Dudes and dudettes, friends, and trolls, AWD has received yet another email full of lies and deception from a libtarded, PC troll. By reading the letter we can see that said troll has not read this page. And, like most trolls, they see the name of this page and assume it is a…dum da dum dum….HATE PAGE! Why do liberal trolls (LibTrolls) make this assumption. Answer? Because they are liberals. Which means they are morons. Anyway, here is an email the Big Sexy received from Happy Rainbow-Loving Liberal Patriot. Enjoy and feel free to ridicule:

Hello Angry White Dude,

It is unbelievable that in 2012 there are still people like you who spread hate and bigotry. Your posts are full of aggressive and offensive statements against minorities. You have no respect for anyone. It’s quite obvious that you are homophobic, racist, and complete brainwashed by fascist conservative ideology. You are a classic example of why the vast majority of Americans do not subscribe to that type of conservative ideals. It’s not 1959 anymore. Hate and discrimination is not en vogue like it used to be.

You claim to speak the truth, but all that is evident on your website is that you know nothing of the truth. We are a nation that should (and usually does) embrace diversity and freedom. It’s clear you do not support those ideals with your right-wing, hate-filled rants. You attack anyone who offers a different (and more logically-sound) liberal perspective. You say that you will not tolerate attacks and slurs against people, yet you use them yourself constantly (especially against gays and lesbians). Also, you’ve allowed people to comment on your articles using hateful language. Why haven’t you deleted those them? This isn’t about PC garbage, it is about respect. You have none, not for yourself or anyone else. The way in which you attack liberal women, in particular, is quite vile. The misogynistic comments are unnecessary and completely disgraceful. Is it necessary to attack women in such a manner? So what if you don’t agree with their views, they do not deserve to be the victims of your verbal abuse. Only cowards treat women like dirt.

Your website achieves one thing: Inciting violence against minorities. Your rants fire up other white supremacists or “angry white dudes” and inspire them to commit horrible crimes. Look at the tragedy at the Colorado movie theater. Look at the horrible murders at the Wisconsin Sikh temple. Both crimes committed by angry white dudes (like yourself) with guns. If you were truly a person who loves your country, you would cease to promote such hate and violence against others who don’t fit the “angry white dudes” mold. Free Speech is one time, preaching and inciting hate is another.

The worst part of your website is the clear disgust you have for gay and lesbian Americans. You name-call and verbally attack them. You are ruthless and it is unsettling. No matter how many euphemisms you use, your hate is crystal clear. Whenever a gay person expresses an opinion in the media, you degrade and attack them in manner that seems to suggest that you’d want to see bodily harm brought upon them. If you don’t agree with equality, that is your right. But the tone and language you use in criticizing and attacking gays and lesbians is disturbing. Just as I mentioned before, all you succeed in doing is inciting other to attack the targets of your vile rants. You encourage others to attack gay and lesbians, and the consequences can be tragic (in the vein of Matthew Shepard). Violence against GLBT youth is high. Do you really want to add to that? Are you really proud of encouraging bullies? GLBT youth also have a high rate of suicide, which is prompting by the very hateful language you use in your rants. How can you live with that? As the family member of a gay young man, I feel the need to protect him from the intolerance of society. But I know I can’t always be there for him, and it pains me to see the sarcasm and vemon on your website. I know you aren’t the only one who feels that way, which scares me. The disregard for the feelings of gays and lesbian Americans is so profoundly unsettling. Unless you were gay or had a close family member is gay, you will never how painful and destructive this type of intolerance and hate is.

I love nothing more than having a good, hearty debate on important issues. But I know all I’ll get from you arr angry, vulgar attacks and slurs. You’d just seek to degrade me without regard for my rights as a fellow American. So I do not actually expect a well thought-out, respectful response from you. But I do want you to know that I hope your mind and heart will eventually open up and accept the beauty diversity our nation has to offer. I know you hate gays, liberals, and anyone who doesn’t fit your “angry white dude” mold, but perhaps you will, one day, learn to be tolerant and loving of those people you’ve abused in the past. May God bless you.



By the way, this email made my day! Join me in congratulating Happy Rainbow-Loving Liberal Patriot for being the AWD Troll of the Week!



By verbally attacking gays and lesbian, mocking them and degrading the, sarcastically referring to lesbians as “lebanese” and gays as “sensitive guys”, and making rather disrespectful comments about their rights as Americans, you are encouraging that kind of behavior. You are showing younger readers that it’s okay to attack others. Have you read your own readers’ comments? I have, thoroughly. They are ignited by your horrific rants, using derogatory language, and describing the kind of violent acts they’d love to perform on minorities. It’s quite obvious that I’ve read more of your website than you have. Those comments, and your rants, sound eerily similar to those of the white supremacist who shot up the Sikh temple. It’s unfortunate that people still hold such regressive, hateful ideals.


