Look at the above photo. The singer of Devo has a show on MSNBC. Could a man possibly look a little more douchey than this cat Joe Scarborough?

Great googly moogly! No more calls, please! We have a wiener! Or, in this case of Maddow, maybe we don’t. Or maybe we do! But that’s life at MS-Loony Tunes!

But one thing is certain. Any company that hires Al Sharpton for a show is not a news organization. An extortion racket? Possibly. A School of Ebonics? Probably. News? Yeah, right.

I can’t believe anyone outside of a small commune of tortured communist hippies outside of Portland watches the Mainstream Propaganda Media! How many undercover videos must James O’Keefe release with those leftist turds at CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc admitting they make up the shit they publish or air? They admit they are propagandist hacks!

It’s not journalism. It’s not news. It’s simple unadulterated propaganda. Nothing more, nothing less. The only truth you can count on coming from any of these charlatans is their hatred of Donald Trump and those who voted for him.

What frustrates the propagandists the most about Trump is he’s not a politician. Make that a typical Republican politician. Republican politicians are pathetic. Wussypants. When propagandists or Democrats (but I repeat myself) slander them, Republicans tuck tail and run. Not Trump. As AWD has said since the Republican primaries, Trump is not a politician. He’s a knife fighter. Cross him and he’ll put a blade in your guts and twist the handle.

So when Joe Devo and Mika Stalin on MSNBC continually question Trump’s sanity and ability to do the work of POTUS, don’t be surprised when he tweets about Mika Lenin’s latest facelift scars.

The CNN’ers exposed by O’Keefe this week are honest when they believe they’re speaking with one of their own. They admit they are only selling what their customers want to buy. Russia hacking the election to elect Trump rather than to admit that Hillary is a moron? Sure, yeah, that’ll work! Trump the billionaire is too stupid to run a hot dog stand? Whatever you say, Fidel! We’ll run with that story. Well, looky here! Trump gets two scoops of ice cream when everyone else gets one! Draw up papers of imPeachPralinesment! Whatever it takes to keep their mouth-breathing, unwashed, socialist herds tuning in!

Of course the wussyboys in the GOP are cautioning Trump to stop tweeting insults against those who eviscerate him every day. Screw them! They too are angry because Trump won and they can’t control him. What Trump needs to do is turn his tweets to McCain, McConnell and Ryan! Then he needs to stab them in the intestines. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

The Propaganda Media is as dead as the Democrat Party. Both play to a minuscule percentage of America. The anti-American, sexually freakazoid, illegal alien, Muslim loving asshole population. Hell, the only people who watch the Propaganda Media outside of their tiny core audience are conservative bloggers searching for content.

Here’s a real journalist in action:

And here’s Joe Scarborough in a previous life:


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