AWD read a New York Post article linked at written by a wealthy liberal man in NYC who quit his high-paying job to contribute to society as an inner city teacher. How did that work out for him? Just as you and I suspect.

My year of terror and abuse teaching at a NYC high school

I encourage you to read the article before reading the rest of this post.

AWD is always amused whenever a crack in the veil of political correctness sheds light on the liberal mindset. Often, like the author of the piece, liberals isolate themselves from reality by insulating themselves exclusively with other liberals and those of their mindset. In short, the only opinions they know and/or consider are liberal.

This is not the first article written by a liberal teacher who realizes the abject horror of majority-black public schools. AWD reported this a few years ago:


Ed Boland, the author cum teacher is a wealthy gay man living in New York City. No doubt he would have told you before teaching in an inner city school the behavior of the inner city children is a result of latent racism of the American educational system, white privilege, the legacy of slavery, or some other airy excuse. He still may but what he found is the kids he tried to educate are monsters. Soulless monsters. With every modern convenience they desire paid for by taxpayers. Those kids have every chance to rise above their surroundings but choose to be vulgar, violent thugs.

How have minority children fallen to such low behavior in the past 30 years? It wasn’t always this way. And, before you think all black kids are thugs, guess again.

This past week, AWD met a young black high school teen sporting a decent-sized afro and struck up a conversation. I was curious to hear his opinions as a young black man. I must admit, with the afro, I would not have been surprised to hear the usual leftist claptrap from him. What a pleasant surprise it was to meet him. The young man is the son of two soldiers and had just returned to America from living in Korea for the past 8 years. He was fluent in Korean but he and his parents wanted him to finish high school in America. The young man wants to be an astrophysicist and is thinking of going to college in Houston to be close to NASA where he hopes to intern. He makes all A’s in school. He was extremely well spoken and very respectful. He answered my questions “yes sir” and “no sir.” Obviously, his parents are tremendous people who have raised their son to be a successful, respectful adult.

Counter my experience with this young man with that of the NYC teacher. What is the difference? Discipline is the difference. Liberal victim ideology is the difference. Political correctness is the difference. Liberal ideology is the causality of the black ghetto thug mindset that permeates our public education systems.

Welfare has made it possible to live very comfortably with food, shelter, and the latest electronic gadgetry available. Personal responsibility has been removed from the equation with welfare moochers of all races. George W Bush lost me when he said “illegal aliens do the work Americans won’t do.” Wrong! Illegal aliens do the work welfare moochers don’t have to do!” Welfare is the engine of laziness, ignorance, and personal destruction.

Liberal ideology that provides money and sustenance for nothing has nearly destroyed responsibility, decency, morality, and socially acceptable behavior for far too many minority children across America. Since Johnson’s ‘Great Society,’ the black family has been destroyed. More than 70%+ of black children are born to single mothers.

These children are taught they cannot be held responsible for any reprehensible action they commit. White liberals learned they could buy total loyalty from 90% or more of blacks by teaching them they are entitled victims of racism and buying them off with taxpayer-seized largesse. Liberalism doesn’t raise these kids to fulfill their potential, it chains them to a life of ghetto thuggery. This is not a racial issue. It’s a liberal issue.

The problem with liberalism is the same problem with political correctness. Both refuse to accept facts and data. Liberals are emotional, loud and excitable. But, unfortunately for them, yelling and name calling does not override the fact that liberalism destroys everything it touches.

My guess is the liberal teacher, Ed Boland will vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or any other socialist the Democrats serve up. He will still be 100% behind the Common Core educational/liberal indoctrination system supported by both Clinton and Sanders that doesn’t teach but mind washes . And he will continue to support liberals whose corruption has sentenced the children he tried to teach to a life of ignorance, dependency, violence, incarceration, or early death.

Maybe Mr Boland has realized through his teaching experience that at least a small part of the liberal mindset he holds is 100% wrong. More government handouts and victimology are not the answer. Hard work, sacrifice, and discipline still provide the best chance to be successful.

The problem with liberal ideology is it never works! One need look at the rapidly dying Blue States to find proof. Study the performance of Detroit in the past 50 years. I rest my case. Internationally, communist Venezuela is a step from collapse when 15 years ago it was the wealthiest country in South America.

As AWD has always said, liberals depend on stupid. And they have it in spades.


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