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Here’s a chart topper from AWD that ran about this time last year. From what I see, nothing has changed. Libtarded Yankees still believe all Southerners are uncultured rednecks. And most Southerners believe all libtarded Yankees are half-a-sissy, moisturizing Metrosexuals (i.e. homosexual in a metro). Only one side is right. And it ain’t the half-a-sissy boys up North.

AWD doesn’t watch much television. I’m much too intellectual. Plus, I do a lot of hog hunting. That hog hunting thing is for you, liberal Yankees. Because you love to see Southerners as ignorant, backwards assed rubes and rednecks. And, for the record, AWD does hunt pigs. Also clean them, put them on my smoker and then eat the hell out of them sumbitches, too. I also went to hear the symphony at the Myerson in Dallas two weeks ago. As you can see, I’m sophisticated as sh*t!

I’ve noticed when flipping through the channels on the way to the Hunting Channel (one still exists) the plethora of TV shows dedicated to make Southerners look ridiculously stupid. Shows with titles like “Duck Dynasty,” History Channel’s “Swamp People,” CMT’s “Redneck Island,” Discovery’s “Backyard Oil” and “Moonshiners” all pretty much are designed to ridicule Southerners from a Yankee or Hollywood perspective. Not to mention shows like Turtle Man that has a snaggle-tooth idiot who dives into cow ponds to retrieve gigantic snapping turtles with his bare hands. And the redneck Southern rubes always have gorgeous fillies in Daisy Dukes with them as their wives on the show. Yeah, that happens. As a Southerner I see that every single day! Actually, as a Southerner, I’ve never seen that.

Yankees and Hollyweird types put redneck Southerners on TV shows that fit their agenda to portray us all as ignorant morons. These ridiculous TV shows stereotype the South into the aquarium of leftist yankee beliefs of the South, our culture, and way of life. The shows are designed to ridicule what Yankees see as lesser culture. Unfortunately for Yankees, the Duck Dynasty family struck a chord with the America that still holds traditional American values and became the most popular cable show.

Yankees have looked down their noses at Southerners since the Civil War. They seem themselves as the highly educated elite of America. They fill the ruling classes of government with Ivy League educated highbrows who look down their long, pointy noses at the hoi polloi in the South who have the unmitigated audacity to believe in trite outdated concepts like family, religion, the Constitution, love of country, and traditional American values. Why, those backwards Southern men don’t even “manscape or moisturize! Chuckle, chuckle.”

This is why Yankee media types hate the Tea Party movement. They just cannot imagine that any sentient person or movement would not agree with their socialist utopian ideas! How could that be? No, no, they must be redneck Southern rubes who cling to their guns and religion. Oh, and racism! They’re all racists down there! You know, slavery! Yes, that must be it! Major character flaws with those Southern redneck rubes! Because how could ANYONE disagree with the federal government borrowing/printing $3 billion each day to fund non-essential government programs??

But the truth everyone knows but only Southerners will admit is the socialist North and California suck! Upper crust leftists have turned those socialist utopias into blue state economic wastelands. Blue states are bleeding producers who long ago read the tea leaves and moved to the South where they could (gasp!) keep more of their earnings! Blue states have turned into politically correct fascist states where the ruling class passes gun control laws in the dark of night when the vast majority of them have never held a gun! For example, New York passed a law making illegal any magazine (they called it a “clip.” Morons) that held more than 7 rounds. Any Texan worth his Gonzales Flag knows 7 round magazines are not manufactured anywhere in the world. Once the NY rulers recognized this obvious fact, they quickly changed the law where one could only put 7 rounds in a 10 round mag. Oh, OK. That ought to work.

So we Southerners watch the crumbling socialist states with arched eyebrows and ask ourselves “can Yankee liberals really be that stupid?” Experience proves yes, they can. All those Ivy League degrees and not one of them can figure out that high taxes and regulations destroy the economy and jobs? All the while we rubes in the South have a growing economy and growth even in the disastrous Obama years. Everywhere one travels in Dallas/Ft Worth is filled with new construction. We’re making room for those Yankees (hopefully conservative voting) fleeing their Peoples States of Stupidity up north.

As for being backwards, the South enjoys every little thing the oh-so-sophisticated North has except economic and cultural retardation. Ask uber-educated and sophisticated (but conservative supa-stud) AWD contributor RedStaterNYC who ate a “Manhattan quality” (as he called it) escargot appetizer at gas station in Fort Worth with AWD and a few other Dudes during Dude-a-Palooza! I crap you negative. A gas station in Ft Worth has NYC quality escargot. Whatever the hell it is! Plus, we have freedoms Yankees and Californians lost long ago. Try buying an AR in any of those police states! In Texas, the Chief of Police will help you buy an AR!

