Losing Like a Liberal




Yep, there’s nothing like watching a liberal lose, especially with the numerous meltdowns on the left after our recent historic election. Case in point is the recent anti-Trump riots led by anarchists and cupcake students in a number of US cities.

“Democracy they cry, democracy they get, democracy, they hate.” Just remember that there are two types of liberals, the poorly informed and the highly indoctrinated. Everyone of them is truly insane.

I have to admit that I love to gloat over the mass mental breakdown of the liberal left. Some of them are epic and are rapidly becoming too numerous to count. It truly is reality entertainment at its best /worst. Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Van Jones to name a few are some of the classics. My TV favorite is the one by Donnie “douchebag” Deutsch on Morning Joe. A longtime Trump hater, “the douche” was absolutely incoherent and did not finish the show. On the radio side, Joe Madison, “The Black Buzzard” was simply apoplectic and hardly understandable.

Of course typical liberal antics rapidly flows downstream to the masses. What do you expect from a society/ political culture in which “everyone gets a trophy and no one loses?” But I write about guns and self-defense. While entertaining, you have to ask yourself how does liberal behavior affect my security and me? After all, many of them are antagonistic especially in groups.

Most of them are gutless as well as harmless. The average snowflake student can be scared away with a quick and resounding “boo” shouted directly at them. If that doesn’t work, then calmly and coolly say, “I’m going to kick your shizer eating ass into next F@&%$@ year if you don’t get out of my face.” That will almost always cause them to scurry away to some safe place at the university or into their mother’s basement.

But some of them can be a bit more dangerous. Just remember that the liberal/progressive movement is loaded with persons who possess low IQ, poor impulse control and a total lack of future time orientation. There are now numerous reports of violence toward Trump supporters as well as Whites in general. What’s a citizen to do?

The answers are simple and common sense. (A trait singularly lacking on the left) Many of us might go back to our CCW training where disengagement and avoidance methods are emphasized. Why provoke a confrontation?

I know I said I have enjoyed gloating over the election results but I do it privately or among my conservative friends. I don’t have political bumper stickers and have refrained from wearing my Make America Great Again cap in public. Just remember that liberals don’t have the mental or moral fortitude to take even a smidgen of chiding about their foolish political beliefs. Keep in mind that conservatives win with pride and class.

Then there are the ones who are truly dangerous. On CNN, a Latina woman from LA who was only identified as Lily stated that the following


“If we don’t fight, who is going to fight for us? People had to die for our freedoms while we’re out today. We can’t just do rallies. We have to fight back. There will be casualties on both sides. There will be because people have to die to make a change in this world. Trump, enough with racism, stop splitting up families.”



Hey Lily, where do you think you are? Tijuana? Juarez? And Lily who specifically has to die and who exactly is going to do the killing? You?

No, Lily is trying to instigate someone else to commit violence. She’s much more content to watch the true vehemence on TV while keeping company with a twelve pack of tacos and a liter of Coke. (Liberals love to have other people die for their beliefs)

I doesn’t take much intelligence to know exactly what group that Lily’s vitriol is directed against. There’s also no shortage of those on the left who might act upon her promptings. This is a clique you really need to worry about.

Situational awareness is paramount. Keep in mind these guys like to run in packs and don’t like to operate singly. Avoid as much as possible places they congregate.

But sometimes your best efforts at avoidance and non-confrontation do not work.

IMHO, this is where the new group of small single stack subcompacts/compacts chambered in 9mm and 38 snub nose revolvers excel. They are nothing if not anti-ambush weapons and ambush is the way these thugs operate. There are pro’s and con’s to both types. Ultimately it boils down to how quickly and how well you shoot them. With these types of weapons you really get what you pay for. Also IMHO reliability is the most important criteria in picking one. Another important gauge is if a Crimson Trace grip mounted laser is available for your choice. As always training for speed and at close range is vitally important. These are not plinking or target weapons.

Finally, as we witness the descent of the progressive movement into deeper depths of insanity, look for these types of attacks to not only continue, but also accelerate. Don’t be a victim. The MSM won’t likely report it and deep down they’re celebrating every time it happens. Never forget what liberals truly are. Losers, liars, hypocrites and moral cowards only begins to describe them.

Stay armed my friends.





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