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Holy f#$&ing sh*t! Score one for Americans for once! The good guys won and the evil are vanquished!

As someone alluded to today in the comment section, AWD is one sorry-ass Nostradamus! I believe I have a perfect record for being wrong on every single prediction I’ve ever made. And I’m the happiest person alive to have been wrong on last night’s election predictions!

AWD must confess to going to bed last night at 10 pm (but not going to sleep..heh heh heh) when it was being reported Trump was down 6 points in early NC returns. I figured if he was down at all in NC he would get wrecked in the liberal hellholes of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Whodathunk he’d run those tables?

I’ll write some predictions (I know, I know) about what will happen in regard to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation of Evil, ObamaCare, the border wall, and Trump’s first 100 days.

One thing he should put at the top of his list to accomplish on day one:

Make it a first degree felony for Billy Ray Cyrus to create any more children! I’d like to kick his achy breaky ass for making us suffer with that thing (I’m not sure how she identifies these days) and dark angel from the pits of Hell, Miley.

As for all the celebrity libtards leaving for Canada. Ain’t gonna happen. Hell, they were all going to leave if W was reelected. They decided to stay and annoy us. It will be the same this time around. But it would be nice if the last we saw of them was freezing in some damn Canadian igloo with Nanuck the Eskimo eating raw fish.

One thing we all better remember is who were Trump’s friends and his enemies on this thing. All the #NeverTrumpers should be banished to clean Hillary’s jail cell and change her Depends for eternity. Mark Levin, George Will, Erick “the human thumb” Erickson, any “Republican” regular on Sunday morning propaganda shows, the National Review pukes, Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, etc. Screw them. Don’t need them and don’t want to ever hear from them again.

AWD will get back with some more thoughts soon but today I have been rejoicing in the unending river of little girly tears from libs after their Queen of Darkness and Nasty Cankles was beaten like a NFL receiver’s wife. My celebration continues tonight as me and a few compadres are trying to find a Democrat to terrorize. We’ve been looking for a few hours now without success but this is North Texas. Maybe we should head down to Austin and terrorize some Mexifornia replants.

Don’t get carried away (and I don’t worry about this crowd) about this “We Are The World every body love each other” horse sh*t everyone is throwing around. Remember the Democrat thugs who beat and terrorized old lady Trump supporters. Or those assholes who stole and destroyed Trump signs. Believe me, Hillary and her ilk would have offered no quarter for us had she won. We should remember the true nature and the goals of our adversaries and rain damnation and nuclear missiles of capitalistic truth on their little socialist pointed melons. And yes, they are our adversaries.

So party on, Dudes and Dudettes! Congratulations to the Trump team, American patriots, and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

God bless America and go to Hell, Iran!




  1. Hey AWD!
    How about a very special Music That Doesn’t Suck post to celebrate this glorious moment?!

  2. Snake Oiler

    The prospect of having to endure at least four years of seeing her dried-out turd face and hearing that dreadful screeching voice was about more than I could bear. That no-good, lying, cackling old hag. Not to mention her motley mob of sycophants and suckos.

    • Snake, as one who’s been around here since the beginning, it sure feels nice to have a victory under our belts finally, no? I was so prepared to be disappointed YET AGAIN. But I guess the man upstairs decided to throw us a life line.

      • Snake Oiler

        Here’s hoping it completely breaks her mentally. If not the Big House – which she so richly deserves – then the Bug House would at least be a sort of consolation prize. Locked up in a rubber room next door to Anthony Weiner. Yahoo!

      • RedState
        Sent you an e mail, had problems with address but it finally worked, (I hope)
        I watched the whole drama unfold last night till 2am till podesta came on and told everyone they were still counting votes, I visioned backrooms full of dems stuffing absentee ballots to steal the election. at 5 am I checked back and was shocked to see Trump won. I just wish Bigtimer was still around.

      • Red, MisterBill wrote and said he wished Bigtimer was with us to enjoy this moment. I’m sure she’s smiling somewhere.


  3. My wife said they’re losing their minds on Spacebook, which marks the first time I half wish I had a profile. We are on the cusp of a nice stretch of prosperity and domestic strengthening, my friends. It’s going to be so *HUUUGE* that it will be undeniable!

    Now that that’s been said, here’s a bit of sucky reality. Barack is going to pardon Mrs. Clunton. Mark my typed words, she’s not getting locked up.