Liberals (Yankees) have always used ridicule as a weapon. Their Lord and Savior Saul Alinsky taught them ridicule is one of the most effective weapons against their political enemies. So they ridicule the backwards, redneck, racist Southerners who embrace their guns and religion and who are kicking the dog sh*t out of the progressive Yankee hellhole states in every measurement except political correctness and stupidity!

The Duck Dynasty debacle where the Head Duck guy said he doesn’t readily accept poofterism has everyone all in a little tizzy. I really don’t care that much about it because I believe it’s a smoke screen to take attention to the damage Obama is doing to the country. The Duck Dynasty family is rich already and I don’t really concern myself that much with people who have more money than AWD…which is about everyone! Everyone wants to boycott A&E until they put the head Duck guy back on. Who cares?

Want to really hurt A&E and other media outlets of politically correct propaganda? Turn off the @#&* television! Do something cultural. Go to a museum or a play. Or take your child pig hunting. AWD has never seen Duck Dynasty and don’t think I ever will. Don’t care. And A&E can kiss my Southern ass because they won’t get to count me as a viewer. Not unless they start airing hunting shows. Maybe they’ll come up with a gay hunting show! Douches? Meet bags!

Bluntly, Southerners wish leftist Yankee faschists would stay and wallow in the misery their well-educated, leftist educations have created in blue states. AWD cringes when I see the New York or Pennsylvania license plate with Obama/Biden stickers on it. Southerners will gladly clasp conservative Yankees to our bosom with open arms and ammunition supplies if they choose to enjoy individual liberty in a Southern state. But the leftist over-educated/under-smart intelligentsia leftards from up North…stay the hell there! You are not wanted nor needed down here. We will only ridicule you. And we don’t need a TV show to do that!

And for Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s Matt and the boys from 1100 Springs from Dallas showing that we aren’t embarrassed by our Southern heritage but embrace it. Here’s “We’re From Texas.”

Hell, we can’t stop with only one tune about being a bad-ass Texan! Here’s Lone Star Attitude from Jon Christopher Davis. Last time AWD saw Jon at a show, Jon changed the lyrics to say “I’m gonna get a little rowdy and rude, I might even get an AWD tatoo!” I wept.

And the greatest Chuck U Farley song to libtarded Yankees of all time, here’s Ray Wylie singing “Screw You, We’re From Texas.” I can never get enough of this tune! Might have one of the best lines of all time.

“I like the US and the other states, they’re ok.
But Texas is where I want to be and I don’t care if I ever go to Delaware anyway.”

[yt id=”22Mrez7ahZA”]

So libtarded Yankees…suck on that!



  1. American by birth
    Southern by the grace of God.

  2. As a consevative yankee nothing makes me more jealous than AWD braggin about goin hog huntin. I can’t go hog hunting, there aint any hogs up here to hunt. What could possibly be better than bagging some free range bacon?

    • Caegyn, we have more than enough to hunt down here! Feral hogs are taking over North Texas. Come on down and let’s do some hunting. No season, they’re viewed as pests that can be killed year round.


      • Those pests can’t be any worse than some of the congress-critters we have in power…from the head of the snake on down.

      • Texas is the top of my list for states to flee to. All I gotta do is break the chains holding me to NY and some unfortunate red state is gonna get me as their brand new resident. I’m as bitterclinging as they come, so the only part that won’t fit right in is the CNY accent.

      • bargis tryhol

        Yeah AWD…We send our hogs over from Florida to give you boys something to do!
        No lie…The sheriff had to respond to a call that hogs were tearing up the sod in a planter in the downtown area. They’re everywhere.
        I go out and shoot ’em every chance I have. Great on the smoker with a nice rub. Heck I can even pop them from my balcony but it pisses the misses off when I do that.

  3. It’s not just southerners they try to make fun of with certain shows, they do the same with a show they have about loggers too. Makes me furious! – My husband watches them because he’s an old time faller, but I can’t stand to watch them anymore. – They do the same thing with ice road truckers too.

    • Anyone who does physical, outdoors type labor, is an idiot, according to the liberal left. I worked outdoors all my life in a physical job, so I know. The truth is, if we all stopped working at our jobs, the left wouldn’t survive for a week, as they wouldn’t have anyone to cater to them or to look down on. Piss on em all.

      • JMV it does get tiring listening to the pajama boy liberals complain when they don’t even know what real work is. When my Grandpa died my Dad went to work when he was 13 picking cotton…you mean a white boy picked cotton? That will make a liberals head explode. He also spent about 5 years chopping cedar posts to support the family and that’s a damn hard job. Your last 4 words sum it up for me too. Piss on em all.

