Donald Trump made a campaign promise to “Drain The Swamp” in Washington. He capitalized on the anti-Globalist Establishment fervor that dominated this election as Americans finally figured out they were getting screwed but not kissed by the lifetime corruptocrats in DC.

America’s federal government in 2016 is a cesspool of corruption and resembles a Banana Republic where the political elite break laws and are not held to account by those elected to provide checks and balances to the system. Gators usually don’t put other gators in jail. Or, as Orwell wrote in Animal Farm: All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal.

Trump has painted himself into a corner in investigating Hillary Clinton and her dirty deeds. She, her crooked family and their money machine known as the Clinton Foundation hold a lot of dirty swamp water. So what happens when a Special Prosecutor starts peeling back the Clinton onion? They will find there’s lots of gators with their hand in the Clinton Foundation cookie jar. My guess is Obama, most Republican and Democrat Establishment types, the Bush family, and many more will be uncovered as crooks.

Does Trump have the cojones to put George W Bush in jail? Obama? Bubba and Hill? Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan? John Boehner? Again, how much swamp is he really willing to drain. I promise you the corrupt swamp of crooked gators doesn’t end with Hillary Clinton.

The Globalists who control Europe and Congress are powerful and evil people. Would President Trump survive taking on The Powers That Be? They will not go gently into that good night of not being crooks that seek to control the globe. I’m sure the Establishment would find a President Pence much more palatable. Unlike Trump, he’s a politician.

There’s lots of BS coming from the Republican Establishment after Trump won about working with him to repeal ObamaCare, build a border wall, undo Obama’s executive orders, etc. Don’t believe it. What the Establishment wants is the status quo. They are corrupt employees of a corrupt master and will continue to do their master’s bidding.

Never forget that the Establishment sought to derail Trump throughout the entire primary and general election cycle. They will try to win Trump over and destroy his mandate from those who elected him. If that fails and he sticks to his principles, the GOP Elite will oppose everything Trump tries to accomplish. Remember, the Establishment voted for Hillary.

I wish the best to President Trump. He is about to enter an arena where he will be in direct contact to the most corrupt, evil, disgusting people on Earth. I’m talking about Congress. And their ambition and goals must not be underestimated. There is NOTHING they will not do to maintain their power and the current status in Washington and the world.

God speed, Mr President. God speed.


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