    What I am looking forward to is the initial and eventual Supreme Court appointments, tightening up our borders and deporting illegals, refusing Syrian refugees, and repealing some executive actions. AND NO MORE OBAMACARE!!

    We have some good days ahead of us folks. So good maybe AWD will become HappyWD.

    God bless!

  4. you can bet I am enjoying the whaling and gnashing of teeth from the “left”…..and they are screaming, yelling, pissing, and moaning…..every last one of them……..these leftist bastards are shitting their pants because they have lost the Supreme Court for the next 50 years…….they’re done……..and we have won……………

    I feel so relieved……celebrating with some vodka, and a whole lot of laughs…..the “left” has been defeated……..America will remain a republic instead of turning into a third world shit-hole………

    • did you read the list of useless celebrities who said they would leave America if Trump is elected? They can’t leave fast enough as far as I am concerned. Bet none of them go !! useless ass holes

  5. Angry White Dudette

    Gonna be fun to see what Trump does with the RINO’s in Congress, i.e., Paul Ryan, who wouldn’t support him during the campaign. now he comes out all nice and smiling. Kick him out. Also start an investigation of Hillary that has some teeth. She needs to be in jail. Get a Supreme Court Nominee vetted and wearing conservative robes, repeal Obamacare and cancel Obama’s Exec Orders. Also clean the carpet in the White House before you move in and replace the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., with the one that occupied the pedestal of George Washington. That’s a good place to start.

  6. On Day 1 of the Trump presidency, he can take several actions immediately:

    – Rescind a dozen or so Obama executive orders
    – Announce his replacement for Scalia’s seat on the SCOTUS
    – Retract the Iran nuke deal and reinstate the economic sanctions (even though Obama gave them all the $ up front for them promising to comply)
    – Reinstate the trade embargo with the Cuban communist regime
    – Announce FBI and his new AG will pursue indictments against the Clinton Crime Foundation
    – Hold press conference with Ryan and McConnell detailing 2 things,
    – Their plan to halt illegal immigration and how to deal with illegals already here
    – Their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare-less

    Oh yeah,
    – Announce that Gitmo will remain open indefinitely

    Add anything else you all can think of…

    • Add an American Gulag for repeated illegal immigrants and assign them as convict labor for the more gruling and challenging task of building the wall. Also impose rental fees for their cells, dues for meals, sleeping accommodations and tools as a clear innuendo that that have been given enough at tax payers expense. If they cannot pay it then they will have to makeup for with additional time via chain gangs along side convicted BLM Looters and Vandals.

      But that’s just me being vindictive. 😛

      • Travis Bickel

        I LIKE THIS IDEA! Put the American Gulag down in Antarctica, with a minimum 3 months stay. Then see just how many of the sumbitches try & come back….

    • Hey Jom as far as I’m concerned if Trump just does those 8 things on day one, he can take the next four years off and go play golf.

  7. ‘Tis a pitty Big Timer isn’t here to witness this and join the celebration.

    Anyway…it is done! The dark days of Obama’s reign are about to part to hopefully brighter skies and break the gloom we have been enduring for this long.

    I truly hope Mr. Trump…my mistake, pardon me…President Trump is a man of his word and honor his promises. I’m jaded with politicians and/or very skeptical, that being said however, I’m open to being surprised and even hope for it.

  8. left-wing anarchists protesting Donald Trumps victory all around the country should be arrested, jailed, fined, and lose the right to vote……..and then sentenced to wear dunce caps for one year every time they are out in public…………….if they refuse to wear the dunce cap then they do the year of hard labor in prison …………..

    get’n real tired of these jerk-wads…………

  9. Congrats to the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump. Unfkgbelievable, I thought the elite would steal it. Drain the sewer and put those evil sobs in jail.thank you God. May the spirit and power of Elijah surround President Trump

  10. AWD, this is the best bet you’ve ever lost!!!

    As an Ohioan, I think I bit off all of my nails that night! The ONLY blue areas in Ohio by 10pm were the counties that house the ‘three c’s’… Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Guess what the demographics there are? Everywhere else is pretty red.

    My husband rightly predicted that if Ohio went blue, the fix was indeed in! It wasn’t, for once!

  11. So now Trump is elected- are you still going to be angry? Trump doesn’t seem to be.

    I mean sure there is still plenty to be mad about-but I think Trump is going to play a wait and see game.