    • bargis tryhol

      Way back when, we use to display bumper stickers on our trucks that said…’WE DON’T CARE HOW YOU DID IT UP NORTH’
      Now the libtard Yankees that come down can’t even read English and most of them didn’t do anything ‘up north’ except get unemployment and food stamps anyway!

    • bargis tryhol

      Bigtimer…Most of these reality shows are staged and follow a script to a degree.
      There was a show on the tube for a little while, so short in fact I never got the title, and truth being..I just happened to watch it because it was about BBQ…Old Bargis loves BBQ!
      The show’s premise was …a family owned BBQ joint in the South trying to make ends meet and get BBQ delivered on time. The place was a dive and maybe had good Q, but who knows.
      Anyway, they had the usual stooge with no teeth, The struggling owner, and the wife who somehow always ended being smarter than her old man.
      The episode I watched had two old codgers who ‘hung out’ at trhe BBQ restaurant. These were local old men in their 70s. The producers had them both dressed in bright pink 3-piece suits and they were called the BBQ pimps……Geez! C’mon! You could tell these gents were embarassed to dress and act like that but I imagine day wages for a TV show wasn’t too bad in those parts.
      Of course, it played right into the mindset of dumb-assed yokels in the South just wasting air a fitting the sterotype the Yankess feel better having us play….
      BTW Do you know the difference between a ‘Yankee’ and a ‘quickie’? Easy, a Yankee you can do by yourself!

  4. Millennial types like to sneer, but let the lights (and society, in general) go out for over a month and their survival probability goes way down, where the Redneck is pleased with the quietude.

    • 3 days Lazlo, it will only take 3 days without modern conveniences before they go into a rabid, Lord of the Flies frenzy, and start fashioning field expedient spears from shards of their IPhones.

  5. winstonsmithereens

    Tragic that some Southerners – it v. much appears as per this beyond and wholly pathetic article, “YANKEES LOVE TO VIEW SOUTHERNERS AS BACKWARD RUBES!” which hit the superfecta of ignorance and obvious deep seated hatred (“That hog hunting thing is for you, Yankees. Because you love to see Southerners as ignorant, backwards assed rubes and rednecks.” “Liberals (Yankees)”. “Yankees have looked down their noses at Southerners since the Civil War. They seem themselves as the highly educated elite of America.”) – still view northerners (“Yankees”) with contempt and have NO idea in the least of what Northerners, real Northerners, mind you truly are nor see Southerners as……… Simply citizens of the nation. We do not disparage those to the East, West OR South.

    For the record, I am an American, first and last who happens to be a forth generation American, equally forth generation Minnesotan. Yes, I make that distinction. With near silent humble pride. You do not get any further North in the forty-eight contiguous than Minnesota. Additionally, I am not liberal. Not in the least. Nor at all untraditional. I completed both undergraduate and over one decade later graduate studies in the East. I also served in the military (Navy) for twelve years.
    Lastly……. Our family, starting with my late grandfather before WWII have had the pleasure and privilege of close association and friendship with many other families and individuals over decades who hail from “the South”, some of whom have visited us throughout decades to experience our neck of the woods where their money is never any good. They even remember us at Christmas time with cards, letters and photos, sometimes phone calls. We must be doing something right.

    • Winston, settle down. I went out of my way to identify Yankees as liberals with Ivy League degrees. Minnesota is considered the Midwest. I lived in the Twin Cities for three years. I’m talking about the Ivy League elite, Chris Matthews types, not Minnesotans. Uff da!


    • The hate for Southerners started well before the War of Northern Aggression. In fact, that was the main reason for secession and then the war. The North was constantly sending terrorist into the South and trying to reconstruct the government to make Washington a greater power and one they could control to tell everybody else what to do. On winning the war, they started in on the rest of the world. In fact, they didn’t even wait until the end of the war. While they were actively killing our children and raping our women they attacked Japan.

    • Win, he was on the money. I am a nasty furriner from RSA. Met a few TeX and many southerners in my travels. All great without exception. Most northies liked to use terms like dumb, dirty and even inbreed. Give me The south anytime over the college pantywastes with less brains than a sheep anytime.

  6. Americaneagle

    I had to reply to this one……I’m originally from Maine; currently transplanted in South Carolina….Can’t even begin to understand the hatred and animosity exhibited by other fellow Americans……My take is simple……People are falling head over heels for the divisiveness of the PTB by allowing this contrived divide to continue since 1865….As long as Americans continue to be consumed by the contrivances of those currently in power, ALL HOPE IS LOST……It’s time to unite as “An ARMY OF ONE” against the PTB…..THINK ABOUT IT!

