Sun Tzu said “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Liberals in America so hate conservatives that they support the importation of Syrian Muslims who seek the death of all Americans, including leftists. Leftists are stupid like that.

AWD has been watching leftists on various social media platforms. Alinsky tactics are being slung everywhere. Bless their little socialist hearts. A leftist acquaintance of AWD on FB posted a Bible scripture that supported helping widows and the poor. This acquaintance has never posted a biblical scripture before. But, as the communist Alinsky taught, make your enemy live up to their own standards. Leftists are nothing if not predictable. Unfortunately, the scripture wasn’t talking of helping savage enemies who seek your death. And America has plenty of home-grown widows and poor we can help instead of Syrian Muslims who would like nothing more than a replay of Paris on American streets.

AWD’s wisdom cannot be found in the Bible because I wasn’t around in those days. Maybe they should add a new Book of AWD after the Book of Revelations to the Bible! Because AWD’s first scripture would be:

Verily I say unto you, don’t let rabid dogs into your house and complain because you get bitten.”

You gotta admit that’s pretty damn Biblical sounding! And makes a whole hell of a lot of sense, too! Think Parisians see the wisdom in AWD’s verse?

But leftists hate America above all and seek any and everything that will destroy the republic, even if it puts the lives of their children at risk. But we’ve seen the results of decades of liberal rule in America. And it sucks el grande uno. Nothing they force upon us works. Everything else is broken. Most liberal programs, like ObamaCare, were outright lies and have destroyed the healthcare system in America that was not broken!

So naturally, liberals, those who seek tolerance for every freaky deaky anti-American thing they can find, seek to bring hundreds of thousands of the most intolerant savages in the world to our shores. Hell, hasn’t America suffered enough with leftist hellholes like Chicago and Detroilet?

Leftists love homosexuals. Muslims kill homosexuals. Here’s an example of Muslim tolerance of homosexuals:

[yt id=”ZYwVAc8aWj8″]

I guess that guy won’t be on a float in the next Syrian Pride Parade.

If Obama wants to bring Syrian barbarians to America, let the liberal Blue State hellholes governed by anti-American socialists take them in! Let them learn first hand the lunacy of their politics once the lead starts flying. Terrorists have shown they don’t respect “Gun Free Zones.” Maybe when the first mall is shot up by Syrian “refugees” or the first elementary school is taken hostage by Muslim madmen they will realize leftists are stupid morons who get people killed.

America is totally divided between patriots and anti-American ideological thugs. One only need to look at the #BlackLivesMatter BS taking place now on American colleges to see the putrid results of political correctness and liberal politics. The American house is totally divided and cannot stand. Nor should it.

Red States should leave Blue States to their socialist devices and immediately refuse to accept the authority of the federal government. Washington is a failed cesspool of corruption and cannot be repaired.

Red States should create a new nation called The Constitutional States of America and operate under the limits and freedoms of the US Constitution. The same Constitution that Blue States, Democrats, and Washington completely ignore.

My tolerance for liberals and their “tolerance” has ended.


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