. This is what happens when your walking down your idealistic yellow brick road, and somehow end up in the jungle. Sometimes, although it’s ugly, a preemptive attack is your best bet. When someone is threatening you, the weaker your position the more it emboldens your attackers. If you can’t run, feign weakness and attack.

      • Today’s black women are just as violent as the men, in many cases even more so, because they know the old saying “it’s not nice to hit girls”, well forget that crap, you are male, any race, and you are in a situation where you have to slap the shit out of a black woman, then by all means, do so, because you haven’t hit a woman, just an animal.

        In my case, I’m a misanthrope, so I have no problem with knocking the shit out of anyone who is a threat to me or mine, whatever genitalia they have, or whatever race they are. And I always have some sort of weapon on my person, legal or not. It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

        • JMV,

          I place here for your consideration..the feral black female…..


        • VigilantAsshole

          Amen bro.

          I’m a bit of a hermit myself. The only reason I can live in Cali is that for the most part I stay on the ranch. When I do venture out into the world, I stick to places that are fairly reserved. I stopped going to clubs and such a while ago. Seen far to many ugly scenes where the mob mentality takes over.

          • Yeah, I used to work in south central L.A., and saw so much crap, especially double standard BS, that I left Cali three years ago, and I’ll never go back.

        • VigilantAsshole

          Where you in law enforcement JMV? Obviously there are many other jobs in South Central as well, it’s a large portion of Los Angeles, but just wondering.

          I remember being a young lad, fresh out of high school just moved to LA. My pretty young date wanted to go to Universal City Walk, me not really knowing LA I was excited to check it out. Turns out it was the same night as some big name Black Comedy show at the amphitheater there. I was simply amazed at how many gang bangers where there. I saw a group of probably 50 young black men all wearing Houston Astros jerseys and hats. Being from a small town north of Santa Barbara, I had never really seen these kinds of numbers as far as gangsters are concerned. I overheard someone laughing saying “Hoover Crips are in the house”. I have to be honest, they might have been the biggest group I saw that night, but there were numerous other large groups wearing there appropriate gang colors/teams, and although I didn’t see them bothering any normal civilians. Lets just say that it was fairly obvious someone was going to get shot or killed that night. My first thought was, “lets get the f**k out of here” lol. But as I didn’t want to ruin the mood, and I was far more concerned with my hormones I didn’t say anything to my date about it. We went and had dinner, and left afterwards.

          This was one of my first experiences in a big city, and it was a eye opener. If I remember correctly there was a shooting in the parking lot after the show, and the police were there in force. The tension was out of control, and there were quite a few families there. It’s a damn shame that even places far away from the “hood”, have to deal with this kind often. Many similar experiences like that living in LA, some that ended in bloodshed some that didn’t. But I was always surprised that in that culture, not as many people would fist fight. Small town folks tend to handle things the old fashioned way. I now understand its because the majority of people know, a fist fight is just the beginning of a gun fight, or stabbing, or bricking etc.

          I don’t miss living in the city at all.

          • No VA,
            I was actually a cable splicer for AT&T. I was sent all over South Central, and I would have to say that at least 90% of the blacks I encountered were the most racist, criminal, loud! and unsocial people I have ever run across. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint three times by them, the last time, by a single wannabe thug who let his attention wander and got his face bounced off my work truck a few times. I actually got in trouble for that (black supervisors) and they transferred me to the Beverly Hills area (the people there were still assholes, but at least didn’t rob me).

    • I don’t care what it is, man woman, cow, whatever.
      I will shoot a bee, I swear

  12. Cooter Brown

    I bet up until that night the students voted dumbocrat. I bet the old brick to the head changed them over. Now if Obama had a son would he be bricking around???