  7. I like Turtleman. He’s fun to watch. He could use some dental work, though.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    Liberl carpetbaggers all the way many in Mexifornia view us in the Sate of Jefferson as backward rednecks becuase we want no part of any NAU

  9. I am from Southern Arizona, am I a backward rube???

    Bad luck today, Filthy Harry Reid was in the hospital this morning, unfortunately he is better. Damn it!!

  10. We all love RedStaterNYC, hopefully one day he will move here. Probably after about a year of Bill de Blasio. I was born in Williamson County Texas and will be buried in Bell County Texas.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Arizona has shown the way to keep this nation safe from forgerin crinimals that Obama wants to let it

  12. Yankees are welcome in my neck of the (Atlanta) South…..


    Please refrain from telling us “how we used to do (it) in New Yawk.”

    • lol it would be a lot more like, “Are you guys sure you want to do it this way? I’m just wondering because this is exactly how we did it in NY and that cant be good for anyone.”

      • My experience is that they move South…..

        miss all the big nanny state government programs…..

        then try to turn their part of the South into…


        • I live in NC and you couldn’t be more correct about Yanks moving south and bringing their liberal views.

          What irks me, as you similarly stated, is they just love the weather, the low taxes and cost of living, and the people are so nice but they’ll vote for libtards without thinking twice. And, before long our cities/towns are F’d up with the same policies and ideologies that created the sh!tholes up north they fled from.

  13. Yankees and Hollyweird types put redneck Southerners on TV shows that fit their agenda to portray us all as ignorant morons.

    Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Bill Clinton are Southerners so you can see why this impression is given.

  14. Hey, don’t forget about my homeland, “Idaho” use to be the butt of every joke. Potato farmer etc. Now it’s cool to live there, Sun Valley and all….. Except real Idahoans don’t live in Sun Valley, unless your Miley Cyrus or Al Gore.

  15. iron mike houston

    That might have been your best column yet AWD! I loved the three songs. You are in the Dallas area and I’m from the great Houston area. I’m a Texan fan and I take it that you are a Cowgirl’s fan but I don’t want to ban your site because I’m a tolerant individual.

    I don’t hate gays and I don’t believe Phil said he hated gays but never in the history of mankind has the gay agenda been shoved down our throats this much. I have more than 15 employees and if I have a gay person working for me and was a producer, I wouldn’t care what their sexual preference would be but I wouldn’t go to a gay wedding!

    I did a search for political contributions for the major sports teams in Texas:

    Jerry Jones: Romney $5,000 Rick Perry $5,000
    Bob McNair: Dewhurst $25,000 Perry $5000 and Rick Perry for president $100,000 Cain $2,500
    Texas Rangers all money given to republican candidates $117,000
    Houston Astros all money given to Barack Obama and John Whitmire $55,000

  16. KennakaKeeper

    Even though I’m from New York I really liked reading this post (as well as the replies), But I would to remind you of the one thing in common that both the South and North share on common ground, Pocketitions that could give a rats ass about either one of us…….
    A Faithful Yankee reader

  17. I could write a thesis about your premise AWD, actually I kinda did. I guess it would be hard to be more of a “Yankee” than I. When I go to the battlefield (Gettysburg) I always buy one confederate and one union little flag and place them at what I think are appropriate places. Anyhow, it boils down to belief in the individual vs. the collective in many respects, lumpers and splitters, if you will, and also a strong Scots -Irish influence in many areas that are considered “bitter clingers” both in northern rural areas and predominately in the South. Setting aside very powerful neo-stalinist dogma being spoonfed to almost every student across the US. In closing, a wise mentor once told me, “Wes, you either believe in yourself or you don’t. ” Took me a while, but I no longer care what conventional wisdom or historical distorters say or do to try to box me in. Don’t let anyone else define who you are and don’t let the bastids get you down. You have at least one Yankee fan and friend. Keep doing your thing dude.

    • Wes,
      Good deed at Gettysburg my friend, My family were with Rhodes Division, Doles Brigade, @ Harrisburg Road, took the town of Gettysburg, Lee made a mistake by not letting Rhodes continue the attack the next day.

      • Ga Steve…I go right pass your ancestor’s marker on Howard Avenue at least once every two weeks when I meet my buddy to fish or hunt. He is a self taught expert on the battle and his dad is a certified guide for the battlefield. I have a confederate flag on my bookshelf that I will place by the marker in the next week or two. I’ll take a photo and see if I can link it to this site. My ancestors on both sides were in the battle. I’m still trying to determine where they were on July1-July 3. I have walked the battlefield so many times and it never fails to scare the daylight’s out of me. Antietam is another place where you can feel hell come to Earth. If you ever get up this way you can join in the nightmare. Give yourself a day for Antietam and two days for Gettysburg. I can get you a professional guide for Gettysburg if you give me a couple days heads -up.

