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It’s been far too long. I can’t stand it anymore! It’s been nearly 8 months since AWD bought a new gun. Sh*t ain’t right.

AWD is jonesing for a pocket gun. A buddy of mine from San Antonio bought a Smith M&P in 9mm from a cat in Dallas. He asked ye olde AWD to pick it up and hold it for him until he got up this way to pick it up. Well, I carried that sumbitch for purtnear two months until he got to town. I was hoping I’d never see my old friend again. Hey, it was a great little gun! I know y’all understand.

Anyway, there’s only two things AWD has been thinking about since. And both of them are what pocket gun will I acquire? I’ve gone back and read Quartier’s posts about small guns which are a great help. I even have considered a small .38 revolver after reading one of Quartier’s posts.

I gave the Filly a Ruger LC9 for Christmas and she loves it. I’ve run a few magazines through it and it’s a nice little gun. Ruger makes a great gun for the money. And the LC9 is so little! It easily would fit in a pocket without taking too much room.

I also liked the M&P although it was a little larger than the Ruger. My buddy’s M&P had a laser which I don’t need because in a close encounter, I wouldn’t need a laser to put the muzzle in a criminal’s chest and squeeze.

AWD has a buddy who is a former Navy Seal and he carries a small Sig Sauer in .380. It has the look of a miniature 1911. And the .380 won’t penetrate like a 9mm which is nice. AWD’s angry white daughter carries a Bersa Thunder in .380. It too is a nice gun, too and very reasonably priced.

So AWD has worked himself into a little ol’ tizzy trying to figure out what pocket gun to purchase? I don’t want to spend more than $600 so that leaves a lot to choose from. So I ask the Dudes and Dudettes what pocket carry guns they have and recommend.

So many guns. So little money! And I do so love me some guns!



  1. Had a Bersa Thunder, liked it, gave it to a family member and bought a Bersa Thunder Plus. 15 rounds of 380, same size as the regular Thunder, just a little bit wider to accommodate the double stack magazine. I’d like one of those Colt Mustangs, but aint about to drop $700 just for a brand name.

    • My brother has two Bersa Thunders………

      he loves them…… they’re the most accurate pistols he’s ever owned……said they were a little finicky until he replaced a couple of springs………

      If I needed or wanted to carry a pistol…..I’d go for a M&P 45 full frame.

      • I’ve got a couple of Bersa pistols. Everyone bitches about them being crappy, but I’ve only had one malfunction. Stove piped during CCW qualification, but I believe that was because the cop range made us use their crappy ‘environmentally friendly’ ammo… Lead free and such.

  2. Been caring a xd mod 2 sub compact 9mm for 6 months now and love it. Great shooter and sexy. At night i insert 16 round mag and light attachmen t , tadaa! Nightstand gun.

  3. Quartierleblanc

    I’ll leave my recommendations with a review later. How small do you want to go? 9mm or 380? Right off the bat, I’m looking the “new” version of the Walther PPS in a small, single stack 9mm.

    • Quartier, either one is fine. I’m kind of leaning toward the .380 for rattling around inside the bad guy instead of passing through. But I’d be just as happy with a 9.


  4. Ruger LC9. Great gun.

  5. PrepperDaddy

    Hey Big Sexy!

    That still sounds weird given the fact that people constantly tell me I look like ‘Walter’. I have the LC9, I slip it into my pocket when there is a possibility of a BLM encounter. Like the gun, not the trigger pull so much. My new toy; just picked up a Glock 40, 10mm. That is the same as the G20 but has a long slide and 6″ barrel. My first Glock, amazingly there is no safty on these.

    • The hammer-fired LC9 does indeed have a lousy trigger but Ruger did a bang-up job with the striker-fired LC9S and S pro. Highly recommended.

  6. Desert Eagle in.50 caliber, you just need a bigger pocket…ATTN. JMV…(sarc on)
    You know what you like Dude, its all about choice.

    • Mike,
      Man, I tried one of those once. Gave me a bad case of recoil flinch. If I was 25 years younger, I might be able to handle one. Even though I like the larger calibers, at my age and health status, I find myself having to scale down on caliber. Getting old sucks, man.

      • Yep, we’re not getting any younger, that’s for sure. Have you seen the Hickock45 video on YouTube where he shoots a lawn mower with S&W .500 Magnum? Funny stuff. Anyway, I’m sure we can be cordial, we’re on the same side I think. Be safe out there, its getting really ccrazy.

