Letter from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama


Barry Soetoro

Who you calling "towel-head"?

Dear Barack,

How are the wife and kids?  Are you getting a chance to relax now and then with your busy schedule?  I’m sure you are, what with making the remnants of the ‘Choom Gang’ cabinet members and all.

I just wanted to remind you of a promise you made to me before this whole thing began.  Do you remember that day when you decided to run for Senate?  You said:

“Barry, let me be clear.  I want you to take my birth certificate, this carton of cigarettes, my college records, and my turban and hide in this closet until the start of my second term as president.  This is a common sense measure that has the support of 99% of the DNC.  As a member of the 1%, you have to give a little more. “

I still don’t know why you needed the teleprompter to tell me that, but I digress.

It is almost a year into your second term, and I haven’t had so much as a phone call from you.  I was thinking that maybe you forgot about me.  FOX News, AWD and the Tea Party certainly haven’t.  I mean, you let the military come out of the closet before me!

Anyway, my legs fell asleep 7 years ago and they won’t wake up.  Can you please let me out?


Barry Soetoro


P.S.  Would you bring me something else to eat besides dog?  Thx!

P.P.S.  Allahu Akbar!




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