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AWD doesn’t watch too much TV. I’m too intellectual. These days the only show I really follow is Bass Masters. Stimulating commentary on aquatic harvesting! But those “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” commercials? Dayum, Dayum, DAYUM! Would make Jesus cuss!

I’ve never been a fan of commercials but those State Farm Insurance spots are a new low! Lower than Hillary’s server in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here ya go.

[yt id=”A3IV22FJIbc”]

Can’t they find a Chinese girl who can actually sing? And what’s with the old perv fisherman? This freaks me out. This commercial reminds me of a nightmare after a date with a bottle of tequila or three! Who writes this sh*t?

This one, in my opinion, is the worst:

[yt id=”gRS4shfH1Pw”]

Again, this makes no sense at all. A Mexican guy and a Chinese guy (there’s a pattern going on here) eating burgers in the middle of Injun country being attacked by a buffalo. Seems plausible. They have to sing the magic State Farm jingle to be rescued from said tatanka. Here’s another possible solution. Why not start your @#&*ing car and drive away from the attacking buffalo? Instead of being magically transported to their State Farm office, my guess is these two would much prefer winding up in a San Francisco bath house.

Here we get into the typical PC stupid white guy theme. Smart black guy is protected by State Farm while stupid white guy (who can’t sing) isn’t. And could State Farm have used a more stereotypical grandmother character and voice? This is so insulting, I’m considering joining all my illegal alien compadres and simply driving without auto insurance!

[yt id=”v=mBRmlVEvQO4″]

Ohhhhh, how these State Farm commercials put me in jail! For one thing, AWD cannot stand to hear people sing when they don’t have the ability to sing. There’s enough bad karaoke out there to satisfy that desire, if I had it.

I know this post isn’t relevant to what’s going on with Obama, Israel, Iran, Indiana, etc but sometimes I get so sick of politics! Sick enough to watch these crass State Farm commercials!

Hey, I found a Chinese girl who can sing!

[yt id=”iLZrc_jf5XE”]

Here’s a “must see” of three Chinese girls (or two girls and one Chinese hombre…I can’t really tell) singing some gawd-awful mess. Can’t you wait until those sumbitches take over the world?

[yt id=”Wu0O3xHBtLM”]

I see a State Farm commercial in their near future!



  1. Dude, the new Eggo commercial is just as bad. White parents and daughter at the table with dad fumbling with a toaster while they lament that the toaster is broken, and they can’t have breakfast. In walks an obviously adopted Asian kid, who opens the fridge, grabs a sammich out of a box and tosses it into the microwave. The day is saved, the family gets to eat, after the obligatory smart assed comment by Hop Sing Jr.

    So now it’s not only white men who are clueless, it’s all whites who are too stupid to breathe without the direction of some minority.

  2. Geico Insurance commercials have intelligence in them.

  3. How about Wendy Davis doing a Mercedes Benz commercial.


    Hans and Franz with a Chinese Mexican named Chaz doing a State Farm commercial.

    Like the new avatar AWD.

  4. We interrupt this fine post to bring you a word from our sponsor..
    just kidding …yes commercials sux instead we bring you this fine cartoon video..
    it reminds me of the trolls we have on AWD….sort of pest…like commercials..
    thanks and have a great day…

  5. State Farm is NOT your good neighbor. Nationwide is NOT on your side.You are NOT in good hands with Allstate.These quotes are from a personal injury lawyer…Lets face it..Insurance companies are always looking for ways NOT to pay your claim.When they finally give in, you still have to wait a few weeks before the check arrives. Trust me, I know this.

    • I mute most ads anyway. All State should show a big hand flipping you the bird.

      • Joy …………I mute ’em also, wife thinks I’m crazy….Too controlling or some such, I mean how are you gonna know what are the BESTEST ads during the stupidbowl if you mute them….what’s a brutha to do?

    • Lepke……….Regarding Nationwide, I just got a check from a class action suit, something about Farm bureau dues they were collecting then not paying to lower your premium. I had one claim on auto which they act and pay timely. Anyhow, I switched to AAA….. Auto and Homeowners… more coverage at about half the cost, (AM Best…..AAA rating)…..e’ffing ripoffs.

      • Never buy whole life – you can get eight or ten times the coverage with term for the same outlay. The company keeps the “cash value” payments anyway. They only pay the face amount of the policy. You instantly lose your payments to the company… Way to go on your suit, ga Steve ! .. Thanks for the recommendation, Newbie. I need to check out AAA insurance. AAA has always been helpful to me; wrecker, jumpstarts and travel maps, etc. They keep my three high mileage junkheaps on the road. I recommend AAA – real good to me, always polite, pleasant people. The world needs more pleasant folks… We should also be able to buy one blanket policy insuring several cars – I can’t drive but one at a time anyway. They clean up on multiple cars.

  6. Spurwing Plover

    Wonderful Pastacios dumb dancing nuts or the stupid ad with some idiot on his stupid bicycle singing some dumb song AND I HATE THE GEICO ADS AND I HATE LIZARDS STUPID GREEN GECKO

    • Remember the State Farm commercial with the wife seeing the husband making a 3 a.m. phone call, claiming he’s talking to a girlfriend instead of a man at State Farm? Clever ad but what if the sexes were reversed – the suspicious husband questioning wife on the phone talking to some guy – never would air, would it – the old one-way street. Male-bashing is always allowed. This reminds me of the home alarm system
      commercials – the creep breaking in the house is always a white guy. State Farm should return to the ones with the very nice-looking female agent (she is actually a State Farm agent, not an actress). As for muting the commercials, I always walk around, usually into the kitchen when commercials come on – I need to walk more anyway. I hate to sit in the stands at a football game while commercials run so I quit going. Watch at home on big screen TV – it’s cheaper and more comfortable. Basketball moves faster than football, anyway. TV ruined trips to the football stadium. The TV remote – one of the great inventions.