  13. A Black Man

    First of all, I would like to shame the two or three of you commentators who call Blacks spooks and speculate that we should all move back to Africa. I have never been to Africa, and I would not like to be forced there based on the whim of a seemingly confused majority. I say that you, in particular, are confused because you give a overly general statement about Blacks. You must realize that not all Black women are unapproachable, and dangerously primitive. Just like you must realize that not all young White women wear Uggs and don bleached blonde hair while sipping vacuously from their Starbucks cappuccino. Now Mr or Ms JMV, I would like to evaluate your statements. In the end of your comments you say that If you are put in a situation where you are challenged by a Black woman, you would hit her. Now I understand your plight, if I were presented with a threat I would face it head on with aggression and tactful precision, but if I see that it is a woman, I will slightly alter my methods of defense. Woman have historically smaller statures than men and if my attacker has this dominant characteristics then I will try to restrain her. Moving on to a larger topic, I feel the need to tell all of you commentators something about yourselves. You are all racist, whether it be the internet and its ambiguous shadow that it casts over its users, or your individual backgrounds, that makes you this way. You must consciously reflect within yourselves, and ask yourself, do you really hate Blacks. Please help end the continuing epidemic of Racism in our society by changing your ways and striving for a color-blind, and equal society.

    • we are tired of you… got that…..white people bend over backwards to get along with blacks…..and don’t tell me that they don’t……I’ve been around for sometime now and everywhere I have been whites have tired to get along with you blacks and now some of us are saying….””NO MORE”” …we want no more of you….we’ve had it with you blacks…….

      it’s not whites playing the knockout game…….it’s not whites raping…’s you blacks…..and we are tired of your lies and bullshit how we are at fault……the reason you are a slave and have a slave mentality is because you have fostered this upon yourselves… pass this shit on to your young and foster this lying-ass bullshit………………..

      and when we decide to talk about what is actually going on you call us racist………..

      shove it up your ass…………we’re god damn sick and tired of you and your lies……………..

      • Sounds like we got TheEnd back, or Black Power…either way, I’m tired of it too.

      • A Black Man

        This is exactly what I am taking about, You have no idea whether or not Whites are participating in this idiotic game, because the media does not report things like that. You cannot deny that Whites do have privilege in this country and I am fairly tired of it. I am not preaching the same-old Black Revolution BS that ignorant niggas yell from the top of their lungs. I am simply asking you not to so general in your evaluation of the Black community. Just because this group of Black “Youths” are participating, it does not mean all are. Now will you please stop being such a generalizing racist.

        • Black man,
          You come in here and throw your blanket to cover us all as racist …….you have not read the comment here it is clear ….we mostly are Trashist we hate and are feed up with your behavior …had you taken the time to read you would have seen that …..Your damn race card has expired on this site little man…….no more excuses … have been given every thing and still your kind whines …..but as for me it will fall on deaf ears ……go play with your Obama phone..

          • Jigg,
            Black Man has not directed the term “racist” toward you, if you read a little more clearly you will see that the comment is directed toward Bluto, and we both can see that his comments are overtly racist and uncalled for. Moreover, and as Black Man has asked, ” I am simply asking you not to be so general in your evaluation of the Black community,
            ” and by saying you, you’re being ignorant to exactly what he is asking for. This is why you have any emotional attachment because YOU DID NOT PAY ATTENTION to what was being said which entirely defeats the reason for your comment. It is one thing to state your own opinion but when you generalize things so prematurely, that is when you become ignorant and appear like as the website states just an “angry white dude”.

          • Shadowy Figure, you are an idiot.

            Re-read Black Man’s comment fully, and toward the end, you will find him stating that he feels the need to tell all of us commenters something about ourselves, that we are all racists…

            So, it looks like you are the one who is NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Try reading carefully before you post on here and make a fool of yourself.

        • VigilantAsshole

          Black Man,

          People, for the most part speak in generalities while discussing things over the internet. I for one grew up with black friends, as well as people from other backgrounds. But I have a hard time excusing the overall black community these days. Yes of course there are good people out there, I think many of our issues with black culture in America these days is that there is no culpability by your people. There is obviously a epidemic of black crime and violence in this country right now. Perhaps if your leaders preached personal responsibility, and called out these young thugs as the trash they are. You wouldn’t be seeing the push back coming from many non blacks in America.