  18. Florida boy transplanted 27 yrs. ago from N.Y. (N.Y.C. and L.I.) A small anecdote: While living on Long Island, I went to a gun shop with a friend who had jumped through the hoops to get a N.Y. state pistol license. He happened to fancy a nice Ruger revolver in the showcase. Asked the clerk, a woman who resembled Large Marge from the Pee-wee Herman movie, if he could see it. “Can I see yer license?” in the gruffest voice I’ve ever heard from a ‘woman’. When I decided to buy my first pistol after the move to Fla., went to the LGS and was looking at the 9MM’s. Clerk came by to help me. I explained my limited budget, and smallish hands. He pulled 6 pistols out of the showcase, told me to see what I liked and went to help another customer. I will NEVER return to live in N.Y. or anywhere in the N.E. for that matter. Got my Fla. CCW and a nice collection now.

  19. Spurwing Plover

    Billy Yank and Johnny Reb can agree on one thing our antions being invaded every day by forgein crinimals and the wrost of them lives at 1600 PENNSYVANIA AVE

  20. not all of us yankees think Southerners are rubes(and I am a California yank-the worst kind)I think the guys in all those shows know exactly what yanks think of them and they are playing to expectation.Don’t think they haven’t considered the market and demand when signing on for these shows.Sometimes I think they are going over the top just to meet audience expectation.Those guys are probably laughing all the way to the proverbial bank. “Dumb ass yanks-think we all have no teeth and go round drinkin shine and catchin coons all day…we’ll show em…”

  21. iron_mike_houston

    I just read on the internet the following from GLAAD:

    “We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said.

    It ain’t enough to have him fired. He has to meet with homosexuals and swallow their lifestyle. This is like disagreeing with the government and then the government sending you to an re-education camp so that you can think right!

    I don’t agree this is a 1st amendment right. A&E can do what they want and people can make choices to watch the network or not. The homosexual agenda is being forced down the throats of all Americans. There is absolutely no tolerance with the MSM to have any difference of opinion.

  22. The post above me uses the word homosexual and swallow in the same sentence. From GLAAD.
    Says it all for me.

    Now regarding Turtleman,, Watch it and like it.
    Sure it’s corny at times, but I’ve caught a lot of turtles along Turtle Creek in Dallas as I grew up.
    Gained a lot of respect for them.
    This respect also goes to the Turtleman for groping the bottoms for them!

    Now regarding Yankees, aka living up “Thar”,,,, I have esteem respect as I served with them in the very early years of that “Vietnam Conflict”.
    They came to my aid when I had my hands full !!!!!!!
    Back in my USMS days, great to go there and work fugitive task force with them.

  23. NeverNeverNeverGiveUP


    I think we are missing crucial point in all of the above comments, that is; a “journalist” went hunting for a “target” in order to sell print and commericials. All they want is money or power from people. And if it feeds their leftist rhetoric, even better!!!

    So they keep writing, frustrating people, ….even to ridicule as their god, Alinsky, taught them to do. If we protest, we you know the drill,……….

    The point is they really do want to incite a national riot!! in order to have a bona fide reason for the clamp down that the feds really want.

    We need to call out and identify such reporters as being “Pro Forma Combat Journalists” since their intent is cause more conflict (to start). Time, they to, get to take some responsibilty for the crap they are sligging!

    Does anyone on this site think that the muslins would tolerate such criticism of their beliefs?

    in closing,I am reminded of an old colleage who was a “tunnel rat” in Nam. Man, one tough dude! He told me of an incident duing the War when a well known national TV correpondent was in the country, doing a lefty pleasing interview. My buddy was stationed above, watching him carefully conduct the interview through the cross hairs of his rifle’s scope, carefully fingering the trigger and wondering what to do. Well D R made it back to the States, and went on to flame out his career doing a critique of a former POTUS in a CBS hack job. Both men managed to retire… alive. The correspondent ought to Thank God for the discipline the USMC instills in their warriors. But doubt that the man believes in such.

    ‘nough said

  24. Gracho Marxist

    Ask someone from any Yankee city or state what they are proud of. I bet you they will speak of their diversity, tolerance of people who would be shunned elsewhere, and a mentality that is so closed that cloistered monks look cosmopolitian. Show me a Yankee and I’ll show you someone who has no backbone, has the morals of a snake, and the integrity of a Schumer.

