After ridiculing the patriotic men and women who make up the Tea Party movement since its inception, leftists are now bragging they are following the original Tea Party in opposing President Trump and Republican elected officials.

This is nothing but pure Bull Dukakis. Loud crowds of young and old lefties are filling Town Hall meetings and screaming at their Congressmen. Like usual, all that results is large amounts of volume. And ignorance. The left is incapable of copying the success of the Tea Party for these reasons:

  1. Leftists are not bright. They are loud and obnoxious. If you watch videos of the Town Halls, pre-written questions (generally ridiculous statement filibusters) are pre-written on index cards for those incapable of original thought to read. These are long, monotonous diatribes that generally have little to do with what the President or their elected official supports. Some leftist honcho has to actually write the questions in advance! The conservative Tea Party was successful because most members were well-versed with legislation and their Congressman’s position on such. These leftists protesters are pretty much morons. I don’t mean that to be an insult, merely a statement of fact. Liberals are great at creating noise, riots and destruction. Speaking intelligently about anything they are protesting? Not so much.
  2. As usual, George Soros is financing these loudmouths. Liberals loved to accuse the Tea Party of being on the payroll of the Koch Brothers. That, like generally every other thing Democrats say, was a lie. The Tea Party was an organic movement that developed with a small spark and spread throughout the country because it was based on the beliefs and demands of American taxpayers of their government. The leftist loudmouths? What have they ever paid for?
  3. Remember the Coffee Party leftist anti-Tea Party group? Well, neither does anyone else. This leftist Tea Party thing has been tried in the past. And, like every other leftist cause (except riots and destruction), it failed massively. What does George Soros expect his paid minions to do after the Town Halls are over? Train and teach grassroots leftists to organize and vote like did the Tea Party? Good luck with that! These lazy young Bolsheviks are too damn lazy to vote!
  4. They are protesting nothing. Remember the Women’s March that was to protest Trump from taking women’s rights? Uhhhh, what rights has Trump taken? Personally, I’d love for him to take the right to drive automobiles away from women for the purpose of saving lives but that probably won’t happen. These leftist idjits are protesting nothing more than protesting for the sake of protesting.
  5. This leftist Tea Party will fail massively because the majority of the voters in America support halting terrorists from entering the USA, support a border wall with Mexico, don’t trust or like the Mainstream Propaganda Media and support Trump stomping the dog snot out of it, and support Trump in trying to greatly reduce the size, cost, and spending of our out-of-control federal government. We who pay the bills support Trump.

To be successful, a movement has to move beyond protests and educate it’s followers to act. The Tea Party was generally made up of working adults who work too hard for too little and pay too much in taxes only to get little in return. The middle-class socialist brats enlisted by Soros can’t even major in a subject that doesn’t end in the word “Studies.” You don’t see too many Chem E majors reading from pre-written index cards in these town halls. And countless hours of screaming “Do your job” at your congressman does get a little tedious after a few weeks.

But the leftist press loves anything leftist. So look forward to hearing how the leftist Soros Tea Party is the greatest thing since the Koran and Lenin for the next few weeks. After that, the brats will go on to the latest outrage du jour to hold signs, scream, and attack passersby.

Leftist Tea Party. I have to laugh.

Here’s the lunacy from the left:


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