american flag upside down

What is truly amazing to AWD these days is how the Obama administration and Democrats so brazenly lie to the American people! The numerous scandals that have occurred under Obama are so easily swept under the rug by the propaganda media while the worthless Republicans get sand thrown in their pale, weak faces by Dims on a weekly basis. As if they even care. But no bother! It’s just your country crumbling before your eyes. Welcome to the new America. Hand over your money, keep your mouth closed, watch while every liberty we have enjoyed is rapidly destroyed by tyrannists in Washington.

Let’s face it. America is ruled by the Democrat Party. Even the Republicans in Washington and most state legislatures are Democrats. The very few conservatives in the Senate (Cruz and Lee) are more openly attacked by Republicans than Democrats! Because they are one in the same. The Ruling Class. They talk the talk back home come election time but once safely back in DC for yet another term, are busy kissing each other’s asses and laughing to the bank. There is almost ZERO difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Smoke and mirrors.

Last week, Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma received great vitriol from the ever-offended left when he called Harry Reid an a**hole. OK, so far so good. Reid is worse than an a**hole. He is one of the primary architects of the destruction of America. But Coburn later said, “although I won’t admit it back in Oklahoma, I have a very good relationship with Chuck Schumer.” He has a good relationship with one of the most despicable corruptocrats America has ever known. No wonder he doesn’t want the good people of Oklahoma to know. They might not keep electing him for the next 30 years as they have the last.

Coburn’s comment is not surprising to those of us who long ago realized what the Republican Party is. They are Democrats. And that is why the Tea Party with their benevolent efforts and energy will not be able to turn America around. The Republican Party hates the Tea Party movement even more than the Democrats! The Tea Party’s sin? Calling for the federal government to spend less money than it receives in revenue. How dare they spew such hatred! Nice try, teabaggers! But what chance did you ever have when you sent 43 big-spending Dims home in 2010 and returned the House to the Republicans only to watch the RINO boys elect John Boo-Hoo Boehner as Speaker? Twice!

“You can keep your health insurance and doctor if you like. I will not rest until we create jobs in America. The Stimulus will be tens of thousands of shovel-ready jobs. No one wants to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal than I do. Green energy is the future and these investments will create American jobs. This will be the most open administration in history.”

It’s really laughable. Obama just lies and lies and doesn’t even care anymore. He has the coverage of the media but worse, he has the cover of the Republican Party. You know, the loyal opposition! The tyranny of DC is growing at a rapid pace and isn’t about to slow without some major action from the American people. If they can pull themselves away from Monday Night Football.

The problem with America is the combined efforts of Dims and their blood brother Republicans is they now have created more welfare moochers than producers. It’s questionable if a Republican will ever win another national election. And, if they did, would it matter? As AWD writes, I’m watching Ken Cuccinelli about to get beaten by a corrupt Clintonite, Terry McAuliffe, in VIRGINIA! This isn’t New York! It’s Virginia, which once was a steady conservative voting state. No longer.

One by one, conservative red states are being compromised by moochers and blue state refugees fleeing their destroyed socialist hellholes only to bring their leftist votes to their new homes. The once-great superpower America is in a death spiral yet there is no sense of urgency or even concern from the Ruling Class! How can a country that has printed $3 billion per day survive? How can it survive when it’s manufacturing base is now in China? How can it survive when over half the country lives off of the earnings seized by the falling number of workers? This is not your father’s America!

Think the tyranny will slow? Guess again! The only thing, THE ONLY THING, protecting what remaining freedoms we now enjoy is the Second Amendment. We are ONE Supreme Court opening from that being taken from us! Just ask yourself how Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder will vote to protect your constitutional liberties!

Conservative Americans have no one to fight for us. The few we do are brushed aside and ridiculed by the Ruling Class in Washington. But we have no one to blame for this nightmare but ourselves. We sat by and played fantasy football while the Ruling Class sold us out for their gain. We sat by when the poison of political correctness was forced down our throats. We did nothing as the schools were turned to socialist indoctrination centers. Nor did we act when tens of millions of rapidly-reproducing illegals invaded and produced millions of newborn American ciudadanos every nine months and one day. Each eligible for welfare. We sat by while multiculturists in government allowed unskilled foreigners from every backwards country emigrate to America. These immigrants have no loyalty to America. They are here to also mooch off of the dying empire. Even today, we sit idly by as military officers who have sworn an oath to the Constitution are being replaced by Obama loyalists. The loyalists who will order their troops to one day fire on law-abiding Americans.

We are paying the price but the price will become much higher. Before too long, dissenting voices will be silenced and the remaining American patriots will cower in fear of constant IRS audits, home invasions by Homeland Security goon squads, etc.

AWD is taking his son hunting this weekend. I fear he will never have the opportunity to do the same with his son in the future. The America we knew is over. The curtain started falling long ago when the Ruling Class entrenched themselves in power and sold us out. But hey, it’s not that bad! Dancing With The Stars is on in a few minutes! Pass the Obama Gin!


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