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AWD had never heard of Reince Priebus before he was the Chair of the wussypants Republican National Committee. Reince Priebus sounds like a character in a Star Wars movie. Just as well because, like all good establishment wussypants Republicans, Priebus has embraced the dark side of the political force. He is a wuss-i knight! Another RINO waste of space dreaming of votes from blocs that will never vote for Republicans. But hey! Let’s not let that keep Republicans from alienating conservatives who do! Or, at least did.

AWD doesn’t trust so-called conservative Republicans from blue states. Yeah, they may be a conservative in the People’s Repubic of Wherever but they’re still a moderate, RINO in red states. One need only look to gigantic waste-of-space Chris Christie and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R-D-Whatever).

These days, the RNC is all about reaching out to Hispanic voters who will continue to vote for Dims while ignoring the real, hard facts of why they lose elections. If conservatives had turned out in November of last year, we’d have President Mitt W Romney as President. The W, of course, stands for “Wussypants.” But conservatives are tired of voting for wussypants RINOs. We’re tired of the wussypants RNC establishment. Hell, we’re tired of the wussypants Republican Party! The Party of Losering!

Here’s the deal. Republicans like to act like Democrats, only not as whacked out in public. But close. Republicans will take any idiotic Democrat issue and immediately accept it at face value of having merit. Then they’ll try to slow it down a bit or trim off the edges to make the stupid issue a little cheaper. They either try to slow the issue down or bring their own plan on the ridiculous idea. All they really have to do is kill the stupid bill or issue!

If Democrat talking points become “global warming will slow down if every American chops off a leg,” Republicans will counter that Americans need only cut off an arm to slow global warming. Americans are just out here saying “global warming is about as real as Anthony Weiner’s morals and I ain’t choppin’ nothing off!” Basically, Democrats are evil creatures. Republicans are spineless morons. Say hello to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus!

This week, Priebus was busy badmouthing Steve King, one of the only smart Republicans in the House over King’s opposition to amnesty. Steve King is a solid conservative so of course he doesn’t fit in well with the wussypants Establishment types. King told CNN:

“Last year, almost everybody in my conference would have agreed with me on this immigration issue. And this year, it seems as though after the presidential election, a spell’s been cast over a good number of Republicans, and they seem to think the presidential election was about immigration.”

King is exactly right! After losing the 2012 presidential election, the wussypants RNC panicked and commissioned a study of how they can get more votes and win elections. Instead of relying on the tried and true sticking-to-conservative-values method some Washington think tank sold them a big load of Bull Dukakis! The “experts” hired by the Republicans reported the GOP needs more Hispanic voters muy pronto! Some roly-poly Karl Rove type (who stands for nothing) actually sold the RNC that they should go after a voting bloc that will never vote for them! Just like blacks didn’t vote for them in every past election since the Great Society! Look at every district with a Hispanic majority. It’s blue! Even in Texas! Idjits! Saying “The GOP loves Hispanics” and “Hispanics are our natural constituency” or “Yo quiero Taco Bell” ain’t gonna get the wussypants Republicans the Hispanic vote. Only one thing will. Free sh*t. And lots of it! And nobody does giving away free sh*t for votes better than the Dims. It’s a good thing the think-tank tards didn’t tell the RNC they needed more votes from Al Qaeda or we’d be blowing up about now!

Reince Priebus doesn’t like him some Steve King or any other Republican blaspheming the latest, greatest, unattainable voting bloc! He was no mucho appreciato with Stevo Kingo! But he also threw fellow RINO Mitt W Romney under el bus, too! Why? Because Romney spoke of “self-deportation” of illegal aliens several times during his campaign. Que horror! How racista can W Romney be? Does Romney not quiero Taco Bell? Priebus rebuked Romney saying:

“Using the word ‘self-deportation’ — it’s a horrific comment to make,” Priebus said, in a forceful rebuke. “I don’t think it has anything to do with our party. When a candidate makes those comments, obviously, it hurts us.”

The term self-deportation is “horrific” to you, Reince? Might try taking out your tampon and growing a pair, Ms Priebus! Especially since self-deportation was part of the Republican platform in 2012! You’d think the RNC Chair might know the party platform! There are a lot of things concerning illegal immigration AWD would consider “horrific.” Self-deportation of illegal aliens is not one of them.

Maybe I’d consider the suffering from tens of thousands of crime victims and their families at the hands of criminal illegal aliens in America horrific. 70+% of illegals utilizing at least one form of welfare definitely qualifies as horrific. Over-crowded schools and prisons filled to the brim with illegals is also horrific! Jobs Americans are desperate to do being taken by illegals who have broken our immigration laws to enter the United States and work for cash while receiving welfare for their anchor children is horrific! Pissing off the most loyal voters in the Republican Party to kiss the asses of those who are and will remain cradle to grave Democrats is horrific. Horrifically stupid!

Truer words have never been spoken than when someone called the Republicans the “Party of Stupid.” The past week or so, Priebus has been thumping his bird chest on how the RNC won’t allow NBC or CBS to moderate the Republican debates in 2016. Is this really the first time a Republican ever thought of this? Morons! How many Wolf Blitzers, George Stepahanopolous’s, or Candy Crowleys did the wussypants boys have to see before shilling for Dim candidates during debates before they thought up this gem? Hell, Candy Crowley even debated for Obama in the debate she moderated!