By the way, I want to thank you for posting my letter on your website, ridiculing me, and then allowing your readers to spew their hateful venom. You’ve proven my point. You’ve made a mockery of diversity, freedom, and of my love for my gay nephew (who came across your website and was so distraught by the amount of hate you have towards gay Americans). Instead have having an actual civil discussion about this, you’ve allowed your readers to attack my view with vile, hateful language. You’ve this into a cyber-lynching. You and your readers’ hate knows no boundaries.

AWD response:

If you’re going to express your opinions about what I write or the opinions of my readers, please have the guts to do it on the page. Until then, I will post every one of your emails on the blog for others to make comment. Don’t waste my time.


Here are some examples of the type of hateful comments you allow on your website, even though you claim to not tolerate them. There are way more, but I could only stomach so much hate from your site:

1. Type of hateful comments: Uses homophobic language, suggests I was abused by my father which is an unwarranted attack on my family (who have nothing to do with this), uses a racist reference and suggests I was sexually abused by black men, and more homophobic terminology.

Wow. I can’t turn down this chance to respond, actually this poofer wants me to turn him face down. He needs to buy panties that fit, that way he wont have to go looking for a fight with lame queer commentary, trying to get some attention. He obviously was abused by his father, for that I am sorry, however, get over it and quit having sexual relations with the neighbors cat. I know that he still has that empty feeling, even after allowing a black flash mob have their way with him, anally. No that is not the only reason you were put on earth, its one reason, but not the only. The main reason you were put on earth is for us to make fun of, yo limp wristed liberal….be all you can be. Thanks for playing the victim…..again (Okinawa Marine – August 6, 2012 at 9:57 pm)

2. Type of hateful comment: Uses an offensive term for mentally disabled Americans and people Down Syndrome as a slur

These tards do all of the same things they accuse us of doing. Does this person stand up for conservatives when they are called tea baggers. What about when we are called ignorant white trash. They tell us to not judge, but they judge us. They tell us not to hate while they hate us. They tell us to mind our own business, yet they are in ours. We simply don’t think they way they do, so they cry foul at everything we do. AWD has never promoted violence so to make the gigantic leap and say that those idiots in colorado and wisconsin are “awd’s” is beyond responsible. Why don’t we pin the blame on the idiots who pulled the trigger. What about those oh so tolerant and peaceful liberals who were calling for that child in the you tube video to be molested or murdered. Does he really think his side is full of kindness and charity. (johnny Utah – August 6, 2012 at 10:25 pm )

3. Type of hateful comments: Graphic and homophobic language, unnecessary degradation of gay and lesbian Americans

I really don’t care what gays and lesbo’s do behind closed doors… but they constantly have to throw their perverted rump rancher sickness in our faces, not to mention that they want our youth to believe that two men swapping spite and ramming their male organs up each others rear is considered normal.
Got news for you pal… it’s a perversion.(Paul Bonnichsen – August 7, 2012 at 12:15 am)

4. Type of hateful comment: A link to a photo of an all white cheerleading squad and suggesting that this is all the “diversity” our country needs.This is a clear example of a white supremacist ideal that is being promoted on your website.

This is the only diversity that we need……….. (Bluto – August 7, 2012 at 12:32 am)

5. Type of hateful comment: Uses homophobic and hateful language. Makes a reference to a slur used against the mentally handicapped and people with Down Syndrome.

Must be a moisturizing Prius owner trapped in spandex biking shorts ,a closet demorat. I am sure this parasite is living well off of all types of public assistance that hard-working American’s pay for. This type of libtard is a carrier of the worst strain of the liberal virus. He can never be cured. (7.62X51 – August 7, 2012 at 9:28 am)

– I will be reporting your site and using these comments, plus your hateful rants, as evidence that you site promotes white supremacy and incites attacks against minorities.


I am talking to you directly, the source of the website. There is nothing less cowardly than that. I would love to have a good discussion with you. But the amount of hate radiating from your website is truly disturbing.

AWD response:

Rainbow, if you have read my site, you realize I let everyone from every ideology comment. I don’t allow the F or N words. I would prefer that people discuss issues and not call names. But I post every comment from liberals, homosexuals, etc as well as those who oppose.

I do not stand by comments. I only stand by what I write. You should realize that. I’m sure that many don’t agree with everything I write..and that’s ok. I would be happy to have any discussion you like. As for calling gays “sensitive guys” and “lebanese”, it’s meant as a joke. You’ve probably heard homosexuals refer to heterosexuals as “breeders.”

I have had, and still have many homosexual friends. We also have homosexual conservatives that comment on AWD. But, as you may have noticed, I try to inject some humor in my writings. You have no sense of humor….as with most liberals..unless it is ridiculing conservatives. Surely you have read comments at DailyKos and HuffPo. Do you write them and tell them to tone down their comments?

I would like for you to post your comments on the page and ask to have a dialogue. But when you equate me with the maniacs in Aurora and Wisconsin, you insult me, the page and yourself as another who only wants to describe disagreement with “hate.”

I don’t subscribe nor have I EVER recommended violence against anyone, as you have charged. I challenge you to show me ONE instance where I have encouraged violence against gays. ONE! You won’t find it.


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