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On the way to work to engage in bloody battle to the death in the cutthroat industry of plumbing and bathroom fixtures today, AWD tuned in a local so-called conservative radio talk show host. The host was criticizing Donald Trump’s response to Hillary’s newest besets buddy, the Muslim guy Khan. That’s Khan the Muslim who trashed Trump at the DNC Convention and not the Star Trek Khan (who was pretty cool in AWD’s book).

What got the staunch Republican talk show host in a little ol’ tizzy was this: (h/t Clinton News Network)

The controversy is over Trump’s response to the Khans, whose son was killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber in 2004. The Khans took the stage Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention, where Khizr Khan rejected Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States as unconstitutional, pulling a copy of the Constitution from his breast pocket and saying that Trump has “sacrificed nothing and no one.” Trump has since responded by criticizing Ghazala Khan’s silence and suggesting she wasn’t allowed to speak.

Said talk show host said this was a huge mistake because it would give the Dims more ammunition against Trump. He went on to quote Juan Williams (the dumbest man in America) and George Will (the most unfunky man in America) as they trashed Trump on the topic.

Hillary Clinton put this cat on the DNC stage to criticize Trump as un-American. The Butcher of Benghazi who sacrificed American lives and armed ISIS! But so-called conservatives are worried about offending Khan!

What is amazing to AWD is that in 2016 after 8 years of Obama and Wikileaks proving the Mainstream Propaganda Media is completely controlled by the Democrat Party, Republicans who call themselves conservatives still jump through hoops to please the Democrats. Democrats who, by the way, will never be pleased.

As a true conservative, there are two damn things in this world I will never care about: What Juan Williams and George Will say, believe, or think. To hell with those morons.

Moreover, the cult of death known as Islam is famous for not allowing women to speak. Or drive cars. Or get educations. Or vote. Or live. So Trump was only stating what is a fact! A fact that embarrasses the Republicans among us.

AWD was at a conference many years ago and the speaker (who was the guy who introduced me to Andrew Breitbart) was asked a question from the audience at the end of his speech. He was asked, “how do we convert liberals to our side?” His answer I will always remember. “F*** ’em! They’re too stupid to be conservatives.” I’m sure more than a few pearls were clutched in the audience at the frank and honest answer. But he was right then and he is right now!

Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Those who support this Khan guy and Her Cankleness are not going to ever change their support to Trump, no matter how many Muslim asses he kisses. Nor are the Trump supporters going to turn from him because of his (gasp!) slight at the expense of Islam. Trump is where he is because he states what we believe!

As AWD has said for years, political correctness is the gift conservatives give to liberals to silence us. Why are we so afraid to speak the truth? Yes, Islam is a horrible thing that is responsible for murders and terrorist acts every day around the globe. Is it not? Is that just a fixture of our imaginations? Does George Will and Juan Williams believe that Islam really is a ‘religion of peace?’ Apparently, Juan Williams does not as he was fired from NPR for saying he gets nervous when he sees Muslims on his airplane. Islamophobe hater!!! PC is a bitch, huh Juan?

AWD had a conversation last weekend with someone who I had never met. They asked me how I felt about the Black Lives Matter protest that was taking place last Saturday only three weeks after 5 Dallas PD officers were assassinated by a black man whose purpose was to kill white people and, in particular white cops. I answered, I think it’s a travesty and they are nothing more than ghetto thugs whose organization has resulted in the murders of police across the country.

The person looked at me like I was from Mars. I said, “well, you asked me and I told you. Do you disagree?” They said, “Well, actually no. I’m from Chicago and hate what has happened to my city with the gang violence there. But we have to be careful what we say.” I said, “Or what, we will be called racist? Well, too late! You’re already considered a racist because you’re white.”

They then said, “I went to a majority black high school in Chicago and the only trouble I ever had was with black students. Even lower income whites never caused me any problems.” I said, “that comment would be considered racist at the BLM protest tonight. Because you speak the truth from your life experiences, you will be a racist lest you kowtow to political correctness.”

I don’t look for trouble but I won’t insult myself or anyone else by lying if they expect me to dance around the truth for the sake of not offending the ever-offended who NEED to be offended! Here’s the deal, BLM. Don’t want to get shot by cops? Don’t do crimes and resist arrest, shout or attack cops and you’ll probably get away just fine. If Islam doesn’t want to be associated with terrorism, quit committing acts of terrorism. Until then, I will keep a close eye on black males between 18 and 49 (who commit 50% of America’s murders and violent crimes) and Muslims (who blow up and destroy). I don’t get worked up when I pass Amish guys in buggies (not many of them down here in Texas) or Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness missionaries. Not a function of color, a function of behavior, experience and reality.

I really don’t know if conservatives have the cojones to go to battle against the left. How do we stand up for our rights when we’re afraid to offend our enemies? When I hear a ‘conservative’ radio show host changing his tampons because Trump insulted Islam, I really wonder.

If you’re too worried about Trump offending Muslims who trash him, you’re certainly a Republican but you’re definitely not a conservative.

Oh, by the way, George Will refers to himself as a conservative.