AWD had a long phone conversation before that very debate with the wife of a wussypants RNC type. He was a RNC big shot and still is. I asked her why the RNC allows leftists from the mainstream propaganda media to moderate debates involving Republicans? After all, the Dim candidates during their primary in 2008 boycotted even appearing on Fox News. Why not have a conservative moderator to balance out the socialists? She said, “I don’t know but that’s a great idea!” Whaaaaat!?! AWD should be a damn think tank! So if the wife of a RNC big-wig had never heard the common-sense idea of not letting libtarded moderators destroy Republican candidates in debates, you now better understand why the RNC is a total cluster you-know-what! Wussypants morons leading wussypants cowards!

Reince Priebus seems like the perfect man for the Party of Stupid. Another moral coward playing by the leftist rules of political correctness while driving the RNC bus down the wrong road toward the cliff of losing the next election. If the Rubio amnesty bill passes, the GOP won’t have to worry about elections anymore because the Party will never contend in another. But pass amnesty they much! Hey, don’t be surprised in 2020 to see the RNC calling for sharia law and making Osama bin Laden Day a national holiday!

Reince Priebus is the AWD Libtard of the Week. Congrats and condolences. And we didn’t think the Repubs could do worse than Michael Steele!



  1. How can people take you seriously when your name is Rinse Prius? Wash the hybrid as RNC chairman, no wonder the Party is fading.

    • Ha, my thoughts exactly, what is this, is the GOP competing with Toyota in the car market? The GOP is a very bad joke.

  2. Excellent blog. Hits all the highlights (lowlights in this case) with a well-deserved and satirical sneer at the “party of stupid”.

    After becoming a new voter in the era of Reagan, I felt the GOP was on my side. The fact of the matter is that Reagan was an aberration who had to fight the GOP establishment just to be heard.

    Mr. Rinse Prius went to the same classes in university as Obongo and the other leftists. The GOP establishment hates the rank and file of their own party (pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, white, Christian, free-enterprise, small-govt) just as much as the democraps do…because they were both indoctrinated by the same institutions.

    We watch this bizarre comic-drama play out where the GOP tries to win the hearts of people who have no interest in the party of the rich while stabbing their own supporters in the back.

    The fact of the matter is that Romney could have won ALL the Hispanic vote and would still have lost while only a 2% increase in the white vote would have brought him victory.

    I don’t think Monty Python could create a more bizarre comedy than this.

  3. The irony is that Romney never actually believed in self-deportation. He only ever said it and only ever pretended to embrace Kris Kobach to fake being an immigration patriot in order to win the nomination. Once he did, he ditched Kobach and stopped talking about self-deportation.

    The last time Romney and Kobach, his supposed immigration adviser, had a talk about anything was early March 2012. How do I know this? Kobach told me personally. He knows that Romney used him like a cheap fiddle then threw him away.

  4. I’d change his sign to “Will Work for Food”

  5. AWD excellent analysis of “rinse and repeat”! Like you, I had never heard of this clown before the RNC wussies picked him.
    The insane antics of those people makes any sane person want to throw up!
    “Stupid party” is correct.

  6. RedSeeingRed

    Reince Preibus definately took one too many beatings in grade school. He has a few loose screws

  7. rightwingterrorist

    Not that I think it will make an ounce of difference due to the massive voter fraud allowed, but I sure do long for a coherent and cohesive 3rd party.
    Only refreshment of the Tree of Liberty will stymie the massive juggernaut aligned against we the people.

  8. Brilliantly stated, and precisely written.

  9. The voter fraud was too much for Romney to overcome. Lets not be naive. These leftists are playing for keeps. My guess is that repubs never win another “election” again, ever.

  10. The problem with all politicians is the word,”law maker”. These people think because they are considered, “law makers” they must continue to come up with more and more laws. Despite the fact that there are too many redundant and idiotic laws already on the books. Instead of proposing and passing more laws they should concentrate on enforcement and elimination of idiotic, assinine legislation they have already passed. An in session limit of one month a year would be helpful also with provision for national emergencies.

  11. Instead of the rino’s trying to be like democrats so Hispanics will vote for republicans (which we all know, acting like democrats ain’t going to change anyone’s vote), they should be trying to “educate” them on the failed liberal/idjit policies. Look at Detroit and California. Look what decades of democrat rule will do to a once great city/state. Look at the corruption and do you want your city/state to look like Detroit and/or Mexico.

    Oh, well maybe the illegals want that!

    Anyway, I have had enough of John McCain,Lindsey Graham and the rest of the rino’s!

  12. We need the God Truth and Freedom Party

  13. Love this site!!! Finally someone with the guts to tell the unvarnished truth!!!

  14. “Libtard of the week” ??

    how old are you? is this your third grade journalism homework??

    • Gmoney, have you ever used the term ‘teabagger?’ Or are you another wussypants Repub? Oops! Did it again! Sorry if the word ‘libtard’ offends you. No, not really. Piss off.


      • teabagger/wussypants/libtard/piss off?
        another intellectual giant on the extreme right of the spectrum. does your mom help you spell the big words?

        ps what, no “welcome to the awd ‘communiy’ “?

        • GMoney, is this all you really have to say? Or should we start talking about your mother?

        • LOL you call yourself “Gmoney” which is nothing more than some juvenile reference to “gangsta wannabe culture” and we should take you serious?

          LOL.. NO! Now piss off troll

    • They teach journalism in third grade now?

      Oh Cool,

      Now I know where MSNBC and WAPO get all their employees

  15. I’m with Julie…very glad I found this site.

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