          People are tired of the BS, tired of the excuses, the random violence, but most of all tired of the incessant blaming and lack of responsibility shown by the black community in America. Ask yourself, if I as a non-black am not allowed to share my honest opinion about the disgusting nature of the majority of black culture in America (no sense of parental responsibility, glorifying gangster and thug mentalities, 0 respect for women, openly attacking non-blacks all over the country, preaching dependency on the fed gov). And also I see that most of your so called leaders refuse to have the real tough conversations about their culture, instead choosing to blame this group, or law, or history, etc. Then why should I continue to give your people the benefit of the doubt? This is no fairy tale, assuming everyone is good can get you killed these days. I have no problem calling a piece of shit a piece of shit. Whatever the color of their skin. I judge people on how they carry themselves. I hate Justin Bieber as much as I hate Kanye West. Cant stand most of these hollywood cunts. I gladly hate without prejudice. However, black culture is not doing itself any favors. Not in regards to black Americans, not in regards to your relations with other Americans. There is a constant double standard applied to your culture, from affirmative action, to lack of reporting on black crime by the MSM, all the way down to the public school systems. Trayvon Martin has been turned into some sort of martyr, and those of use who have dealt with little thugs like that are disgusted by such revisionist history. I’ve had guns pulled on me by black kids much younger than Trayvon, in broad daylight. When are we as non-blacks allowed to actually protect ourselves from these little shits. Take off the rose colored glasses, no one here is calling for a lynching. People are looking for a place to vent, a non-pc place. Where we can be honest. You should try to be honest with yourself.

          I for one am sick to death of double standards, a criminal piece of shit is a criminal piece of shit. A good person is a good person, its really not all that complicated. I think many of us here, are tired of being labeled racist by people like yourselves. I can tell you from experience, many of the blacks I used to hang around with were by far the most racist people I have ever met. Part of the reason I don’t associate with them anymore. If you want some respect, try cleaning up your own back yard, try coming down on your own people who cause a disproportionate amount of problems, try holding your people to the same standards that the rest of us do.

          Then, and only then will you see race relations in this country start to get better. I for one think its too late.

        • Actually, we do know whether or not whites are participating in this game. To date there has been one, and one only report of a white playing the knockout game, and Attorney General Holder himself got involved. To date, there are more blacks playing this game, and the AG hasn’t done shit, and thats one hell of an example of your “White Privilege” isn’t it?

          The media does not report on it? Really? Got news for you, they report it all the time, but the color of the perps is always conspicuously left out, or they are identified as “urban youths”, pretty non-specific, until the mug shots are released, then there is proof that the perps are nothing more than violent ghetto rats.

          But as a drive by troll, you don’t really care about the truth, just your agenda.

          • AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH The non-existent knock out game lololol a story created by Fox News to scare it’s old (and dying off) white viewers. This site is as ridiculous as they come.

          • Bilbo Baggins, is the site as ridiculous as a troll who offers no substantive ideas or opinions and has a user ID with a character from Lord of the Rings?

            Note: AWD deleted your comment about the site traffic AWD receives. It was deleted not because of the insults you made but because you used the F word, which is not permitted on this site.

            You said receive very little traffic. According to this 2012study, the internet has over 630 million websites. Not web pages, but websites. It also says the internet adds 51 million websites each year.

            According to Alexa, Angry White Dude is currently ranked 138,000 in traffic. That puts us in the top .0002% in terms of worldwide internet traffic. 33,117th in terms of traffic in the USA.

            Other than your bad user ID, you might not make yourself look like such a fool if you would do your research before spouting your ignorant comments. But doing research and presenting facts wouldn’t make you a liberal, would it? Anyone who denies the existence of the Knockout Game MUST be a liberal. And stupid, but I repeat myself.