    • carla florez

      And they side with the other driver. Don’t buy Progressive. I bet Flo makes 5 million a year.

  7. Spurwing Plover

    False and misleading ads from EDF over this Global Warming fruad using kids in their lying ads

  8. 30 yr’s ago I won a land mark case before the Ga Supreme Court against State Farm Insurance over some of their misleading practices, didn’t get very much money for my trouble but the satisfaction I got after the courts decision was priceless.

  9. Metlife has two seriously stupid ads running currently….……and this…..

  10. State Farm commercials are racist against whites. Almost all of their commercials have the same theme. Black….smart,….white….stupid; that is what they push. I have state Farm and I wrote them a nasty letter about their commercials and they ignored me. So I am currently checking out other insurance companies and may drop them and get another. I am tired of all of these companies subtly attacking white males.

    • Yeah, State Farm commies are racist, but try to make a claim if ur a minority, You won’t get shyit.. Made a homeowner claim 4 years ago for mother for flood damage, the stress killed her in 6 months, we just settled, they paid only lawyers fees, home still damaged, I smell a RAT..

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Annoying and stupid ads the toothbrush ad with those two stupid toothbrushes rippling their bristles as each other the fruadulent ads from Enviromental Defense using kids to push Global Warming the dumb ad with the dumb bottle flapping its lip and speaking I REAL’Y MISS THOSE OLD RAID ADS the big raid can guy and those screaming green bugs

  12. It’s too bad we can’t get money back guarantees (enforceable too with swift recall) from politicians. All political promises should come with expiration dates. Yes, the commercials all seem to have the appropriate sociology while sending messages to the masses. Whitey and Righty are portrayed as fumblebum dummies, particularly Caucasian males.

  13. The first one is what they are always shoving down our throats.

    The white girl gets what she wants thanks to the always benevolent and diligent black man.

    The Asian girl (stand in for all “disadvantaged” minorities) gets screwed over by the always greedy white man; of course the white man is goofing off by going fishing instead of waiting for call to go help someone, unlike the black guy.

    They hate white people and don’t hide it one bit, but we still buy there products.

    Has anyone seen the new Coors light commercial? The tag-line is “you refresh America, we refresh you”, as an ugly foreigner hits on a pretty white girl.

  14. State Farm is sad and filled with woe
    Edward Rust is no longer CEO
    He had knowledge, but wasn’t in the know
    The Board said it was time for him to go

    All American Girl starred Margaret Cho
    The Miami Heat coach is nicknamed Spo
    I hate to paddle but don’t like to row
    Edward Rust is no longer CEO
    The Board said it was time for him to go

    The word souffler is French for blow
    I love the rain but dislike the snow
    Ten tosses for a nickel or a penny a throw
    State Farm is sad and filled with woe
    Edward Rust is no longer CEO

    Bambi’s mom was a fawn who became a doe
    You can’t line up if you don’t get in a row
    My car isn’t running, “Give me a tow”
    He had knowledge but wasn’t in the know
    The Board said it was time for him to go

    Plant a seed and water it to make it grow
    Phases of the tide are ebb and flow
    If you head isn’t hairy you don’t have a fro
    You can buff your bald head to make it glow
    State Farm is sad and filled with woe
    Edward Rust is no longer CEO

    I like Mike Tyson more than Riddick Bowe
    A mug of coffee is a cup of joe
    Call me brother, don’t call me bro
    When I sing scat I sound like Al Jarreau
    State Farm is sad and filled with woe
    The Board said it was time for him to go

    A former Tigers pitcher was Lerrin LaGrow
    Ursula Andress was a Bond girl in Dr. No
    Brian Benben is married to Madeline Stowe
    Betsy Ross couldn’t knit but she sure could sew
    He had knowledge but wasn’t in the know
    Edward Rust is no longer CEO

    Grand Funk toured with David Allan Coe
    I said to Shoeless Joe, “Say it ain’t so”
    Brandon Lee died during the filming of The Crow
    In 1992 I didn’t vote for Ross Perot
    State Farm is sad and filled with woe
    The Board said it was time for him to go

    A hare is fast and a tortoise is slow
    The overhead compartment is for luggage to stow
    Beware from above but look out below
    I’m gaining momentum, I’ve got big mo
    He had knowledge but wasn’t in the know
    Edward Rust is no longer CEO

    I’ve travelled far but have miles to go
    My insurance company thinks I’m their ho
    I’m not their friend but I am their foe
    Robin Hood had arrows, a quiver and a bow
    State Farm has a lame duck CEO
    He had knowledge, but wasn’t in the know
    The Board said it was time for him to go
    State Farm is sad and filled with woe

  15. Brandon Johns

    “I know this post isn’t relevant to what’s going on with Obama, Israel, Iran, Indiana, etc but sometimes I get so sick of politics! Sick enough to watch these crass State Farm commercials!”

    Why not? most of the morons who appear in these dumbass commercials probably voted for Obama for president anyway.

  16. I need to rant. I really, REALLY hate that State Farm commercial where the guy says he is never getting married only to get married, then says he is never having kids, only to have a kid…and so on and so on. That guy just annoys me so much for some reason.

  17. Indeed, the State Farm commericials, and especially the State Farm Negro spokesman, is annoying beyond words.

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