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The poison of political correctness has seeped deep into the fabric of liberal America. Gone are the days when common sense ruled. When good was good and bad was bad. The days when America was seen as a force for good. When we could want to kill our enemies. When the enemies weren’t Americans! Yes, liberal America is a disease that corrupts logic and reason and replaces it with nonsensical ideologies designed to destroy America.

Case in point. Look at the three recent Muslim terrorist events on US soil. In each case, liberals have refused to associate the attempted attacks on radical Islam when it is crystal clear to anyone with intellectual honesty that radical Islam was the direct catalyst. To avoid admitting the obvious, liberals will invent diseases or alibis for Muslim terrorists. In the case of the Ft. Hood Muslim psychiatrist who went on a hate-filled shooting rampage, liberals said he did so because he listened to returning soldiers dealing with post stress disorder symptoms and the symptoms rubbed off on him. So the symptoms affecting the soldiers transferred to the doctor? Good one! But not nearly as good as the Time Square bomber. Instead of admitting the attempted bomber was a Muslim radical who wanted to kill Americans, they attributed his actions to the recent foreclosure on his home. Thousands have experienced home foreclosure in the past several years throughout America but have not opted to blow up innocents in New York. Of course, they didn’t spend five months in Pakistan training with Muslim radicals in bomb building!

Liberals, however, have no hesitation to condemn their fellow Americans who don’t subscribe to their brand of intellectual lunacy. When asked by Katie Couric who he suspected might be guilty of the Times Square attempted bombing, RINO Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he suspected “a homegrown suspect who might be angry about health care reform.” Of course, that translates into a tea party patriot! Liberal newscasters even said they wished the culprit was a tea partier! Liberals have ridiculed and accused the Tea Party movement from its inception. It’s crime? Calling on our federal government to spend less money than it receives! Even the President refers to the Tea Party as “teabaggers” which is a sexual slang term. But he, nor his administration, will call Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists! Here’s a prime example of the lunacy of this administration and the poison of political correct liberalism:

Listen to that stumbling fool try to avoid a yes/no answer! He had no problem criticizing the Arizona immigration law as racist but had not taken the time to read it. In the liberal’s world, America is bad and conservative America is worse! The mainstream media protects liberal idiots from true scrutiny because they both share the same radical, anti-American agenda. Recently, libtard actor Tom Hanks said our soldiers in WW II were racist and only attacked Japanese soldiers because they looked different from Americans! Guess he forgot about that little thing called Pearl Harbor.

Liberals love their enemies and hate us. Somewhere down the road, America lost it’s edge. It stopped teaching American exceptionalism and started teaching America was a problem to overcome. Liberals started believing traditional American values like patriotism, hard work, responsibility, capitalism and free markets were passe and outdated. Liberal elites ridicule the very principles that made America wealthy and strong.

The Tea Party movement is the last hope for America. If the Tea Party fails, the great American experiment fails. The country that created more wealth and did more good than all other countries combined will become another tired, corrupt socialist has-been like western Europe. If that occurs, we will have let our children down and sentenced them to a life of servitude to corrupt communist masters. I just cannot let that happen. Can you?

Here’s what 50 years of cradle-to-grave welfare, socialist teachers unions and the propaganda media have created. Lovely, isn’t it?



  1. Eric “my people” Holder….it looks like the Republicans are caving in and they wont be cahrging him with contempt….

    we need to target these RINO’s, this disgusts me, the Dems would have already had the Repub AG fired a year ago

  2. SURPRISE! did anyone seriously think anything would be done to Holder or HIS PEOPLE? The surrender monkeys are doing exactly what the democrats tell them and doing what they do best..SURRENDERING their (and our) principals! FN traitors, the list is growing and if what so many of us suspect is going to happen, happens! it will indeed go badly for those traitors. Some of us will be very single minded in vengeance.

    • After reading your post for a while, I’ve decided that I like the “cut of your jib”!
      Very feisty and patriotic.

  3. There’s just something about scum sucking liberals….Sometimes I want to purge our country of this scum so bad I can taste it..quick,fast, and in a hurry with a .44 to the head……….or even a baseball bat will do….

    I can dream can’t I…..

  4. Rock of the Marne

    These marxist and anarchists hate our country…. yet refuse to leave… that can only mean one thing. They mean to “fundlementally transform America” into what they want against OUR will.

    Violence is coming… be prepared

  5. I happen to come across MSLSD and the Racheal “butch” Maddow show….

    Racheal the dyke was was giving her “fake” praise of the troops and how wonderful it was to celebrate the troops this Memorial Day weekend….

    The truth of the matter is these MSLSD bastards hate our troops and are celebrating the desecration of our troops…It’s the damn liberal
    sons-a-bitches that are going to gut the military defense budget…..

    And this lying butch dyke is wrapping herself in the flag trying to make us believe she is in favor of our troops trying to commandeer the patriotic message for this weekend….

    Go to hell dyke…….We don’t believe you for one second…

  6. More from the dyke Rachael Maddow

    Let me count the ways that I hate thee……”butch”

  7. John Henry Eden

    I have no countrymen since Nov. 2008.Just 70 million traitorous Osambo zombie enemies.

    Get angry,White Dudes!

  8. Death to Libtards

    Lying hypocrit Tom Hanks makes a fortune playing soldiers and then badmouths the military. POS rapper Ice-T does a cop killer rap and makes a fortune playing a cop on TV (may he burn in HELL). Michael (health Nazi) Bloomberg makes excuses for trash that would gladly kill him. When are we going to quit paying these fools?

  9. I got thru a minute of Holder, clearly another ‘white guy’ [like obambi]
    marketed as black, to blacks.
    Very anti american!

  10. Speaking of hate thy countrymen:

    (WJLA) — A D.C. elementary school has declared Friday “Trayvon Martin Day.”

    Teachers at Malcolm X Elementary in southeast are using the unfolding case to teach children about social injustice and race relations in the U.S.

    Don’t you just love it when “teachers” poison little kids with hatred.


    I wonder how these miserble worms would react to showing pictures of people walking all over communists flags or pictures of CHE and KARL MARX?

  12. Amen. And again I say, amen.

  13. Holder is an imposter just as Hussein Hope-Change is. Both pledge their allegiance to anti-white Christian tyrants and their socialist/communist agenda! Neither will be publicly chastised by the biased media honchos.

  14. REV Wright

    After “Trayvon” Day, the libs will have “Tookie Williams” Day, followed by “Welfare Day”, “EBT Card Thursday”, and “Sec 8 voucher” Friday.


    A whole week of Obama activites………

  15. Swamp Music

    Dude, I won’t look for that group on Austin City Limits any time soon, they should be on an open post entitled ‘Music That DOES Suck’. Was that guy wearing an amplifier on his back? On the other hand, how would you rate the drummer?

  16. Ugh, watching those smelly hippies makes me yearn to give those sacks of crap a Hickory Shampoo like the Chicago Police did last weekend with their OWS dirtbags.

  17. In case you missed it, HuffPo now has an enemy news section:

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