          • Drive on troll, nothing to see here…

    • But you still refer to yourself as African American, don’t you? Yes, we know that not all blacks are violent, but when 13% of the population commits over 50% of the violent crimes in this country, do you really wonder why we have a poor view of blacks? And did you not view the video link above with at least four fights breaking out among black women, with none of the bystanders trying to break them up?

      You are damn right I will use physical violence against a black woman, they are way more likely to resort to violence than anyone else, especially when the majority of them are fat pigs weighing over 200lb, so your women are of smaller stature than men is out the window, there.

      As for all of us commenters being racist, isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? You people use the racism card at the drop of a hat to try to take the moral high ground, and we aren’t playing that any more. You are just as racist as you say we are, so get off your high horse and evaluate yourself. As to your question, no, I don’t hate all blacks, but I damn sure hate most of them.

      I, for one, am tired of paying for all the free shit most blacks get from entitlement programs, I’m tired of blacks playing the knockout game on the unsuspecting, the elderly, the infirm, etc., I’m tired of the flash mobs made up of blacks disrupting public areas with theft, vandalism, and violence, I’m tired of the entitlement mentality and the you owe us attitude of most blacks.

      We have tried to end racism, and have strived for a color blind society for over forty years, it’s your people who are the real racists here, and they are deliberately keeping racism alive. So, think on that before you feel compelled to give us a piece of your mind that you cannot spare.

    • Ahhh……….. the “Racist” word.Nice one.Never heard that before.

  14. This is for the recent trools that have come to call me racist and then deny that they have…
    As isaid your words will fall on deaf ears I am done with your excuses…to enter into the barracks of my ears you must first understand this… seen in the following video..


  15. Retired Superhero

    Hey everyone. I know I do not post much and have rubbed some of you the wrong way, but I feel like AWD is a second home that I visit every day. I just wanted to say that End-Power-Black Man makes a point about generalizing. This definitely occurs here (wait for the point please), but the problem is that it does not occur in normal life. One definition of generalize is to infer from many “particulars”. Why do we hold the views and post like we do? Because we are inferring from the particulars that are proven in the interviews, pictures and videos posted here and across the internet. What black man fails to realize is that 12 years a slave is only based on a true story which means nothing. Generalizing and, sorry, stereotyping is based on FACT!
    Black Man: if you want to change how other people look at your people, then change what we see, do not tell us to change how we see.

  16. Now if only her hipster scum boyfriend had been carrying a gun we’d get a much needed if small dose of welfare reform and this misguided liberal young lady would not be in need of some serious dental work.

    Yet another reason my Glock Model 20 10mm and 2 full magazines of Hydra-Shok ammo goes everywhere my wife and I go.

  17. My brother was the victim of the “Knockout Game” on Sunday night, 4/6/14, while waiting at a RedBox in San Jose on Bascom Ave and Southwest Expy. The guy just walked out of 7-11 and punched him full force in the face three times. He’s having to go into surgery tomorrow to have his jaw wired shut for four weeks.

    PLEASE SHARE this post so we can catch these people since the female who was with the suspect has some unique tattoos on her upper right breast and also one running down the back of her right arm.

    If anyone has information please contact SJPD at 408-277-8900 or the Anonymous Tip Line at 408-947-STOP / or email

  18. randy ames

    all over the country whites are being robbed raped beaten and murdered every day by blacks and the public isn’t being told about it I live in Lexington ky and we have had 4 black on white homicides as of the end of june 2014..i hope people will take the threat seriously and arm your selves do not let blacks come into your safe zone when u are out in public with out arming your self and preparing to fight for ur life.Any race of people who can kill a young man by shooting him in the back while he is protecting his wife can only be described as degenerate sub humans ..oprah winfrey went the bbc and told the interviewer that all white older people in the USA should be killed 2 months later 2 male blacks beat a 88 year old man to death for his pocket change in Spokane Washington..Wake up white man !! you are being exterminated

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