Last night, AWD had a conversation with a friend about my Grandfather and how different America is in 2014 than when I was a child. We both agreed many in America no longer have what my black friends in high school called “home training.” Whites referred to this as manners. Decency once practiced as the norm is now ridiculed or long forgotten.

My Grandfather was a beautiful man. He was just good. A quiet, respectful, decent Southern gentleman who always offered a helping hand to others. My Granddaddy (as we lovingly called him) was a champion rose grower for his hobby and, even in his last years, would say to me when I visited, “come on, help me take some roses to the old folks down at the old-folks home.” I ever asked him if he knew he was older than many at the old folks home. And off we’d go with bucket after bucket of perfect roses to brighten the day of another elderly person.

Granddaddy had one true competitor at the rose shows. I can’t remember his name or even where he was from but he and my Grandaddy were in a class beyond the other competitors. Either my Granddaddy or the other gentleman always won with the show’s best rose. Although he never said a derogatory word, I know Granddaddy didn’t like losing to the other man. I’m sure the other rose grower felt the same. They were friendly competitors who always showed each other respect in winning and losing and perhaps their friendly rivalry compelled each other to produce even more beautiful roses.

So strong was my Granddaddy’s faith in God and people that he would actually leave a Bible on the floor inside his front door when he and Grandmother would go on a trip. His reasoning that anyone who broke into the house would see the Bible and remember that stealing was wrong. It’s almost unbelievable to consider that manner of thinking today. Most criminals probably have never heard of a Bible.

When Granddaddy died, his rose-growing competitor sent hundreds of gorgeous roses to his funeral as a tribute. It was touching to see such honor and respect shown to a friendly competitor. They were men of honor. Decent men. Classy men. They were real American men. Hard-working, mannerly, responsible, self-sacrificing, devoted family men. And I believe we have fallen so far in so few years to become the hard, profane, classless country we have become.

Look at this photo from a baseball game played in the 40’s:

baseball crowd 40s

Suits and ties? For a baseball game? People don’t dress for church like that anymore!

Here’s a photo of a Civil Rights march in the 60’s. Again, ties and nice clothing. Decency. Not looting and destruction, just peaceful protesters exercising their rights.

civil rights march

Now, compare that to this (explicit content warning) in today’s America:

This savage behavior is what one would expect in some third-world African hellhole. But, no, just your average inner city. But I repeat myself.

Another common occurrence taking place in the ghetto black is the daily attacks of black gangs on innocent white people. Recently, an 87 year old WWII hero was killed in his driveway by four black thugs robbing him of his wallet. There will be no mainstream media reports on this. No White House condemnations from Obama. No marches. Just another decent, white man killed by savage animals. (h/t Daily Kenn)

Black people are not the only ones in America who have become rude slobs. We all have become a much more coarse and angry. So many of us have lost any concept of courtesy. In Dallas, drivers don’t use their turn signals. If you use a signal to show others you’re going to change lanes, the car in the other lane will speed up to keep you from getting in front of them. Conversely, AWD lets everyone in. I have home training. If someone lets me in, I always wave and/or (if a good looking filly) blow a kiss. Is it that much harder to be courteous?

Want to see what’s become of entertainment for too large of a segment of the white population? Miley Cyrus “twerking” her little butt in front of millions. Or black rap thugs encouraging their fans to call women “bitches and whores” if they’re not too busy shooting a rival who “dissed” them. Could anyone have imagined such behavior being not only tolerated but accepted even 30 years ago?

Here was popular black music from the early 70’s:

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Songs of love, romance, dedication. No one called their women bitches.

Contrast to modern day rap. Language and decency alert. Don’t watch this, mama.

Ignorant, ridiculous savages.

In America 2014, what has always traditionally been considered good is now ridiculed. What has universally been condemned as sick or perverted is accepted and encouraged. Everything is upside down. How can a country with no moral compass survive and thrive? As we are seeing in every facet of American life today, it cannot.

I suppose we are as guilty as the leftists for America’s dying condition. Liberals sought decades ago to destroy the moral foundations of America and we have let them. Instead of fighting against the poisons of political correctness, diversity, and multi-culturism, we sat back and cocooned inside our little worlds. We didn’t pay attention to what our kids were being taught. We didn’t monitor what they were listening to or watching on tv or the movies. We didn’t vote in primaries to select elected officials who would fight for our belief system. No, we sat back and bought McMansions and boats and BMW’s and moved to gated communities to flee from the growing unwashed, violent contingent being trained-up by the government and radicals in the inner cities.

So now we have a country with more welfare moochers than producers. And the moochers are growing while producers are falling in number. We have drive-by shootings, twerking, illegal aliens demanding rights while living on welfare, a socialist radical President, a white-hating racist Attorney General, a Congress full of crooks, failing schools, flash mobs, massive national debt, falling global competitiveness, a lesser quality of life, violence, profanity, and savage behavior. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Even more, don’t criticize anything listed above. You wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

No need to leave a Bible inside your front door these days. The ACLU will sue you for religious discrimination should the guy who robs your house be offended by your hateful Christian beliefs. Don’t like it? Welcome to America 2014! And screw you!


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