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AWD is consistently surprised at how many Americans want to send troops to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS. It’s not our fight. Not yet, anyway. So why waste more blood and treasure by siding with one side in a war of Muslim savages against another?

As AWD has said before,

“Savage Muslims killing other savage Muslims? Pass the popcorn!”

Enter Vladimir Putin and Russia. Russia has put soldiers, fighter jets, and other military equipment in Syria with the express purpose to destroy ISIS. Good on him. Good luck with that.

Russia throws in with Syria’s dictator Assad because he buys their military equipment. Russia doesn’t care about human rights or any of that other Western BS that keeps us from winning wars anymore. They just kill the enemy and take everything they want. Putin would sell military equipment to Satan should Beelzebub decide to arm Hell. The Chinese are the same when it comes to money. They see only cash and Assad’s shekels spend as good as everyone else’s.

An ancillary benefit to making a move against ISIS in Syria for Putin is that it’s another gigantic FU to Imam Hussein in the Great Mosque of America. By now, everyone realizes Obama sides with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, etc have all been the result of Obama moving to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in those hellholes. Syria is no different. He opposes Assad because the Muslim Brotherhood wants their vile tentacles ruling Damascus.

AWD fails to see the importance Syria is to America. We had no diplomatic relations, trade is nil, and they are a sworn enemy of Israel. So I say if ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood want Syria, let them beat the Russians to take it. But they should remember that the Russians don’t send lawyers into combat to hobble their soldiers like America does these days. Russians will kill you dead and then go after your village.

As AWD has explained on numerous occasions, America should have zero dealings with Muslim countries. We certainly shouldn’t be importing their terrorists onto American soil. We should be deporting our corrupt politicians onto Muslim soils. We have enough energy in America to keep our energy prices low for a hundred years. Oil? We don’t need no stinking Muslim oil. Just open up public land for drilling and oil prices will never go up while we put Saudi Arabia out of business.

Of course, China and Russia’s meddling in the Middle East could be the prelude of a Middle East land grab by the communist countries. With America’s military shrinking at frightening levels and a Commander in Chief who is as strong as a dying kitten, Russia and China know they can act with near impunity in Syria and beyond. Fine. Let them police a billion backwards ass Muslims whose only talent is destruction. Pass more popcorn!

America needs to stay out of Syria and Iraq. Close Afghanistan and leave them to bugger little boys as is their ‘culture.’ Let’s use our blood and treasure to clean up the gigantic mess that has been created in America over the past 30 years.

America should fight Muslims only when we our interests are attacked. And we should then do so in a quick, blinding flash of uranium. Those left will get the message.




  1. Spurwing Plover

    So whens Bill Clinton going to negotate with the russkies anyway how about Kerry or maybe Pee Wee Hermin

  2. I agree with all you said AWD. We need to cleanup our country starting with Imam Hussein Obama. Kick all the muslims out of our country. I hate muslims. Europe is getting what they deserve too, with their pathetic excuses for leaders. They are cowards. Islam will destroy Europe. I have no doubts about it. Our great leaders of the past, including military leaders would have Obama’s ass run out out of this country and that would be putting it gently.

  3. Remember the problems the Somalis were to the world’s shipping trade, a problem for everyone except Russia, The Russian’s sunk everyone that approached their ships.

  4. Hell, I’m all for it. Let the Russkies and the Chins spend blood and treasure for a while. We can take the time to get our shit straight here with regards to our border and libtard problems. I personally don’t give a crap about any nation in the Mideast, I don’t have a problem with Israel, but they don’t want to have allied boots on their soil, and they more than capable of taking care of themselves.

    And like the Dude said, Russia and China don’t play that touchy-feely war crap. Their ROE are to kill anyone with a weapon, then kill a bunch of nearby people to send the message that they aint America, and they mean business. If journalists have a problem with that, then they just eject them or arrange a fatal “accident” for the vocal ones.

  5. I’ve yet to figure out exactly what President Assad has done to earn the enmity of the US. Assad isn’t trying to kill the Syrian Christians. Why, Assad is trying to preserve “diversity.” As for Assad dropping “barrel bombs” on his enemies, who the hell gives a damn? As Sara Palin states: “Let Allah sort them out.”