    God I am glad I left Yankeeland 30 years ago. Its a foreign, alien place to anyone who respects what the founders wished for America.

  25. I understand that living in the South, you have your ugly stereotypes of Northerners, but this isn’t the war between the States anymore. What we’re experiencing — even in the North — is the war between urban liberals and rural conservatives. I believe it is being fought everywhere in the US where there is (or was, until they came) low crime rates and desirable land.

    I live in rural PA, an hour and a half each from NY and Philly, and I am a “hick” in the eyes of the urban transplants. These are the SUV-driving, cell-phone-yapping yuppies who move into giant vinyl boxes that crowd our former farm fields — and who then complain about smells from the neighboring farms. These are the anti-gun, anti-Christian, Obamagasmic “we are the wor-r-rld” crowd, who want the fresh air and rolling hills and crime-free environment, and then proceed to ruin all of it.

    Western New Jersey/ eastern PA was a gorgeous rural land just 30-40 years ago, where everyone went to church and everyone had guns, and every town existed to serve the needs of its local farm community. It is gone now. Lost to all the “improvements” urban liberals have made.

    The shows you mention, ridiculing southerners (I don’t watch any of them, by the way), these are made, I’m sure, by the same types — maybe even the same people (we’re in commuting distance to NY) — that have insinuated themselves into “hick” areas like mine. They pick on the south because — true to liberal thinking — stereotypes are easy game. And let’s face it: stereotypes are all they know about people. The shows say way more about them than they do about you.

    We used to hear of “urban blight” in reference to the deterioration of cities. What’s now happening, country-wide, is rural blight, on both the landscape and culture. From the complaints I read from southerners on this site, I can say “ditto” to just about everything. However, it’s not “the war of northern aggression” still being fought — like slavery, that war is history — it’s now the war of liberal aggression, and the invasion is every which way you look.

    • You are correct. White flight made this happen.

    • Northern Illinois is being destroyed by urban sprawl; Dupage County used to be an area with some fantastic fertile land. Now with all these illegal aliens (I’ve read that we have at least 600,000 Mexican invaders alone in the Chicago area.), I fear that the alien invaders and their anchor babies will convert IL to manure. (That’s West Chicano, not West Chicago!) Certainly, Spanish speakers are essentially all communists in their preferences and hence are PERFECT fits to the (Black) Democrat Party. You must do EVERYTHING possible to head off Obama’s amnesty, or we are done for.

  26. imtoooldforthis

    AWD I’m a YANKEE and never have I thought of Southern men as stupid, uneducated or just plain ignorant.

    I have encountered many people from the Southern states and found that the men tend to be well mannered (something lacking somewhat on the Eastern Seaboard)and courteous. I have a friend named Tommie and she uses sign language whenever she speaks to anyone so that she may stay in practice for one deaf cousin. I love her dearly for her dedication to family. My grandmother was a fine Southern lady and while I don’t have the finesse she did I learned my manners from her and my children have learned their manners from me and my grandson on and on. My grandson is such a well mannered boy that the teachers at his school have had disagreements about who will get him in their classes. They forget that they don’t get to choose him because he’s now a high schooler and does get to choose some of his own classes.

    I don’t watch tv either nor will I watch any show that tries to make any male look like an ignorant ass. I respect my husband too much to accept what society does to the white Christian male. I also love him with all my heart. So when you say Yankees think of Southerners as stupid you might want to consider that it’s not true of all of us and at least congratulate those of us that are evolved enough to know the difference.

    • imtooldforthhis, I just updated the title of the post to read Liberal Yankees…

      I realize we have a great deal of PLU (People Like Us) up north trapped behind enemy lines. I beg the forgiveness of my Yankee brothers and sisters who hate liberals as much as AWD!


      • Dudestein
        I accept you gracious apology. Sometimes we feel like Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie and the rest of the boys at the Alamo, or Custer at the little Bighorn. Pray for us as we keep up the good fight. We will never abandon out principles no matter how many stupid idiots there are out there, and they are everywhere.( you can’t throw a rock with out hitting one)

  27. I may be a yankee,(Chicago) but I sure as heck aren’t a liberal.
    I’d love to visit the South someday, to experience southern hospitality, and the food of course.

  28. Glad to have found your site. I say thanks to you and what you have expressed. All too often of late I have felt my anger is so great at what you have yourself voiced. We are in the midst of the greatest threat of our nation’s survival. It is people like you and others who have spoken as well as myself and many others unheard, from north, south, east, west who are the only hope (not any elected save a few ) of our beloved America as it was founded. What is the cost for saving it? And how? I see in my heart and mind our options grow limited…

  29. Hollywood put rednecks on TV in order to laugh at them. Boy were they surprised that a lot of viewers actually identify with the rubes and their primitive religious beliefs! OMG, that’s not what we meant! You’re supposed to laugh at Phil, not like him! He’s a redneck, for God’s sake!

