No, they’re too arrogant (stupid) to realize they have done everything possible to alienate the largest voting block in America (white people). Democrats have embraced every anti-American cause, embraced every foreign culture over American, any and every freaky-deaky sexual proclivity, and refuse to acknowledge the obvious reasons why they are in deep Dukakis.

The excuse Democrats and their propagandists in the Mainstream Media are using to place blame for the death of the Democrat Party? Fake News. Fake News. I crap you negative.

Real journalism has been dead in the Mainstream Propaganda Media for decades if not longer. Newspapers and TV News have been reduced to liberal talking points from the DNC and White House. When is the last time the Propagandists broke a real news story rather than repeating the same, worn-out, old liberal name-calling and talking points? I believe it was the 12th. Of Never.

Now Hillary is blaming her defeat on the (horrors!) “fake news” outlets on the internet! No, it couldn’t be that most of America hates her guts and she’s the biggest crook in American political history! No, it has to be those pesky right-wing extremist bloggers on the internet who shifted American political opinions over billion dollar professional propagandists in the MSM! The only people stupid enough to believe that would have to be liberals! Certainly not any of us “Deplorables” that voted for Trump.

Want to see Fake News in action? Look at these Obama voters who can’t name anything about what was going on in the 2008 election except how much money Sarah Palin spent on campaign clothing. Guess where they got that info?

Here’s the deal. The Democrats and liberals despise free speech. They know they cannot control Americans if they cannot spoon-fed and brainwash the masses with propaganda. They also know they internet has spawned numerous conservative news sites that actually do journalism and not merely spew propaganda. So liberals must do everything possible to discredit the new journalism and prop up the dying old media of tortured leftists. Their chosen name: fake news.

Donald Trump utilizes Twitter (a leftist controlled website) to communicate with the masses rather than hold press conferences with the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc who will twist his words and meaning. Nothing frightens the left more than losing the ability to control the propaganda fed to the population.

Conservatives long ago abandoned the Propaganda Media. More are following as polls show the majority of Americans distrust the MSM.

Face it. Any network that would give Al Sharpton his own program for years is nothing more than a bad joke. Van Jones, Sally Kohn, Chris Matthews, the woman who looks like a boy on MSNBC, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Christiane Amanpour, Wolf Blitzer, George Stephanopolous, Martha Radditz, etc. They are all hard-core leftists and deserve zero attention!

It’s time to turn off the TV set. Not only TV news but the whole mechanism. Quit watching and supporting NBC/CBS/ABC/HBO/etc as they spread their leftist dogma via “news,” sitcoms and programs. Starve them of the dollars they need to run their leftist propaganda-spreading machines. The media is the enemy!

Note: AWD has a Twitter account with over 4,000 followers. I have noticed since the election that hardly any of my articles are shared or receive comments anymore. I would surmise that AWD is on some kind of “fake news” list and my articles are not being withheld to some extent. AWD is an opinion website. We don’t report news but provide our opinions on various topics.


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