    It’s a civil war. The so-called “War Refugees” are simply the 21st century version of Vietnam War “Draft Dodgers,” as evidenced by the mainly male character of the European invaders. Let’s follow the advice of the Democrat Party at the end of Vietnam and let nature take it’s course: let the Russians blow the sh*t out of Syria.

    • Amen. Frankly it’s because the average American politician is an idiot with as much real knowledge of foreign nations as one of my fat cats. Assad…yeah okay so Syria isn’t friendly with Israel. But it just endlessly irks people that he is a dictator. Good, bad, mediocre….makes no difference to the democracy ranters. The fact that Assad, like most Middle Eastern dictators, protects minorities from religious extremists? Lost on them. Go ahead, get rid of Assad. Then when all of Syria’s Christians (Armenian, Syriac, Maronite, etc), Druze, Alowites, and whoever else are killed (and probably in Lebanon then Israel once ISIS moves on) then don’t be surprised. As long as you got rid of your dictator you can smell your own gas with a gleeful air of moral superiority.

    • Just Observant

      It is about global banking.

  6. cranky.white.woman

    I agree. Let Putin and his soldiers handle it. They won’t be hampered by PC ROE the way our soldiers are.

  7. moslems have been fighting each other since moHAMed the pedophile…….

    and moslems will continue to fight someone until the end of time…….

    This is like a tag team cage match…….

    We need to tag Russia/China and let them deal with those savages for a while.

  8. Obama is a closet muslim and some say he is not so “closeted”. He is also a closet homosexual but that is another post. Obama was not moved like the rest of us when it came to the stories of what ISIS was doing to Christians. They raped Christian girls as young as three years old. They beheaded Christians. They sold Christian women as sex slaves. They crucified people and burned them at stakes. Yet,…Obama said and did nothing. He was the background author of all this because he helped ISIS because they hate Assad. He hates Assad who has been a moderate leader. Assad treated everyone the same including Christians. His army has Christian officers in places. The Obama administration says the same talking points over and over. They point out how mean he was to “his own people” and he used “gas and barrel bombs on them”. This is an outright lie. He is attacking rebels who rebelled against his regime. It is war. He did not suddenly start killing “his” people for nothing. Ask these liars in Washington d.c. what they did in 1860-1865 to “their people” in the south…even non combatants. Obama refused to attack ISIS as they killed Christians and Muslims. He made a vacuum and Putin filled it. I hope Putin kills every ISIS member their is. The US has no leadership and the Kenyan we have is a traitor.

    • You are 100% right! Why does the MSM portray Putin and Assad as evil? Assad would never use chemical weapons on his own people, it was the “rebels” that used Clorox, and used it in primarily Christian villages. I cringe when I hear the red-line argument on the evening news, Assad did not cross an line.

  9. Look at this from another angle. Russia is 80% Christian Orthodox. The non-Muslim Syrian’s are Syrian Orthodox brothers. 20% of Assad’s Army is Christian, and Assad protects the Christians in his country. Without him, all Christians would be headless. Putin is not the bad guy here, thank God someone is taking on ISIS and protecting Assad.

  10. “AWD fails to see the importance Syria is to America. We had no diplomatic relations, trade is nil, and they are a sworn enemy of Israel.”

    My level of patience with AWD and the rest of the gang who visit this website, with regards to trying to discern why it is that they cannot ‘see’ the big picture – grows increasingly thin.

    I agree with AWD – on his assertion that Syria is not a concern for the USA and we should not waste a single dime or a single life of any US military member fighting wars in that country. However, he seems to be almost childishly naive – or is at least pretending to be childishly naive – with regards to why these demonically evil, neo-con war mongering, Israel toe sucking political cockroaches inside the totally cucked GOP are so eager to bang the war drums and would, if they could, invade Syria and embroil our US military into yet another senseless war in the Middle East.

