America is so far past stupid that AWD can only laugh at this point. It’s completely apparent that the Democrats are fully dedicated to flooding America with third-world dependents and savage Muslims. And the Republicans are fully dedicated to allowing them. No one looks out for the American taxpayer!

Imam Obama announced his plans to allow 70,000 Syrian “refugees” into America. Well, Islam has always been a major part of the American fabric, you know. So the Imam is furthering his “fundamental transforming” of America by opening our doors to the unwashed masses of the third world and worse.

When our government keeps saturating America with people from over there, America soon becomes Over There. But Americans have never wanted to live Over There. If we did, we would have moved Over There. And the last Americans who have moved to Syria ended up on YouTube with their melons sitting on their backs.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans are totally against allowing illegal immigrants to enter and remain in the country. A good percentage want to see immigration totally halted, myself included. AWD would venture nearly 100% are against bringing refugees (aka Terorrists) from Muslim countries like Syria to our shores.

What benefit do Syrians bring to Americans? We certainly know the risks. But is there any good we can expect from Syrian Muslims? We’re full up on useless moochers already. And that’s only the domestic ones. We now have half of Me-hee-co to support as well! And does any American really want Syrian Muslims moving next door?

I don’t know why America has welcomed Muslims into America in such numbers! I can’t figure it out unless someone high up the chain (higher than the President) has deemed America must fail. Every day, I see more and more Muslims wrapped in their garbage bags and scarves knocking around town. They are strange and their religion is anything but a religion of peace. They don’t belong and their potential for terrorism on our shores vastly outweighs whatever the hell it is they do here. I won’t even bother arguing the point that Muslims are prone to violence. If there are any doubters, please visit The Religion Of Peace for the latest body count from Islam.

Perhaps some of the lovely Syrian citizens shown in these videos will be moving to your community and their children will sit beside your daughter in school next year!

[yt id=”tiC2xmJ_55A”]

[yt id=”CAzFPgCa-L8″]

Wouldn’t it be great to have the first Syrian child who has actually committed murder in your school? You can certainly say you’ve embraced diversity!

Yes, perhaps when they multiply like rats, we too can celebrate 7 year olds being married to grown males in 15 years or so. Just like Englandistan!

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I know what Obama is. I have known for a long time. But that our elected officials will not stand up to him and halt this destruction of America is what really sickens me. Oh sure, Congress will hold hearings on how to properly do background checks on the Syrian savages but when has anyone ever raised a ruckus over the lunacy coming from the White House in allowing these mongrels into America? Not a chance! Just keep your mouth shut and get reelected, you pathetic, worthless Republicans.

So 70,000 more unwashed savages are coming to the Great Satan. I hope they settle in a blue state where they can rock those liberal casbahs all they want!

The law of consequences is this:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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