AWD is heading out to a music festival to throw the houlihan with the little filly for a couple of hours. Sometimes I like to go back and read what the Big Sexy wrote in years past. Hard to believe we’ve been doing all this for over four years now! This is a post from way back in 2008 when AWD was an inexperienced, beginning blogger venting his spleen to anyone who would listen. I saw that 19 people commented….a record at that time! While the page has grown and we have a larger voice, the message of this page has not changed…..liberals suck! Y’all have a great day too!

The Angry White Dude was reflecting on the current state of the US.  How different the political thought and opinions since I was a young child.  I believe that the US is in a freefall both culturally and politically.  The major reason why?  Liberals!

I suppose it is that we have not had a serious enemy threaten our existence in so long that we have turned to fighting ourselves.  Liberals have shown that they hate George Bush more than they hate terrorists. This will not likely change until we are seriously attacked again by Muslim extremists or another country like China or Russia.

Liberals go against every norm or value that made America great.  Here are a few examples:

Homosexual marriage – Who would have seen this coming in their youth?  Most Americans are strongly against gay marriage but the liberals are all for it.

Taxes – the country was founded on strong states rights and a limited federal government.  We now live with the opposite.  Liberals are going to help me with $4 gasoline by taking more of my disposable income!  I’m not Plato but that dog just don’t hunt!  Every time that taxes are lowered, revenue increases to the government and the economy thrives.  Is this rocket science?  It is for liberals!

Freedom – Only last week liberal politicians in DC were arguing the nationalization of oil companies.  The week before, they were pushing the Fairness Doctrine which would limit conservative radio programs.  Senator Dick (and I mean that) Durbin, a lib pinhead Senator from Illinois (say no more) actually asked the head of an oil company “why are you doing this to us?”  This is a question that 300 million Americans should ask the liberal politicians of the last 30 years!  Together with environmental idiots, the liberals have kept us from building refineries, nuclear power plants and drilling our ABUNDANT oil reserves in the US.  Now we are faced with an energy crisis and what do the liberal pinheads want to do??  Raise taxes and nationalize oil companies!  You cannot make this up!

Abortion – I don’t know why liberals hate babies and want to kill them.  If only they were more concerned with the unborn as they are with terrorist prisoners captured by our military.  They have no problem sucking the brain from a partially born baby but completely go into hysterics over placing underwear on the head of a terrorist who would gladly slit the throat of Americans. How much protest have you heard from liberals when terrorists have beheaded one of our citizens? Exactly!

Crime – Liberals have no problem killing a unborn, viable child.  But heaven forbid that some bloodthirsty killer be executed.  Maybe liberals wouldn’t want to abort babies if they knew that they would grow up to be killers!  Look at the many examples of libs running to protest and submit court challenges to halt the death penalty in cases where the criminal clearly committed the crime and doesn’t even show remorse!  They call lethal injection cruel and unusual punishment.  Most Americans favor capital punishment.  I suggest that the murderer is executed in the same was as they killed their victims!

Nationalization of healthcare – Let’s trust the government to run healthcare!  We can all be sick and die together.  Nobody in the USA is denied healthcare if it is needed.  We even provide healthcare to all of the squatters from Mexico who leach off of the American taxpayer.  The biggest problem with healthcare in the US is greedy, POS lawyers looking to make big bucks off of doctors and insurance companies by suing them at every turn.  Lawyers should be denied health insurance!  Our healthcare system is the best in the world.  How many Americans go to Canada for an operation?  Right!  Less than 0!

Multiculturalism – the first warning of a dying country!  The Angry White Dude believes that America is the greatest country in the world.  We have the best way of life.  Yes, our way is better than the Chinese, Russians, Mexicans and Arabs.  America is a great country because those who immigrated in the past became Americans.  America will continue to decline as we allow millions to cross our borders and take from us while contributing nothing.  Multiculturalism is a liberal ideal.  It is not smart.  Liberals are not smart.

Political correctness – Political correctness provides the umbrella that bad ideas such as multiculturalism find shelter.  It keeps people from openly discussing  our problems.  It shifts blame away from the guilty and blames the innocent.  Political correctness is the death of common sense.  For example, whites who do not vote for Obama are considered racist by the media while the 94% of blacks who vote for him are not.  Political correctness is another liberal dream that has become a nightmare.

White men – The AWD blames the treatment of white men in American culture on liberals.  White men started this country, fought its wars, built its industries, paid its taxes.  White men are the only group that is allowed to be ridiculed by the PC culture.  Gone are the days of strong white men.  Now they are metrosexuals, bumbling fools, incompetent, greedy, evil, etc.  There are many posts on this site that prove this.  Liberals have sought to change American traditional values from strong families to gay marriage.  Thanks libs!

In conclusion, liberals have been behind every disastrous change in our culture.  Liberals have sought to weaken families, tax them into submission, weaken the military, kiss the rears of our enemies, take our freedoms, kill our unborn and protect the worst elements among us.  One need to only look at the incompetent leaders of congress today to see that the liberal agenda does not work and never will.

Wake up Americans who still have the capacity for thought!!  Our world is dangerous and we have enemies in the camp.  Who will lead?


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