    Let me explain it to AWD. Syria has a military defense agreement with Iran, and if Syria were to be attacked by an aggressor – Iran is supposedly obligated to send troops to assist in the defense of Syria. The Israeli Lobby here in the USA – along with the mostly jewish neo-cons and the sleazy, slimy cuckservative toe suckers like Ted Cruz (AWD’s buddy) , Juan McCain and every manure particle in the current line up of GOP Candidates for Prez in 2016 – are foaming at the mouth over the prospects of currying favor with Sheldon Adelson and Bibi Satanyahu – who have been screaming and scheming for ways to get the USA to attack Iran, the next enemy on the seemingly endless list of nations who Israel hates and who they want the dumb goyim in the West to attack and destroy for them.

    Thus, if these cucks can finagle a way to get US troops on the ground in Syria – they hope to lure Iran into getting into it, and then, BINGO – Satanyahu’s wet dream comes true and the US now has an excuse to attack Iran, since Iran is helping Syria.

    The wild card in this scheme, of course, is the steel balled Vladimir Putin – who has recently spanked Satanyahu’s evil ass and told him in no uncertain terms that an Israeli attack on Syria is the same as an attack on Russia and will be dealt with accordingly. The implication being that Bibi had better be ready for a nuclear tipped sunburn missile suppository shot right up his psychopathic rectum if he crosses the line that Putin has laid down. Syria has also been given some very high tech air missile defense systems (S-300s or S-400s, I forget which) and these systems are reportedly so effective that any Israeli fighter pilot who enters Syrian airspace will be certain to soon join his 6 million or so relatives in the so-called holocaust graveyard. Or, so I’ve read. I’m no air defense missile expert, so I am relying on the poop I’ve read that was written by so-called experts on the topic.

    At any rate, AWD needs to drop his phony attempt to pretend to be naive about the issue of Syria. He claims that he knows that Syria is a ‘sworn enemy of Israel’ – as if that is something that is worth a popcorn fart, in the big scheme of geo-political politics. Were AWD to spend a little time, as I have, peering into the jewish Talmud – he would be aware of the fact that ALL gentile nations are seen as the ‘sworn enemies of Israel’. Which means, all of the gentile nations of the world are on Israel’s hit list.

    Including the United States of Amerikwa.

    • “My level of patience with AWD and the rest of the gang who visit this website, with regards to trying to discern why it is that they cannot ‘see’ the big picture – grows increasingly thin.”

      Yet here you are, still trying to get everyone to buy into your theories and having little hissy fits when no one listens.

      How very sad.

    • Off your medication’s again aren’t you Tucker?

    • Tucker, I have to hand it to you. You are consistent!


      • As a follow up to my earlier comment and analysis, here is a story I found today that ought to demonstrate exactly how bat-shit crazy and psychopathic these neo-con war mongering cockroaches are:

        As a add-on to this article, there is a video posted of a recent interview on Faux News of Sean Insanity interviewing Donald Trump, discussing the issue of what Russia and Putin are now doing in Syria (based on the invitation to intervene by the Syrian government, by the way) and I strongly encourage AWD and everyone else here who to likes to shovel manure on Tucker and scoff at his truthful comments to watch the entire video.

        Notice how he was trying to put words into Trump’s mouth – and get Trump to respond as though if he didn’t go along with the Israeli idea of starting WW3 with Russia, then that would mean Trump didn’t have any balls? Notice also how Trump refused to take the bait?

        These neo-cons are mentally insane psychopaths, and they are hell bent on destroying the entire planet with their blood thirsty psychopathy. And this absolutely loathsome slab of greasy, maggot infested, cuckservative hyena excrement Sean Insanity has been cheer leading for every last one of these neo-con, Israel Lobby engineered, disastrous wars dating back to 9-11-01 – so, I would like to know why it is that the same American public who now hold Jorge Wmd Bush and his disgusting cuck brother Yeb! in complete contempt for lying the USA into this quagmire in the Middle East – why are they giving Insanity a pass and still watching this mentally insane, psychopathic treasonous lunatic? Did this turd not help sell and cheer on every evil deed that Bush and Cheney and now Obama have dragged the USA into? Here he is now advocating that the USA risk starting WW3 and trying to bait Trump into agreeing with this criminally insane agenda? How many of this asshole’s kids are in the military? Zero, is the answer I would bet the farm on.

