The estate of Spirit guitarist Randy California is suing Led Zeppelin for supposedly stealing the chord progression from one of its songs to create the iconic ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ Randy California is no longer with us but his estate smells money and currently has Led Zep in court.

AWD is perhaps the greatest musical mind in history and a world-class Zepologist. After studying the evidence of the Spirit lawsuit for at least 30 seconds, I have ruled that the answer is ‘hell no!’, Led Zep did not copy Spirit!

Lots of songs have similar chords and chord progressions. Jimmy Page testified he never heard the 1969 Spirit song entitled ‘This Is Not Stairway To Heaven’ before penning Stairway in well, whenever the hell he wrote Stairway. Well, there you go! Good enough for me! Case closed!

Hell, AWD a couple years ago was wailing away on the Dude-o-Caster and came up with a chart-topping chord progression that I knew would make me millions! When I played it for my kids, they said, “Dad, that’s Hold On Loosely” by 38 Special! Dayum! I knew it was too good to be true! I always thought 38 Special was singing “Hold On Lucy!” So these things happen!

Some fuzzy little bunch of foreigners named Axis of Awesome actually wrote a song that proves that nearly every hit song uses the same four chords in the same progression:

Is Spirit suing all those sumbitches who have made bazillions on the latest Four Chord Song? And is California Randy California’s name or did he plagiarize the State of Mexifornia? Huh?!

Hell, I just wrote another chart-topper last night that goes: “Duh duh, duh duh duh, duh duh duh, I can’t get no, four wheel traction!” Oops. I’ll probably be hearing from Mick and Keef.

You see, there’s only so many chords that exist and so many ways to put them in a song. So Stairway sounds like some Spirit song you never heard of, BFD! You’ve heard Stairway your entire life and probably even spent a few 9th grade party nights making out to it with junior high hotties like Alison Wingo like AWD did. Ohhh bay-bah! Alison!

AWD saw Led Zep in concert May 31, 1977. Have pictures I took with my dad’s 35mm to prove it! 3 hours of pure awesomeness. First time I ever saw a laser. Couldn’t find Alison Wingo at the show though.

So Judge Big Sexy rules in favor of Led Zep! Led Zep denies the allegations and accuses the alligator! Maybe Jimmy Page can send the estate of California a few guitar picks and call it even.

Oh, and AWD still holds on to the dream that I will replace Bonzo on the drums when Led Zep finally gets back together for their reunion tour! You hear me, Robert and Jimmy? Call me.

And now for some Led Zep ‘Music That Doesn’t Suck.’

Some of AWD’s faves:

You have to be a drummer to appreciate John Bonham’s greatness on this syncopated brilliance!

Feel free to list some of your favorite Led Zep greatness. Don’t list Stairway To Heaven unless you’ve made out with Alison Wingo. Like AWD did.


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