According to Wikipedia…..A 2013 survey found that, in the United States, “Sixty-two percent of the public, and 72 percent of adults under 30, view the ideal marriage as one in which husband and wife both work and share child care and household duties.”

Pop quiz for you today, ladies! Which one of these men would you rather sleep with?  Man A on the left, or  Man B on the right?
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Can’t go by looks alone? Here are their resumes: Man A is married and makes at least 60% of the income for his family, if not all of the income. He fixes the sink, takes out the garbage, gets your car inspected, and mends the fence. When his child is ill, he looks to his wife most of the time to be the nurturer. He also gets 17.5% more sex in his marriage than the Average Man.
Man B also is married and works outside the home. He shares all financial, domestic, and childcare responsibilities equally with his wife. There is gender-fluidity between them. They take turns preparing dinner certain nights of the week. He vacuums, does the dishes, and folds laundry. He juggles the kids’ activities with his wife, and stays up with little Jack or Jill at night when they are sick. He listens to you talk, and is your best friend. Man B gets 1.5% LESS sex than the Average Man, let alone Man A.
Show of hands- who voted for Man B? You may say Man B technically isn’t a man, right? Well, maybe not physically, but he is the poster child for today’s guy living in an egalitarian or peer marriage. An “egalitarian marriage” is the latest by product of the Feminist idea that we as women not only have to be the man of the house, but if we must have a biological man, they need to act like women. They must do everything we do equally- bills, chores, childcare, EVERYTHING…..even sex. However, stats show when we take our Gerard Butler hubby any teach him to scrub toilets…he becomes about as sexually enticing to us as Richard Simmons.
Has anyone ever considered that when we as working women select husbands, we are looking for protectors and providers, but when we take our places in our careers and come home tired and crabby, we want Man A to all of the sudden become Alice from the Brady Bunch? Biologically when we as women marry, we are looking for a guy that will provide genetic diversity to our offspring AND kill a lion with his bare hands. Why, then, do we want them to turn them in to tea- drinkers who go to book club with us and hand wash our underwear?
We have turned “equality” into gender neutrality in our marriages. Women have become men, but we want our men to become neutered women. And that kills our sexual desire for them in le boudoir.
Fem X is a working gal also, and I understand how much we need help around the house when we choose to pursue our careers and take ourselves out of the home. As a heterosexual female, I don’t want to get steamy with….um…myself. Who wants to sleep with another woman who as exhausted and strung out just as much as I am? But head’s up, women: he doesn’t really want to have sex with you, either.  Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, shares the surprising sentiments of one of the many “B” men out there:

“Recently, a male therapy client who came to me because he began feeling depressed said that he had tremendous empathy for what women have been voicing all these years. “I have to hold down a job, I have to juggle the kids’ schedules, I have to get dinner on the table three nights a week, I have to volunteer at school, I have to get the bills sent in each month and on top of this I have to be the fun dad and the sensitive husband and then be ready to romance my wife if I want sex before bed — usually after listening to the rundown of her day and going over the list of what needs to happen the next day,” he said. “I rarely even have time to get to the gym, which is the one thing that relieves my stress.” As he tries to balance work and parenthood and his marriage and household responsibilities, he’s going “a bit mad — and I mean that in both senses of the word.”

I asked how interested he was in having sex with his wife, and he looked at me and laughed.”

Ouch. Maybe THAT’S why he looks at porn? Just saying….
Ladies, can we tell our fellas to take off the apron and put down the dustpan? Can we stop asking them to jump in the gender blender? Guys, hand me the baby and go mow the lawn with your shirt off. I’ll shop for groceries if you bring home that fat W-2. Sound too traditional for you? How about this? Woman A: “Honey, wake up; I think I hear something downstairs- we might have an intruder!” Man B: “Great, Honey, well I’m going to go lock myself in with the kids and you go get the shotgun. I did it last time, it’s your turn…” It’s all about fem-power… right girls?

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