Trayvon’s mama was on Face The Nation today in a sustained effort to remain in the spotlight to remain relevant after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing her son, Trayvon Martin. She’s all up in arms about the Stand Your Ground laws in America that are…you guessed it…racist..even when studies show blacks benefit from the law more than any other group.

So far, none of the propaganda media talking heads has had the guts to ask Sabryna Fulton why she is so concerned about what happened to Trayvon now when she was absent in his life from age 3 to 15. But she and her lawyer smell dollars in racism and they’re going to keep this up as long as the mainstream propaganda media keeps putting their mugs on tv. They’ve learned well from the merchants of racism like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, MSNBC and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Watch this lunacy if you can. I still have to laugh when I’m reminded Al Sharpton has a tv show!

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On Face The Nation, Fulton and her attorney Benjamin Crump also criticized New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” law. The vast majority of violent crime in New York City (as well as in America) comes from the black community. New York’s “Stop and Frisk” law resulted in blacks and Hispanics being targeted more than whites. Why? Because blacks and Hispanics commit demonstrably more violent crimes than whites or Asians.

That being said, AWD has a problem with any government authority having the right to stop and frisk anyone at any time. Even suspected criminals. We are protected from such by the Fourth Amendment. Yes, we know who the criminals are. But they still have rights and the police must play by the rules. Expanded search and seizures is a dangerous trend on the slippery slope to totalitarianism.

Crump criticized Stop and Frisk saying:

“It actually takes us away from his (MLK) poignant words of, `I dreamed my children would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.'”

Unfortunately, because of the rampant violent crimes of blacks in America, many law-abiding blacks are grouped into the same class as criminals. Black males make between 18-49 make up 3% of the population but commit over 51% of violent crimes and murder. Is it not prudent to view any black male between 18-49 with suspicion and caution over Asian males between 18-49 years of age? Most certainly! How many Asians have killed white people in the name of Trayvon? Or Mao Tse Tung? Or anyone else for that matter?

What this racial profiling debate comes down to is this. Blacks like the NAACP and their leftist ilk demand that blacks receive the same benefit of the doubt regarding violent crime as other racial groups even when blacks commit the vast majority. This is akin to saying, I’ll step over that rattlesnake because I bet he won’t bite me. Maybe he’s a peaceful rattlesnake.

Here’s the deal. Stereotypes, while unpopular and offensive to the ever-offended politically correct world, are usually rooted in truth. For example, think about the stereotypes of these groups:

  • Mormons – large families, good neighbors, don’t smoke or drink, strange religious beliefs
  • Muslims – violent repressive cult that kills or destroys everything it comes into contact with
  • Texans – independent, conservative patriots who believe in the Constitution
  • New Yorkers – gay
  • Feminists – ugly
  • Blacks – under-performers with a propensity for violence

The truth liberals and politically correct conservatives don’t want to admit but there is a great amount of truth in each of these stereotypes.  Certainly there are exceptions to these stereotypes. Is every New Yorker gay?  No.  They’re at least bi-sexual.  Is every Texan a patriot?  No, we have New York transplants in Austin.  Are all feminists ugly?  Yes, they are!

Here’s the rub with the NAACP and their ilk and reality.  Blacks don’t get the same benefit of doubt as Mormons because Mormons don’t usually commit crimes in large numbers.  If blacks want to be given the same respect as other groups when it comes to suspicions, they must earn it.  Instead of whining against the logic and reason for blacks being viewed suspiciously by society (even Jesse Jackson), they should criticize the sizable criminal element in their community that causes the suspicion.  Their self-serving whining goes against the logic of self-preservation.  Political correctness is an insult to logic and reason. PC is the converse of intelligence.

Another thing that needs to be cleared up is the left’s version of reality that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black and he wasn’t committing a crime.  Their disingenuous mantra is he was killed because he was black and wearing a hoodie.  The truth is he was under suspicion because criminals fitting his exact description had broken into homes in that very gated community several times over the years.  If he was profiled, it was because of blacks wearing hoodies who proved themselves to be criminals in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood.

No, Trayvon wasn’t killed for walking through the neighborhood as his money-grubbing family purports.  Walking through the neighborhood wasn’t a crime.  But he committed a crime when he physically attacked George Zimmerman and bashed in his face while banging his head on the concrete.  Zimmerman did what any rational person would have done in that circumstance.  He shot his attacker to save his life.

After watching that abortion of a trial, we see how political correctness and black liberals have the power to rape our system of justice in America.  The evidence presented at the trial by the prosecution was laughable at best.  The hiding of evidence from the defense should result in disbarment and prison time for the district attorney.

If blacks are viewed negatively by society, it is because their actions have taught society to fear them. When black youth begin escorting old ladies across the road instead of shooting them and stealing their purses, Americans will stop profiling them as criminals. When blacks act like a pair of Mormon missionaries, they will be afforded the same treatment. People might still avoid them as they do Mormon missionaries but it won’t because they’re worried about being the victim of crime.

No one is forcing blacks to commit violent crimes. Some like the NAACP, MSNBC and Democrats support the violence committed by blacks by consistently making excuses for it. AWD has asked this question numerous times over the years and no leftist has yet to answer: Wouldn’t the black community and America be much better off if black males, who make up 3% of the population, would commit only 3% of murders and violent crimes and not 51%? If one utilizes logic and reason to answer instead of political correctness, the answers are quite simple.

Black America would be much better off listening to reasonable black voices who call for responsibility and civil behavior from their community instead of the race-baiters who make their living off of crying racism. There is a great many blacks who have broken the chains of ignorance in their community and live peaceful, productive lives away from the nightmare that occurs daily in America’s black ghettos.

Was Trayvon Martin Martin Luther King’s dream? Because Trayvon was just another American nightmare to society.


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