  30. Spurwing Plover

    Speaking of Hollyweed their plannig to do a remake of ANIMAL AFRM with a leftissts propeganda twist to it Frankly the pigs are running hollyweed

  31. I’ve no Hogs to hunt,Mr.Dude.
    I do however enjoy hurling disparaging remarks toward my neighbor’s
    I hope that might redden my neck ever so slightly.

  32. I was born and raised in NY and currently live in Los Angeles, and yet I’m a conservative and agree with everything AWD says here. Any time I express my views, I’m treated like I’m an ignorant retard. You’ll embrace conservative yankees who move to the south? Starting to sound very tempting. Maybe my financial struggles would ease up too. And my veteran status would be more respected

  33. And they are correct. The liberals, for the most part, know what they are taking about! Happy New Year y’all!

    • I assure you liberals don’t know what they’re talking about – for the most part.

      I wonder what led you to this site, kynnie. You were probably thinking “Stupid rednecks!” went online, went to google and typed up “backward southerners” and hit enter.

      As an ex-liberal, I know too well of your kind. Your type of attitude on non-conservative sites tells us conservatives a lot about the insecurity of liberals/progs. Arrogant, condescending, narcissistic, cowards and plain old pathetic.

      @AWD: I’m a conservative living in Chicago. I’ve experienced Mobile, AL and NOLA. I’m not sure how the South views NOLA, but I think I might move there one day since I liked it so much. Rural Georgia and Louisiana also come to my mind of potential places to move in the South.

  34. I’m a lifelong Yankee but I’m conservative.

    Y’all turn the thermostat down over there and I’ll join you!

  35. Hey us Yankees hunt too. Where else than the New Jersey suburbs can you shoot a 10 pointer or 300 lb. Black bear in your own back yard. As far as wild pigs go just visit Newark, East Orange, Jersey City, and especially Camden which just won back the title of Americas most dangerous city. Yes my dear rebel friend we have plenty of wild beasts up here only right now they’re hunting us. As far as hillbillies go we have them too. The Apallations run through the Northwest corner of our lovely state and down south in the Pine Barrens you will find plenty of trailer homes flying the stars and bars not just bodies dumped by the mob. And no, the Jersey Devil is not a Yankee liberal.

  36. melanie haddock

    I don’t even need to say anything. Tyler Farr’s song & video Redneck Crazy speaks for itself.

  37. LOL…What an idiot. Your rant simply confirms the stereotypes you claim to hate. You’re about as ignorant as they come, and you’ve obviously never BEEN anywhere outside of your own mother’s basement.

    Believe me, I wouldn’t trade the Northeast, or the Upper Midwest for ANYWHERE in the South…and I can say that, having seen much of the South, and having lived in South Carolina. At one time, I was a disciple of the economic ‘utopia’ that was peddled as the New South. It’s a pile of horse shit.

    BTW…I’m a Reagan Conservative.

  38. Txsecededave

    Right smack dab on the money, AWD. I’m in Denton county, north Texas. Lobe your writin, man. “But the leftist over-educated/under-smart intelligentsia leftards from up North…stay the hell there! You are not wanted nor needed down here.”. Couldn’t of said it better. Me and my daughters hunt and shoot on the family farm here. No hogs…yet. Deer and turkey, though.
    I’ve emailed and retweeted your articles. Great job!

    • Txsecededave, AWD is just east of you. Going to do some deer and hog hunting this weekend east of Greenville. Glad you like the page. Welcome to the AWD family!


      • Txsecededave

        Sorry about the double post. Txsecededave meant to make an edit, to a misspelled word, to the original and ended up postin twice.

  39. Txsecededave

    Right smack dab on the money, AWD. I’m in Denton county, north Texas. Love your writin, man. “But the leftist over-educated/under-smart intelligentsia leftards from up North…stay the hell there! You are not wanted nor needed down here.”. Couldn’t of said it better. Me and my daughters hunt and shoot on the family farm here. No hogs…yet. Deer and turkey, though.
    I’ve emailed and retweeted your articles. Great job!

    • Txsecededave

      PS… Txsecededave doesn’t watch much TV either and have never watched a full episode of duck dynasty or any of those others that you mentioned.