  1. Joe Stalin

    How can George F. Will possibly be a “conservative” when he is a self-stated gun controller, and by news media definition, that’s a “MODERATE REPUBLICAN????”

  2. Angry White Dudette

    Truer words were never spoken.
    Congratulations to the great state of Texas who ok’d today firearms being carried on college campuses. About time. Wish other states would do likewise.

  3. been watching all that has been going on…..doing what I can to stay abreast of things……and I don’t like what I’m seeing and hearing………the news media is lining up against Trump…..literally lining up to take their shots at him…..doing what they can to destroy him………this thing with Khan was a set up and there will be more of these plants that will try to set Trump up that come out of the woodwork… after another after another and after another………..

    the republitards are running scared…..their scared of the media…..instead of standing tall they cower behind their skirts…..pretending to be oh so gracious…….while they cut the throat of their own nominee……..

    as far as I am concerned who gives a rat’s ass about this Khan….not me…….I could care less about this lying ass-wipe……..freak’n deport the son-of-a-bitch…….

    • Trump’s biggest weakness is that he has an undisciplined habit of shooting his mouth off before he has time to ponder the consequences of what he is about to say.

      No normal guy or woman makes a habit of blurting out the first thing that pops into their heads, or if they do, they seldom do this on a regular basis since they will remember the unpleasant crap storm they brought down on themselves the last time they did it. Example: Wife or girl friend asks her guy: “Honey, does my ass look too fat in these new jeans?” Stupid Guy too quickly answers: “Yea, it makes you look like an elephant.” Unpleasant consequences: Shakey Pudding rations terminated for the next month.

      Trump is going to blow his chances of defeating this evil witch in November if he doesn’t learn to ‘think’ before he shoots his mouth off. AWD is right, though. The left has picked up on this weakness Trump has and he will be repeatedly set up by these endless ‘gotcha’ questions and they will hang him by his own words. I’d advise him to steer clear of any media interviews with any of these hostile liberal reporters. Focus on the alternative media – which is where he can expect friendlier treatment and fairer coverage.

    • ditto that get them the f..k out of here rag head scum all of them

  4. Maybe the Rino wussy pants could take a lesson from this gentleman!

    • master of sinanju

      Personally I think that was a very mealy mouthed reply to that American hating muslim piece of sh!t.

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  6. Donald Trump was right when he said that Khan was standing on his son’s grave at the DNC convention last week when HE attacked Trump personally and promoted his own economic and ideological Muslim self interest. Khan works to promote visas for wealthy muslims who can purchase permanent residence in the USA. This is a program full of fraud and abuse. Trump’s instincts were correct as to question why Khan’s wife didn’t speak. Khan is not only a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, but he is co-founder of a muslim law journal. Muslim law and the Constitution are incompatible. Khan was practicing his own form of “taqiya” by waving the Constitution in America’s face.

    His son was not the only casualty of War. There have be more AMERICAN servicemen killed on AMERICAN soil by a Muslim Soldier than there have been Muslim soldiers killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Khan should be deported because of his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • lol. I hate typos. ” There have been more Americans ‘ is what I meant to type.


      Khizr Khan’s Former Company is included in the Wikileaks DNC Email Documents, No wonder Khan is going on tv asking to be left alone. People are finding out all kinds of dirt on him. His grieving father who hates Trump narrative now seems more like a muslim Clinton operative using his dead son to promote an agenda. He’s going to wish he never got up on that stage.

      Once again, Trump was right. And what’s really sick about this whole situation is being a GOLD STAR family is special, not something to be sold to Hillary as a hit piece on Trump. It’s a disgrace and so are the VFW and all the vets who automatically give this man a pass on any bad deed he does. Lying and spreading false info for a political agenda is not part of gold star.. that’s paying to the devil, HiLIARy Clinton.

      • Agreed. Khan’s son is the hero of the family even if the father is a low life piece of shit. At least the son died defending his adopted country. His father seems to be trying to destroy it and the honor of other families who lost family to muslim slime in Iraq and Afghanistan. This lump of human crap and his wife should be deported immediately.

  7. bluecollar

    Is Saudi Arabia trying to manipulate the U.S. presidential election?

  8. To a moslem……..

    you’re either a moslem or an infidel………

    as an infidel your fate is to either die, convert into a moslem and/or live as a slave to the moslems……..

    as a moslem your fate is to conquer the world and bring about the caliphate…….

    Trump is the only candidate that wants to protect my infidel life….

    What’s so hard to understand…….which side will you chose?

  9. Thank you AWD. I think we need to understand that we are through the breech. Win or lose there is no going back. You don’t side up with Trump to find common ground with the establishment.

    We are likely going to be swept into the whole global, new world order, call it what you want, like it or not. The question really is, who do you want as your pilot into this brave new world, Hillary or Donald.

    That is the only think that counts here. Nothing else. Anyone who hasn’t figured out that answer should do us all a favor and stay home in November.

    As for the rest of us, win or lose in November, the hell with the neocons and progressives. We either stand or we fail, but like I said, we are through the breech. There is no way back.

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