Is there a reason for Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham? I mean, except for picking up John McCain’s laundry, what does he do? I’m at a loss. Maybe some of the idiot voters in South Carolina can fill me in. Does he pick up their laundry too?

Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham is running for President. So is just about every other Republican that can pee and hit the ground. There has to be money in it for Repubs to run for POTUS because so many do it without having a chance of ever getting the nomination. Fredo Graham would have a better chance winning the Dim nomination than the Republican.

Fred appeared on CNN (bwahaha) to discuss Donald Trump’s immigration plan. Fredo called the plan “gibberish.” Most of Graham’s voting record has been gibberish. What he fails to understand is it is Republicans like Lindsey Graham that have created the hatred of Republicans in Washington. They also have, through their legislative malfeasance and capitulation to Democrat socialists, created Donald Trump who is smart enough to capitalize on the revulsion that conservative primary voters (and we do vote in primaries!) have toward the GOP Establishment.

As reported at Breitbart:

Graham added that he “absolutely” agrees with changing citizenship based on birth, “After we fix our broken immigration system, that comes second, not first. And you might can do it statutorily, but what Donald Trump is not doing, is embracing a workable solution to a broken immigration system.

We’re not going to force deport 11 million people. This is worse than self-deportation. We’ve got two problems as Republicans, Hispanics and women, and this plan is really just incredibly unworkable, and I think it’s going to hurt the Republican Party. We’re going backwards on immigration, not forward, as a party.”

Uhh, yeah right. What is broken about our immigration system is that Graham and everybody else in Washington won’t enforce it! And he fails to understand that THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER IS PISSED over illegal immigration.

Plus, I refuse to believe forced deportation is unworkable. It’s unworkable only to corruptocrats like Fredo and his wussypants RINO ilk.

Oh, and Fredo says as President he would send troops to Iraq to defeat ISIS. Uhhh, haven’t we already spent enough lives and treasure doing that once? Why not let savage Shiite Muslims kill savage Sunni Muslims and vice versa? Have any of the idjits in Washington thought what savage group will fill the void when America spends another trillion defeating ISIS? No, they don’t care just as long as they can sell more million dollar bombs to kill a goat humper. Their plan to deal with savage Muslims is “meet the new savage Muslims, same as the old savage Muslims.” But they have a deal for the taxpayer on expensive bombs!

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz should use this photo at every campaign stop to remind voters who got us into this mess:

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham is a joke. His disparagement of Trump and his immigration plan will only serve to raise Trump higher in the polls.

For some Music That Doesn’t Suck that seems oddly appropriate for this post, here is Josie Cotton’s “Johnny, Are You Queer?” Or is that Fredo?

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