Ashley Banfield - Stupid Glasses, More Stupid Woman!

Ashley Banfield – Stupid Glasses, More Stupid Woman!

Liberals are, at their core, a one-trick pony. A pitiful, disease-ridden, one-trick pony. They embrace an ideology with a long history of failure and no instances of success. Since liberals are devoid of ideas, they thrive on ignorance and control mechanisms like political correctness. As contained in AWD’s Theory of Political Reality, liberals depend on stupid.

There is no shortage of stupid to go around in liberal-land over the growing nightmare of Ebola. Mind you, King Liberal Barack Obama promised the American people Ebola would never reach America’s shores. Of course, he also promised we could keep our doctors and our health care costs would decrease.

If there is one tool the tools on the left always have in hand is the race card. Black man from Liberia brings Ebola to the US and dies here. Racism. Young thug in Ferguson attacks police officer after attacking a store owner in a theft and gets shot. Racism. Another St Louis black thug teen shoots at off-duty police officer and ends up getting killed. Racism. Hundreds of blacks killed every week by black criminals in America’s inner cities. Racism. If blacks weren’t slaves 160 years ago, those black criminals would be curing cancer.

AWD is in Houston on bidness. While driving to a restaurant in the Galleria area, I was scanning through local radio stations. I landed on a black station accepting calls from local listeners. A black Houston woman spent 15 minutes complaining about racism because the Liberian man died from Ebola and the white doctors and nurse in Atlanta did not. Her explanation? Well, you already know that. One could tell from her language and poor use of English that the caller was not an educated woman. But she spent 15 minutes on the phone discussing the various vaccines used for the various Ebola patients. She just knew the white doctors in Dallas let one of “her people” die because he was black. Her people from Liberia. lol She’d have been perfectly happy, even would prefer, if the cracks had died from Ebola rather than being healed.

My best guess is the black female caller doesn’t have a job based on her conversation and the time she was calling the radio show. I might be wrong. But she has obviously spent a lot of time getting worked up about another perceived slight and/or racism against someone with dark pigment. Better than looking for a job! Nevermind that the Liberian man most likely knew he had Ebola but boarded a plane for America anyway. Too bad he didn’t land in Houston.

The victimhood from perceived racism and hatred of white people in America’s black community staggers the mind.

Once AWD arrived to my restaurant of choice (The Four Seasons to enjoy my white privilege with my man servant in tow), AWD began to peruse the blogosphere for news since I don’t watch TV news anymore. Here is a story that jumped out along the very lines I had just listened to on the radio.

Ashleigh Banfield (the filly with the stupid glasses. No, not Chris Hayes on MSNBC. The other filly) of CNN said this today:

“You cannot rule out the notion that he had no Social Security number when he went to the hospital, and had a strong, thick West African accent. And his partner even said he’s from Liberia.”

AWD will not rule out the fact that Ashleigh Banfield is a stupid idiot. CNN and MSNBC are such jokes, only worthless liberals (but I repeat myself) watch it. And then, not many of them do!

The race card only works with liberals. We on (and in) the right long ago tired of constant cries of racism from libtarded morons whom we equate with gum on our shoe. It will be interesting once Ebola spreads into liberal communities (and it will) and watch them blame the whole epidemic on crackas. They’re stupid like that.


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