  40. Spurwing Plover


  41. heads up from a rebel in blue hell these morons are advertising day and night about a southern family of mortitions who wrestle as family for fun cuttin edge tv right there Ill tell you what

  42. and they way we used say it in Huntsvile born American by blind luck BORN SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD
    also we cant wait till the day Alabama shoves that football down the buckeyes throat and pulls out of their @ss just like homo dame last year ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTIDE

    • Right on both counts, friend. There’s a short list of teams that I hate – USC, Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Rutgers (I can’t stand them just because of their name)- and couldn’t care less if they never won another game. So here’s to watching the Tide stomp a mudhole in OSU in the first half, then sending in the subs in the second to stomp it dry. By the time it ends, Urban will be more like sub-Urban.

  43. AWD has written another great article describing the big divide in this country. Let’s face it. We (the South) are our own country. I am tired of being ridiculed by the Northeast and California in film and in the written word. Just like the Germans know,….the winners of a war write (rewrite) history. We Southerners know that also. The northern and west coast film makers find any way to make the South look backward. A friend in New Orleans said when Katrina was bearing down on them and was about 200 miles away, his family and others were getting in their packed vehicles headed out. He saw film crews from the alphabet channels looking to interview people on the street. He said he noticed they avoided anyone dressed well or seemed to have an education and stuck their microphone into the face of the first half-retarded , drug addled street person they could find. Of course the more stupid a person is the more the talk. As they drove off we could hear him expounding on ‘da storm’ and all the Yankees crewmen were laughing at him. Anything to ridicule the South. I think the south should have autonomy from D.C. just like Scotland has in the UK.

    • Carnac 123
      After Katrina some reporters from N.Y.Times? were there trying to get a scoop on the hardship of the blacks, A reporter stopped and ask a black lady if the storm had kept them from their churches, the lady responded Don’t nobody go to the churches, the reporter asked in disbelief why not, the lady say’s We all git r chicken from Popeye’s

  44. Wes the great

    AWD is a carpet-bagging western Pennsyltuckian with a limp wrist among other limp features and foments a geographic divide to draw clicks on this pitiful attempt at a web log. Those of us with IQs above 75 saw through this scam years ago. Why you inbred Southern rednecks support this warm pablum is beyond me. I suppose it has something to do with being just somewhat dimmer than Snake and Michael T. Red stater is actually a Cuomo plant and hasn’t written for a day or two because he is getting an unnamed but very sensitive area bleached.

    Well, we will need a place for the texamexicans to siesta after our dear leader and faux news bring upon the next civil war. You lose again, by the way!

  45. Awesome rant AWD. Thank you. I totally enjoyed it, and although I’m not a southerner, I could relate to everything you said about the snob elites. Chicago has their share of these self inflating attitude bombastic jackasses.

    I also know how to enjoy escargot, even though I live in Hickstown, Fly Over Country, U.S. of A.

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  47. You said it AWD, a Liberal is a Liberal by any other name.

  48. Year to date this Southern transplant logged 32k miles flight time and spent 2 weeks in Vienna and Innsbruck Austria sipping the finest Cognac.Damn how the Bavarians know how to really run a city unlike Yankees.As far as my sympathies ,my great grandmother received a pension from the CSA,my great grandfather was a southern gentlemen and an officer.If only the south could have written that history we probably wouldn’t be in the mess that the Yankees cooked up .DEO VINDICE!

  49. I’ve been to the south twice and loved it each time. Wisconsin is in the process of reforming itself and becoming a bit more free, but I’d move down south if there was a place in the region that wasn’t so warm. I’m used to cold weather.

    Oh and Texas hog-hunting has been on my must-do list for some time now. I’ve got to get down there one of these winters. Also is it true that there is a bounty on them?

  50. I’m as racist as they come (I’m just as ‘authentic’ as this author) and I’m not overly prude, but this is like reader a rap star talking about his rap game and being quite proud of his cultural contributions. I should repeat that sentence again. Maybe a third time after that. I guess like a rap screed, the main ‘selling’ point of the essay is it’s ‘authenticity’.

  51. Robert S Moulds

    The rednecks brings this about on himself unlike highclass southern in romantic homes sipping sweet tea being polite even to Yankees like myself oh wait I’m from Canada north of New England. Poor southern white have themselves to blame thuggery such as lychings, cross burnings carrying guns and knives into corner stores and wearing camo cargo shorts with crocs have ruined your image not the stars and bars based on the ST Andrews cross . Beides Larry the cable guy is satire he was born in Nebraska which was not a confederate state during the civil war you dumb crackers.

    • Dude, try punctuation. It will help those of us who can read decipher your ignorant ramblings. I’ve read two of your posts, and I still don’t know what in the hell you are trying to say.

  52. white southerners are just as bad if not worse than negroes.

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