Liberals’ Detachment from Reality is Complete



It’s no secret that liberals live in a fantasy land. They don’t believe this, of course, because they’re quite adept at portraying their fantasies as “science”, and any contradicting reality as “pseudoscience”. Hence, the more their beliefs deviate from reality, the more they congratulate each other on their brilliance and moral superiority.

Take, for instance, their insistence that the “achievement gap” between blacks & Hispanics on one side, and whites and Asians on the other, has nothing to do with innate IQ differences amongst the races (“pseudoscience!”) but, rather, is wholly a product of evil, white racism. Therefore, we must simply [insert random, ineffectual, typically counterproductive brainstorm du jour here—force bussing to integrate schools, raise black self-esteem, mandate integrated communities, show more blacks in media as heroic geniuses, teach Ebonics, get rid of whites, etc.], and, voila!, intellectual parity amongst all the races!

No amount of failures, no amount of wasted time and money, no amount of bruised and battered naïve white teachers will ever convince these denizens of La-La-Land that they’re completely effing wrong. They want to believe that all the races are equal and, therefore, they’re going to make reality bend to their desires, dammit!

And if it doesn’t? Burn the heretic who points it out!

Well, we seem to be reaching the logical conclusion of such willful disregard of—and hostility toward—reality. When you believe that simply wanting something to be the case will make it the case, then you’re destined for psychosis.

Such was the case with Hillary Clinton, who, once upon a time, wanted so badly to have a war-hero story to burnish her hawkish credentials that her fantasy of landing in a hot war zone caused her to “misremember” the fact that, in reality, she landed in what was a perfectly safe and peaceful landing zone.

Lie? Probably not. Liars lie. Psychotics believe their own fantasies. There is a difference.

Another high-profile case of liberals just making sh*t up and believing it to be true because, dammit, they wanted it to be true, was slovenly pig and incestuous pedophile Lena Dunham, who claimed to have been raped by the token Republican on campus named Barry—until the token Republican on campus named Barry threatened to sue her for libel, at which point she claimed she was using a pseudonym, sorry for the confusion, etc., etc. I.e., she was never raped, but, God help us, she wished she had been.

Not unlike the UVA rape hoax that was reported by the rock-solid journalistic outlet known as Rolling Stone—a story so outlandish it was demonstrated to be an obvious hoax nearly the day it was published, but yet somehow failed to raise even the slightest hint of suspicion from the “journalist” (and presumably feminist c-word) Sabrina Rubin Erdely. What kind of hoax was it? The kind of hoax where a psychotic female wanted a dude so badly that she made up an imaginary boyfriend to make the dude jealous and then decided that pretending to have been violently gang-raped by his frat brothers would be the perfect means of making him all hers. Or something. (What is it with women wanting to be raped?)

In any event, the entire thing was a gigantic and obvious fiction concocted by a clearly mentally disturbed woman and yet made it to through the “layers and layers of fact checkers” of the MSM.

Isolated incident within the hallowed halls of our vanguards of all things fact and opinion?

Eh, not quite. Remember, for example, “Rathergate”? Poor old Dan Rather got himself duped by a charlatan who fed him forged documents meant to destroy G. W.’s presidential ambitions. How could something like this have happened, had it not been for Dan Rather wanting those documents to be true?

And, of course, making its rounds through the chattering classes now is the Brian Williams embarrassment. I haven’t paid attention to the details, but I get the gist: He, like the psychobroads above, made some sh*t up and passed it off as the truth. I.e., it’s not that he’s a compulsive liar–it’s just that he’s a liberal–i.e., one who never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

Typically I feel sorry for the insane, but I feel no such pity for liberals. For one, their insanity is of their own making. But, more importantly, perhaps the most significant of their delusions is that they are more moral, more intelligent, and more committed to “science” than are those who disagree with them.

Of all of their fantasies, that one is furthest from the truth.


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