  7. All the small semi-automatics are a-ok. The problem is,,,,not enough citizens getting their State CHL .
    This s your Concealed Handgun license.
    Go Get one NOW!
    I own just about every model out there.
    My preference is Kel-Tec because they have a small waistband clip you install on your pistol.
    No holster is needed with this.
    My personal one is my P-11 which holds 11 9mm rounds and one in the chamber giving me 12 shots of hollow-points.
    I wear shorts most of the time with my “T” shirt over my waist band.
    Totally hidden and super easy to draw it,,if needed.
    I have several States CHL’s, and TEXAS is my favorite.
    As a “retired” LEO, in shorts and t shirt standing in line at Walmart, I am perfectly safe and calm.
    God Bless Gun Barrel City, Texas.

    • mrchuck, God bless Texas!


      • Timmy T. Bone

        Here in the People’s Republic of NJ we are not allowed to carry be it concealed or open. You have to have a justifiable need to have one and you have to go in front of a judge and explain why you need it. No matter what the reason you wont get it, EVER. The state would rather have you dead and in the ground than being able to defend yourself.

        That being said if this redneck Yankee had his choice it would be one of the baby polymer pistols as they are so light. Glock, S&W, HK and others make em. I have looked at em and played with him but because you can’t carry in NJ there is no point in buying one.

        Another .380 pistol to look is the Beretta Cheetah. Its like a baby 92fs and functions pretty much the same. If you like the 92fs you will love this gun. You can get them at really nice prices and they are great guns. They produce batches of them periodically and they show up in the shops and gun broker:

        The only thing about .380 which is otherwise known 9mm kurz (short). Same size round in terms of diameter relative to 9mm Parabellum but shorter body. You can get some pretty devastating 9mm parabellum ammo that will make a hole like a .45. Not sure if that kind of ammo is available in .380.

  8. I have a Bersa Thunder cc 380, I keep it loaded with Hornady Critical Defense, I hoping Santa brings me this for Christmas.

    • I was in the AF in the mid 80s, and bought an M-1A for $700, which was a good price at the time. I still have it. Strangely enough, my stepfather who served in Vietnam in the early 60s hated the M-14, the military version of the M-1A. His biggest complaint was if you went hand to hand close in fighting, the stock always broke at the pistol grip area. He much preferred the M-1 Garand.

  9. Quartierleblanc

    I will replace my beloved S&W 3913 when a few more shekels are available. It’s getting old and the round count is high.
    Here’s how I see it.
    IMHO, the trend has been away from the 380 with the 6+i capacity towards the 9mm
    If money is no option, my choice would be the Sig P239. It’s toward the large size, but I think it’s superb. Unfortunately the DAK trigger didn’t catch on and a Sigarms rep told me it was going away.
    Of all of the pistols, the new version of the Walther PPS, the M2 is simply ideal for a single stack. It has it all. Small size, low weight and dependability. Downsize is that mags can be expensive
    I own a G 26, but I think it’s hard to conceal. Nevertheless, it’s as accurate as the G19. With you hands it works best with the extended 12 round mags. Of course the G’s now come in both single stack 9’s and 380’s, the G 43 and G42 respectively. The G36 is a hoss a single stack 45 ACP.
    Of the 380’s I find the single action 380’s intriguing. Colt, Sig Kimber and all make the same variation on the theme. However reviews of them vary with FTF a potential problem.
    The of course there is the Bersa Thunder 380. For the money, it’s a great pistol. I own one and would trust my life with it.
    The pistol that’s also very interesting is the Sig P290 RS. It’s a rework of the original model and comes in both 380 and 9mm with mags of both 6 and 8 rounds.
    The dark horse is the Kahr CT 380. Great price. I got to handle one. It’s in the budget line of Kahr weapons. It’s a bit large for a 380, but very very shootable.
    I’m not so sure about the 380’s from S&W and Ruger, but the 9mm’s seem to be quite good. Reviews are also good, but my experience with them has been limited.
    Not to piss anyone off, but Springfield now offers single stacks. I expect them to be quite good.

    • Not to crap on 380 but my biggest beef is the cost of ammo from what i have seen it cost more than 9mm. Also 9mm has a ton more options for self defense ammo. And no im not a 9mm fan boy, carry a xds 45 in summer and xd mod 2 in winter.


    Remington RM 380. Out of the box reliable.

  11. My husband splurged and bought a Taurus revolver in .380 this week in anticipation of getting his CCW. Since I already have had mine for more than a minute, I’m stealing it until he’s got his. 😉

  12. My Mrs. carries a Ruger LC380, but the LC9 leaves a bigger hole on the other side. I really like the Rugers LC for a pocket.

  13. Love my Ruger LCP .380 So small and light, you put it in your pocket and almost forget it’s there.

  14. Dave Spaulding on the Ruger LCR

  15. Hey Big Sexy……..

    .380 mouse guns? Nahhhhhhhhh Please folks ya gotta get real!

