Madonna Isn’t Looking Too Good These Days!



Well if you didn’t hear, dumb ass Madonna in her latest “Speech” if you can call it that in front of the all the girls in their silly pussy hats, said that she sees the White House being bombed. My friendly question here friends is why wasn’t she either arrested or at least interrogated by the secret service? It’s a very legitimate question. You don’t need to only try to kill the chief executive, calling for his house to be blown up would qualify as inciting, would it not.

Remember a bloke by the name of Ted Nugent? When he said something about America’s Clown Prince Obama, the secret service interrogated him. Why the duplicity huh? Why the double standard? Come on boys, why? You look like you’re playing favorites and that is no good for the secret service or any law enforcement agency. What’s the deal? Hmm?

We will ponder that one for now. As to her speech, this is why it’s so much fun to be alive and in America. Here you have a girl who made it somehow, telling women that they shouldn’t be exploited and used by big bad men. She is now a champion of women. Are these people really that crazy and delusional? Really? Madonna has made her silly career out of acting like a whore, a skank call it what you will because she and the feminist apparently think that this is what empowers women. It shows how you won’t be controlled by men or religion, you will live your life on your own terms, defiant strong. And what has this nonsense gotten women. Just screwed and screwed more often now. No commitments the guy is gone. But never fear, you’re standing up for yourself. Madonna and her feminist crowd have been the worst thing that has happened to women in the last 100 years.

Back to Madonna, her whole act s been to play the sex card, skimpy outfits, provocative statements and all the rest. Why? Oh why prey tell. Because she has to fall back on that. She is virtually talent-less. All she can embrace is sex and the supposed naughtiness that has been aiding her career for the last 30 years.

How serious is she as a “spokesperson” for women? (You caught the spokesperson didn’t you?) Well about 2 0r 3 months ago she told a crowd that if they would vote for Hillary she would blow everyone who did. And she said I’m no douche I swallow. This is the women’s ambassador to the world? The women’s so-called movement, right along with Madonna has become a joke, a laughingstock to the world. What hypocrites, clowns, liars, fools. But they still have their little pussy hats. Oh yay!

All she needs as the red nose and the big floppy shoes.


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