Do you think Juan Williams was born that stupid or did he have to work on it? It seems he had to work on it because since he was fired from NPR for RACISM, his Fox rants have become indefensible. Devoid of any logic, reason or intelligence. A perfect Democrat in 2012.

I don’t watch The Five. As AWD said in a post, it sucks el grande uno! Hell, I don’t really watch Fox anymore. What a gaggle of morons outside of Cavuto, Krauthammer and Brit Hume. Maybe I’m being a little hard on Fox but I have no interest in the retarded opinions of Bob “No Neck” Beckel, Allen “Skeletor” Colmes, Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Shamu Green, Jerry Rivers, and most of all, Juan Williams!

How does a guy like Juan Williams get a high-paying gig with performances like this? Here he is going at it with Eric Bolling:

Yes, Juan, people die everyday. Others are MURDERED! Like Agent Brian Terry! And they shouldn’t be MURDERED by Mexican drug cartels using weapons sold to them by the US Government. Furthermore, those guns have every appearance of having the President’s and Attorney General’s fingerprints all over them! Has covering the corrupt politicians who share your corrupt ideology trump the truth with you? Of course, it does!

All those soldier death counts we saw daily on the propaganda media have curiously gone away since Hopenchange took office. Deaths in Afghanistan have now caught up to the military deaths in Afghanistan. But no mention from leftists! Because they don’t care about American lives. Hell, they don’t even care about the lives of terrorists at Gitmo they cried crocodile tears over while Bush was in office. Liberals and Muslims do share one common trait. They care only about power.

Juan Williams and the leftists in America don’t give one damn about the rule of law, either. They have shown every intention of destroying the Constitution. What they cannot push through Congress, they use executive privilege or unleash a governmental agency to do their dirty work! At their core, liberals are all thuggish brutes. Obama is a smiling Hugo Chavez, only with better PR.

Juan Williams and his corrupt ilk don’t care that Agent Brian Terry was murdered by Mexican drug dealers. They don’t care that their accomplices are in Washington, DC. They don’t care about the rule of law, right and wrong, or anything else but furthering their corrupt, socialist agenda.

Juan Williams belongs on MSNBC. At least they are honest about hating America. Or at least can’t hide it as easily. Fox should fire Juan William’s ass immediately. Otherwise, they will lose viewers. They’ve already lost my ass!


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