It’s been far too long. I can’t stand it anymore! It’s been nearly 8 months since AWD bought a new gun. Sh*t ain’t right.

AWD is jonesing for a pocket gun. A buddy of mine from San Antonio bought a Smith M&P in 9mm from a cat in Dallas. He asked ye olde AWD to pick it up and hold it for him until he got up this way to pick it up. Well, I carried that sumbitch for purtnear two months until he got to town. I was hoping I’d never see my old friend again. Hey, it was a great little gun! I know y’all understand.

Anyway, there’s only two things AWD has been thinking about since. And both of them are what pocket gun will I acquire? I’ve gone back and read Quartier’s posts about small guns which are a great help. I even have considered a small .38 revolver after reading one of Quartier’s posts.

I gave the Filly a Ruger LC9 for Christmas and she loves it. I’ve run a few magazines through it and it’s a nice little gun. Ruger makes a great gun for the money. And the LC9 is so little! It easily would fit in a pocket without taking too much room.

I also liked the M&P although it was a little larger than the Ruger. My buddy’s M&P had a laser which I don’t need because in a close encounter, I wouldn’t need a laser to put the muzzle in a criminal’s chest and squeeze.

AWD has a buddy who is a former Navy Seal and he carries a small Sig Sauer in .380. It has the look of a miniature 1911. And the .380 won’t penetrate like a 9mm which is nice. AWD’s angry white daughter carries a Bersa Thunder in .380. It too is a nice gun, too and very reasonably priced.

So AWD has worked himself into a little ol’ tizzy trying to figure out what pocket gun to purchase? I don’t want to spend more than $600 so that leaves a lot to choose from. So I ask the Dudes and Dudettes what pocket carry guns they have and recommend.

So many guns. So little money! And I do so love me some guns!


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