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Liberalism is a Quasi-Religious Cult



How’s this for a definition of the Left? From my favorite author Charles Bukowski-“Everybody trying to show how good they are, how much they know, how much they feel, Jesus, listen kid, I am not anti-human, I am not pro-war, but listening to these (people) it’s like eating a bucket of cake icing.”

So, I’m motoring down the road here in L.A. and I see this little cheapy billboard with Bill Maher’s ghastly kisser on it saying something like “Let’s Make America Sane Again.” Well, I tell you, I was forced to immediately pull over, quickly hopped out of the car and promptly and unceremoniously threw-up all over a nicely dressed man in a 2,000 dollar Brooks Brothers suit. Damn I hate that. He was pretty darn mad and said he was going to sue me but when I pointed to Maher’s monstrosity, he smiled, said he understood and walked on.

I always wonder how you can breach the skulls of the leftists, these icing-chugging, prissy, wittle special snowflakes that flit around constantly trying to show the world how moral and intelligent they are. Perhaps if they were given electric shock down at the local power plant it might help (A risk I’m willing to take.) Then you could quickly try to wedge some sanity in there somehow, maybe.

Liberalism has without any doubt become the world’s new religion. At one time people were accused of wrapping themselves in the Bible, then the flag, well now they wrap or should I say dump buckets of icing on their heads (always a sickening vanilla) and go out preaching the golden gospel of leftism. (If you stand close enough, their words might even give you a suntan, wowwee!)

Maher must have been snorting epoxy one night because he said something actually bright. He commented on how going to college campuses these days you’ll find all kinds of politically correct types who will shout down anything that doesn’t fit their little cloistered fairy-tale world. He then talked about people patting themselves on the back. I always remember that. Because that is exactly what all of so-called mainstream liberalism does a s well. It’s not just these distal dormfuls of dumbed-down dolts, it’s what all leftism is. This is what the whole box of bouncy baloney is about. The back-patter crowd. I tell you, I’m not an inventor, but if you are, just invent a portable battery-powered back patter and market to all of these maniacs out here in California. You’ll be rich over night. Maher would have two. One for each shoulder and probably one down the front of his pants. (Come to think of it, I might too.)

Liberalism, leftism is a quasi-religious cult, filled with people who believe that they are our moral leaders. They say things like, “They are smarter than the Right” (A survey done by a leftist proves it, you see.) Clown-sticks like Obama say things like “We are on the right side of history (I guess he’s also clairvoyant, maybe a modern-day Nostradamus or a Nostra-dumb-ass.) Man, this is one whacked-out cult.

Watch the liberal, the so-called social justice warrior, the “Oh let’s return the world to sanity” whiners. Watch their eyes if you can bear it. You’ll see that they’re never on the poor, repressed, downtrodden legions they claim to represent. Both of their beady little eyes will always be fixed in the nearest mirror or perhaps camera that is nearby.

There’s also a little bit of pop-psychology in here too. There really isn’t anything intelligent about their whining, it’s all emotionalism designed to make them feel better. (Kind of like TV’s Dr. Swill.) God what a mess they are. They are in fact, the weakest, whiniest, self-absorbed, self-deluded and most certainly self-righteous creeps on the planet. Religious zealots of the modern age. Their good-think will save us all and it will transmute the laws of nature, biology and sanity itself.


If you just keep repeating the chants long enough they will come true! Why? Because it’s just gotta! So let’s all push together. Close your eyes and minds, bow your heads (careful, they’re very delicate), and the reality we don’t like will all magically melt away, if just chant long enough and hard enough…
There’s No Place Like Home…
There’s No Place Like Home…
There’s No Place Like Home…




  1. Quartierleblanc

    Well put. I”ve always thought that conservatism is a political system built around religious values. Liberalism is a religious system built around political values.
    Liberalism/Progressivism/BS ism or whatever you want to call it has many features of polytheism with gods and demo-gods with human faults that MUST be overlooked. The Clintons have evolved into the god-like pantheon of characters and that’s why liberals are having such a hard time getting over their election loss.

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