        Incidentally, it appears as if Iran has already sent in some ground troops to Syria to coordinate the efforts by Russia to quash the ISIS bad guys. This explains why the neo-cons and their treasonous media mouthpieces are so hysterical and foaming at the mouth to get the USA to attack Russia – since the USA and Israel have been financing ISIS as a means to overthrow duly elected regimes in these Arab nations, as per the Wesley Clark youtube video confession where he said the neo-cons wanted to invade and overthrow the leaders of 7 nations in the middle east and put our stooges in charge of those nations. Hence, if Putin succeeds in crushing ISIS, there goes the grand neo-con scheme of overthrowing 7 nations in the middle east.

        • Don’t believe many on this site even watch fox news.

        • Tucker, if you’d read my posts rather than just the titles you’d know AWD is against the neocons who want to declare war on every country in the world to sell a few more rockets for their masters in the defense industry.

          It may surprise you after all the names you call me that I believe Israel should defend itself without US assistance. And without US limitations on their actions. I realize you hate Jews but even you have to agree that no country should sit idle while rockets are lobbed into their cities from those sworn to their destruction.

          I don’t watch Fox news. Haven’t in years.


  11. Obama’s standard response to our foes’ aggressive attacks on its neighbors, or throwing their weight around, is….. wait, ready for it….they are operating “out of weakness.”

    Now that Russia has sent it’s military and air force into Syria to help Assad, Obama and his administration claim Russia acted out of weakness.

    “Mr Putin had to go into Syria not out of strength but out of weakness, because his client, Mr Assad, was crumbling and it was insufficient for him simply to send them arms and money. Now he’s got to put in his own planes and pilots. Iran and Assad make up Putin’s coalition at the moment. The rest of the world makes up ours. So, these are hard challenges, they are ones we are going to continue to pursue.” He predicts Russia will get into a quagmire.

    The line gets as old and tired as any of Obama’s tactics do. But its the standard line whenever he is challenged that the opponent is operating out of weakness. There could be an incoming nuclear warhead and he’d declare the source is weakness. Hopefully we won’t have that proved. At least now every enemy and ally of ours knows what the verbal response will be.

    Putin invaded Crimea, Obama said he was acting out of weakness. Russia bullies its neighbors and Obama defines it as weakness. Once in a while, Obama could try a new script. Change it up a bit at least.

    And when Romney suggested Russia is still a threat and a foe, Obama said the 80’s called and wants their foreign policy back. But Obama’s foreign policy, if you can call it one, is making such great strides isn’t it? Right after Putin annexed Crimea he set his sights on Ukraine. Evidently feeling weaker than ever, he injected Russia there.

    Sure desperate people do terrible things. But opportunists are willing and ready to seize an advantage at the proper moment, for maximum gain. That someone gives and creates those opportunities for them is an egregious error.

    In March 2014, Kerry ran out to deliver the talking point on ABC’s Face the Nation:

    “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country…. That’s not the act of somebody who’s strong.“ Kerry said Putin was acting out of “weakness” and “desperation.”

    Obama claimed Putin and Russia was “acting out of weakness, not out of strength,” regarding their annexing of Crimea. Countries usually invade other countries when they feel weak. So the script, regardless what Putin does, is to say he’s operating out of weakness. Obama can’t change their narrative.

    Now Obama is flexing his mouthpiece, again. Josh Earnest lectured:
    “Russia is not flexing its muscles when it comes to Syria, but it’s propping up an investment about to go south.”

    Obama said on Putin’s intervention in Syria:

    “I want Russia to be successful. This is not a contest between the United States and Russia. It is in our interests for Russia to be a responsible actor on the world stage that can share burdens with us … because the problems we have are big.”

    Just once, I wish Obama wanted America to be successful. But that could make us appear exceptional, and we all know that we can’t have that.

  12. I might point out that this is much more of a take over of Europe than the middle East. Putin has now positioned himself so that he has filled the power vacuum left by Obama. In one action, he now controls Iran, Iraq and Syria. This will let him be the big man in the area and will get SA backing. Then he controls the oil flow to Europe. It is a great chess move.

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