Holy f#$&ing sh*t! Score one for Americans for once! The good guys won and the evil are vanquished!

As someone alluded to today in the comment section, AWD is one sorry-ass Nostradamus! I believe I have a perfect record for being wrong on every single prediction I’ve ever made. And I’m the happiest person alive to have been wrong on last night’s election predictions!

AWD must confess to going to bed last night at 10 pm (but not going to sleep..heh heh heh) when it was being reported Trump was down 6 points in early NC returns. I figured if he was down at all in NC he would get wrecked in the liberal hellholes of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Whodathunk he’d run those tables?

I’ll write some predictions (I know, I know) about what will happen in regard to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation of Evil, ObamaCare, the border wall, and Trump’s first 100 days.

One thing he should put at the top of his list to accomplish on day one:

Make it a first degree felony for Billy Ray Cyrus to create any more children! I’d like to kick his achy breaky ass for making us suffer with that thing (I’m not sure how she identifies these days) and dark angel from the pits of Hell, Miley.

As for all the celebrity libtards leaving for Canada. Ain’t gonna happen. Hell, they were all going to leave if W was reelected. They decided to stay and annoy us. It will be the same this time around. But it would be nice if the last we saw of them was freezing in some damn Canadian igloo with Nanuck the Eskimo eating raw fish.

One thing we all better remember is who were Trump’s friends and his enemies on this thing. All the #NeverTrumpers should be banished to clean Hillary’s jail cell and change her Depends for eternity. Mark Levin, George Will, Erick “the human thumb” Erickson, any “Republican” regular on Sunday morning propaganda shows, the National Review pukes, Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, etc. Screw them. Don’t need them and don’t want to ever hear from them again.

AWD will get back with some more thoughts soon but today I have been rejoicing in the unending river of little girly tears from libs after their Queen of Darkness and Nasty Cankles was beaten like a NFL receiver’s wife. My celebration continues tonight as me and a few compadres are trying to find a Democrat to terrorize. We’ve been looking for a few hours now without success but this is North Texas. Maybe we should head down to Austin and terrorize some Mexifornia replants.

Don’t get carried away (and I don’t worry about this crowd) about this “We Are The World every body love each other” horse sh*t everyone is throwing around. Remember the Democrat thugs who beat and terrorized old lady Trump supporters. Or those assholes who stole and destroyed Trump signs. Believe me, Hillary and her ilk would have offered no quarter for us had she won. We should remember the true nature and the goals of our adversaries and rain damnation and nuclear missiles of capitalistic truth on their little socialist pointed melons. And yes, they are our adversaries.

So party on, Dudes and Dudettes! Congratulations to the Trump team, American patriots, and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

God bless America and go to Hell, Iran!


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