    For example- I think he will wait a bit on convicting Hillary. She’s not a convicted felon yet- so Obama can’t pardon her. BUT after he’s gone- Trump can start the indictments. I hope he gets angry then- a cold anger. That’s the best kind.

  12. can’t wait for all the useless celebrities that said would leave America if Trump gets elected to get the hell out of here

  13. America will be great again BRAVO God bless Trump

  14. Reward your friends and punish your enemies.That is the way of politics. Always,this does not change.If she won she would do the same.Appoint a strong AG who will look into crimes covered up by the present administration.Loretta Lynch obviously obstructed justice several times.Put the current FBI boss on the hot seat to spill about what went on.I’m sure he has some evidence to back things up.The Clinton crime family foundation needs to be exposed for what it is.A grand jury needs to be formed to look into this.All laws need to be enforced and no one is above the law.

    • This needs repeating “Reward your friends and punish your enemies”

      The fight is not over it’s just getting started, the protesters are out,

      The accusation of voting for Trump is now a casus belli for a group of googles to beat your white ass,

      Anti-war protester are sure to make an appearance soon along with occupy wall street.

      Expect the Drive-by Media to go into high gear to discredit anything President Trump does, it will look like a wolf-pack tearing into a deer. They will also bring back investigative reporting which we haven’t seen in 8 years.

      And the Democrats along with their good friends across the aisle will drag their dicks on every piece of legislation that changes anything for the better.

      I expect this shit show will continue until we finish it the hard way.

      Trump won and I am extremely happy about it, but this ain’t the time for a soiree



  16. Could it be that we are now Happy White Dudes?

  17. Regarding Glenn Beck… he condemned Trump every single day over the last year. My hope is that listeners of Beck will boycott his radio show until he has vanished off the airwaves.

    • paul b, I have to agree about Beck. I was listening to him today and it’s obvious the guy still hates Trump. When he said he’d call Trump to offer his support, I changed the station. I’m sure Trump has time for Beck now after Beck has called him basically every name the Dims have during this election. Beck is an idiot! What the hell happened? One distinct possibility. He’s a fake and plays whatever part he thinks will do him the best. Kind of like Newt.


      • Beck – that poor bastard – his mind has wandered completely off the map. Likely a result of


        Usually accomplished with the inhalant of choice, silver or gold spraypaint, which is sprayed onto a sock and then inhaled. Silver or gold spraypaint is thought to have more solvent in it, making for a better high.

        The huffer sometimes gets the paint all over their face.

        Huffing causes severe brain damage and seriously afflicted individuals can be seen falling down and bruising themselves.

        This is seriously messed up, but might make a good anthem for Mr. President Trump. He’s a mean go-getter.

  18. Burn the Muslim inspired drapes and anything personal that Obama left.
    Can’t wait until that faggot is gone for good. And may he die from anal AIDS or open lip sores!!!

  19. Read this. It’s so beautiful! Nobody writes like Daniel Greenfield when he’s inspired.


  20. When Battle of New Orleans hero and all-around badass Andrew Jackson won the presidency in 1828, he didn’t seek the approval of editors and journalists who soiled his good name. He ran the office like it was rightfully his. “To the victor belong the spoils,” said New York senator William L. Marcy upon hearing about Jackson’s electoral rout.

    With his schlonging of Hillary Clinton’s overprepared campaign, the spoils belong to Trump. The conservative movement that holds National Review as an urtext won nothing. The hacks, chatter heads, scribblers, fact vetters, pontificators, and number crunchers all served as dead weight. Their opinions have little, if any, effect on the electorate.

    National Review is now an arbiter of nothing. Why not say “So long!” to it as Buckley did to the Birchers a half century ago?

    The Era of Trump begins now.

  21. Super Duper!

    The big questions Trump never asked of the Hag was
    “What the f*** have you ever created?
    What the f*** have you ever built?

    Get the vibe she was running as an incumbent? The bitch didn’t even have an office and it was like she was defending the title.

    Yeah. I kept waiting for him to ask her “you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, what product did you sell to accumulate such wealth? Tell us how you came to be so wealthy.”

    Now THAT is an unfair question!

    “I sold American foreign policy”

    (All wonderful comments from the preceding Taki article)

  22. Nothing short of a Divine Miracle. The Man upstairs is still running the show.

  23. Amen!

    Blister, out!

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