AWD is consistently surprised at how many Americans want to send troops to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS. It’s not our fight. Not yet, anyway. So why waste more blood and treasure by siding with one side in a war of Muslim savages against another?

As AWD has said before,

“Savage Muslims killing other savage Muslims? Pass the popcorn!”

Enter Vladimir Putin and Russia. Russia has put soldiers, fighter jets, and other military equipment in Syria with the express purpose to destroy ISIS. Good on him. Good luck with that.

Russia throws in with Syria’s dictator Assad because he buys their military equipment. Russia doesn’t care about human rights or any of that other Western BS that keeps us from winning wars anymore. They just kill the enemy and take everything they want. Putin would sell military equipment to Satan should Beelzebub decide to arm Hell. The Chinese are the same when it comes to money. They see only cash and Assad’s shekels spend as good as everyone else’s.

An ancillary benefit to making a move against ISIS in Syria for Putin is that it’s another gigantic FU to Imam Hussein in the Great Mosque of America. By now, everyone realizes Obama sides with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, etc have all been the result of Obama moving to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in those hellholes. Syria is no different. He opposes Assad because the Muslim Brotherhood wants their vile tentacles ruling Damascus.

AWD fails to see the importance Syria is to America. We had no diplomatic relations, trade is nil, and they are a sworn enemy of Israel. So I say if ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood want Syria, let them beat the Russians to take it. But they should remember that the Russians don’t send lawyers into combat to hobble their soldiers like America does these days. Russians will kill you dead and then go after your village.

As AWD has explained on numerous occasions, America should have zero dealings with Muslim countries. We certainly shouldn’t be importing their terrorists onto American soil. We should be deporting our corrupt politicians onto Muslim soils. We have enough energy in America to keep our energy prices low for a hundred years. Oil? We don’t need no stinking Muslim oil. Just open up public land for drilling and oil prices will never go up while we put Saudi Arabia out of business.

Of course, China and Russia’s meddling in the Middle East could be the prelude of a Middle East land grab by the communist countries. With America’s military shrinking at frightening levels and a Commander in Chief who is as strong as a dying kitten, Russia and China know they can act with near impunity in Syria and beyond. Fine. Let them police a billion backwards ass Muslims whose only talent is destruction. Pass more popcorn!

America needs to stay out of Syria and Iraq. Close Afghanistan and leave them to bugger little boys as is their ‘culture.’ Let’s use our blood and treasure to clean up the gigantic mess that has been created in America over the past 30 years.

America should fight Muslims only when we our interests are attacked. And we should then do so in a quick, blinding flash of uranium. Those left will get the message.


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