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With an announcement that will be met with ‘huh?’ Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham announced to no one that he is halting his campaign to become the GOP nominee for 2016. The announcement is a huge surprise as Graham was polling at .5% nationally with Republican voters.

Graham tweeted a message of thanks to his supporters:

“Thank you to everyone who honored me with their support. (Both of you) God bless our fighting men and women & God bless America.”

But Graham is not leaving a happy girl camper. He is angry that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are destroying his version of the Republican Party. Graham is a staunch supporter of larger national debt, Muslim immigration, reduced individual liberties, bigger government, starting wars with every country in the world, and being John McCain’s manservant.

John McCain, however, is thrilled Fredo is halting his campaign. He said to reporters:

“Lindsey is smaaaaht. He deserves respect! And he also needs to get his ass down to the dry cleaners and pick up my laundry that’s been piling up while he lived out his ridiculous fantasy of winning the nomination! And he better tell them to go easy on the @#&* starch this time!”

Graham was abrasive at times during his campaign even though he never got to the big leagues in debates. He was embarrassed that CNN would agree to let him debate the second-tier loser candidates only if he would fold up chairs and sweep up after the main debate. But he used his time in the spotlight to call Donald Trump a “jackass” and said Ben Carson “doesn’t have a clue.”

Here’s Fredo’s video announcing he is returning to manservantry:

[yt id=”4k44NsbT-Zw”]

Remember Graham voted for the $1.2 trillion spending bill that added an additional $400 billion to the deficit last week when says in the video that he wanted to retire America’s national debt.

Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham is the reason Trump and Cruz are blowing out the polls nationally. As for killing the Republican Party, Fredo has only himself and his big-government RINO loser, geriatric buddies to blame. Conservatives have tired of the Establishment’s version of the Republican Party. Again, last week’s $1.2 trillion Omnibus bill should be the final blow to kill off the big-government, big-spending, Democrat-lite Republican Party and the relics that infest the GOP.

Fredo? We hardly knew ye as a presidential contender. But what we did know is we don’t want you or your ilk anymore. And please take El Jeb with you! He knows how to fold chairs too.

See ya! Oh, the cleaners close at 7!

And, because you’re not smaaaaht, this image of you at one of Hussein’s (Sad) State of the Unions perfectly sums up why Ted Cruz is soaring in the polls and you’re painting your nails at home:




  1. Lindsay Graham a faggot or not?

  2. Spurwing Plover

    So darn pathetic he is just like with most of these political hacks in the District of Crinimals

  3. Lindsay must have escaped the asylum to think that anyone would vote for him!

  4. I hear from reliable sources that he is” Queer as a purple horse”..He got re elected in 2014 because he had so much money to spend nobody could beat him in a primary.He is only a republican during election years like his boss Mcnasty.Hope he gets caught fagging and the scandal puts him out of office.

    • That kind of scandal would probably help him. The Dems have given us the first openly black President, and the first openly retarded Vice President. They are currently trying to give us the first female(?) President. If that fails, then the Dems would be more than happy to give us the first fag President.

  5. Well, invade the world worked for W, it kept his voters waving the flag and kept them from noticing that he was selling them down the river for 8 years. Really, the Republicans don’t have a domestic program and aren’t about to get one. Their primary supporters are those born-evil white Nazis, they simply can’t do anything that might prolong the continued existence of these people. When you consider most of your supporters to be evil and on the wrong side of history it makes it kinda hard to formulate a coherent domestic policy, that is to say to both get their votes while easing them into the grave. But they’ve done a brilliant job of doing so over the last 50 years. In the old days they had communism to help them, and it’s only natural that out of nostalgia and practicality that they try to put Islamic militants into the role. But these “conservatives” don’t oppose mass migration of Muslims into the U.S. or the West. See what I mean about getting their votes while actually easing them into their graves?

    Besides, most Republican voters aren’t even millionaires! How can one bother with such trash? Much more satisfying to hang around with rich Wall Streeters and politically and culturally powerful Liberals. That way I’ll have a big fat job waiting for me after my political career ends. As John Derbyshire (that horrible, horrible racist!) recently wrote “Tick off the voters, the donors will take care of you. Tick off the donors, it’s back to small-town lawyering.”

  6. Graham was a typical ‘big government’ Republican and would go anywhere the money was. He was not an individual. He was a cog in the machine. He had a gift of gab but he used it wrong and it made him look like a smart-ass (which he probably was). When the blacks and Obama used the church shootings in Charleston to take down Confederate flags everywhere, I remember Graham (a southerner) saying ‘yes, they have to come down’. No real southerner says something like that. Graham’s liberalism really shined that day and we all saw him for what he was; a member in good standing of the establishment. The same establishment that is knocking white males, pushing homosexuals, pushing negroes, and electing Obama. I hope Graham is found beat up in a gay bathhouse somewhere. LOL!

  7. The GIF says it all. Only one of the many reasons I’ll be voting Cruz.

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