    Pocket revolvers? Well OK, but just 5 shots might not do it because FBI data says the first two are probably gonna miss a critical spot on a thug’s chest.

    Me? Well I carry a gold plated Desert Eagle .44 magnum semi-auto which is concealed in the special Bargis Tryhol Crotch Holster (BTCH) line, which for me, is a daily wear item.

    Heavy? You bet! But at BTCH we aim to please with a nifty support belt that spreads the weight evenly and has a built in pocket for extra mags and a couple of really big band-aids if you’re the compassionate kind.

    Large gun frame imprint? Oh yeah!

    First of all, the imprint really does impress. Especially by appealing to good looking women who are highly curious as to ‘what that package is your carrying down there,’ if you catch my drift. I tell them it’s my big ‘ol gun. They smile back and ask if they can hold it. (My wife hates when they ask that.) P/S she has a .380! Good thing too. Did I mention that running away fast just ain’t gonna happen with out possible risk of a hernia?

    Second, as far as ghetto rat thugs, once I draw that gold-plated monster their eye’s are usually so fixated on that big ‘ol shining hunk-a gold it momentarily causes their eyes to glaze over, then to freeze up and begin blabbering in ghetto talk. Usually a few excited versus of ‘MotherF–ker something!’ Yeah, shiny stuff really does have a hypnotic effect on them for sure.

    Third, if I have to use it that barrel heat keeps ‘the boys’ warm for at least 30 minutes which is great during those chilly evenings.

    So, a .380 might be nice to show off to yer midget friends, but yer manly-man friends will definitely understand what I’m talking about.

    Bargis Tryhol

    Note: Bargis Tryhol is the ‘gun and everything sexy’ editor over at where we talk folks out of voting for scumbags like Hillary Clinton.

    • Bargis, my new Smith Bodyguard in .380 isn’t AWD’s only carry gun. Oh no! That wouldn’t do. I just love it because it’s a great throw-in-the-pocket gun when I’m running down to the Piggly Wiggly for some grits. And I am a firm believer that my .380 on the forehead of a miscreant would turn his lights out just as quickly as any of my other carry guns. Stay sexy, my friend.


  16. You should check out the Sig Sauer P938 in 9mm.
    My choice for a great pocket gun.

  17. I picked up two pocket guns in the last 4 months. Wasn’t looking for them, but my sister kept pawning her LC9, instead of using it. It was too hard on her frail skin to rack it, so I bought it off her to help her out and have my first 9mm and first pocket gun.

    It’s way too small for me. When I grip it, I’m only contacting the front and back of the grip. I have no idea how it handles in my hand during firing yet, but I’ll keep it. It is very small – no, damn small – and 9mm is a lot for a gun that size.

    The other is a Bersa .380 my sister carried for years. She went back to it after a few trips to the range with her new LC9 had her bleeding from racking it.

    My sister passed on July 2 and her executor gave me the pistol. It fits a lot better in my hand than the LC9, but if I remember correctly it needs either some work on the magazine or something along those lines because I never saw her finish the mag completely without a problem.

    For the simple sake that they were my sister’s guns – I will never part with them, whether I use them or not.

    In August, I got my hands on a Glock 42. That gun fit my large hand well enough to maintain great control over it. While it didn’t fill my palm like the Bersa does, I’m sure I’d have no problem with it.

    I didn’t get to fire it, but I have three Glocks already and know they are extremely reliable. If I were to go get another pocket gun, I would get the Glock 42 and call it done.

    My .02

    P.S. I know what you mean about going too long between buying guns, lol. I felt an itch had been scratched after picking them up this Summer and was easily talked into buying a G20 Gen4 for my youngest son’s birthday last month. Hey, $450 no tax or transfer fee for a 10mm that had only two mags run through it was too much to pass up! 😀

    Now he understands why 10mm was my first hand gun. Virtually, a semi-auto .357 mag.

    We both have .40sw barrels we can swap into and have a full size .40 – kind of like being able to shoot .38 special in a .357. Love my Glocks.

  18. Sebastianthelittlebigmule

    I’ve noticed that when a man is extremely well hung we tend to prefer the smallest pocket pistol and that is why even though I despise Glen Beck i Carrry a tiny Bond arms piece , I should note that Glen Beck does not carry one for that reason however . I would like to add at this time that I like ZZTop , Texas, Texas women and AWDs humor and overall sensuality .

  19. just came across this today at breitbart………..12 states now allow open carry……
    no permit needed…….need to push more states toward this philosophy……..


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