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AWD has long been onto Marco Rubio’s act just as I was on to Colin Powell’s back in the 90’s. Both are con men who stand for whatever or whoever benefits them personally. Both have tremendous Mainstream Propaganda Media coverage because both are part of the Establishment.

Rubio, after campaigning as a Tea Party conservative against Amnesty, immediately saddled up as a member of the Gang of Eight Amnesty pushers after he was elected. Just as Colin Powell suddenly found his blackness after using the Republican Party for numerous high level cabinet jobs by endorsing Imam Hussein. Twice.

Rubio beat tri-sexual Charlie Crist (he’ll try anything sexual) with massive support from the Tea Party. Once elected, he immediately stabbed conservatives in the back and has never looked back. He’s the current darling of the Establishment now that El Jeb has bitten the big uno in the primary.

In 2013, AWD wrote about Señor Rubio:


Here’s another post from April of 2015:


I encourage you to read both articles. And then tell me how smart I am.

By every account, Rubio’s debate performance last night was gawdawful. I almost feel sorry watching him repeat his same canned BS speeches not once but eight times! He’s a Establishment mannequin whose programmers didn’t get the glitch in his Matrix worked out. I’m not a fan of Chris Christie but he beat the dog snot out of Rubio last night and effectively ended Rubio’s candidacy. Rubio’s performance may have been worse than Governor Rick Perry infamously forgetting his platform on national television. You need to watch Rubio if you missed it:

[yt id=”vQUThGwRFMM”]

As mentioned in the first AWD post linked from 2013, AWD attended a Hispanic Conservative convention in Miami that year. I mention Rubio’s speech at the conference . It was the first time I started having doubts about who Rubio really is. I remember hearing him say “America’s friends no longer respect us and our enemies no longer fear us.” I thought at the time it was a pretty good line. But over the years, I’ve heard Rubio repeat the same line time after time. The guy is a tape recorder who speaks in platitudes.

I googled the line and found him using it again in another canned speech at a debate on CNN this year:

[yt id=”Wxae3QfCZuo”]

I wonder if Rubio talks that way around his house:

“Honey, we’re going to attend a movie that will illustrate the wholesome values we so cherish after we sumptuously dine at a restaurant that serves quality cuisine in the finest traditions of American culture. After we return home, we will engage in sexual intercourse that will move the heavens and bring us closer together in the duet of marital bliss. And honey, lets dispel this fiction that Barack Obama does not know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing…”

Remember, Rubio is the next Jeb Bush. Is it any wonder why the Establishment is so pathetic to conservative voters?

And finally, let’s dispel this fiction that Rubio is a conservative…..



  1. Marco Rubio is a god-damn fraud………the “ice cream boy”…….one of the things that one has to know about this fraud is that Rubio has “conserva-speak” down…..and he’s real good at it…… Trey Gowdy….he has conserva-speak down pat……knows the lingo……just as Gowdy knows the lingo Maro knows the lingo as well………

    as soon as the “ice cream boy” was elected to the Senate by Floridians he turned……he fooled the tea party hook line and sinker…..made literal fools out of us in no time flat….. immediately upon being elected to the Senate he threw his lot in with the d’himicrats as soon as the election was over…….he sided with Jaun McPain and sold us right down the road siding with Obongo’s third world transformation policies to turn this country into a third world shit-hole……..Rubio is the white man’s worst nightmare, all the while talking the conserva-speak and lying to us about his real intentions…..amnesty for illegals……

    Rubio is dangerous……..he will legalize millions of illegals as soon as he can…..and he will do it simply for his own personal gain……he knows he will put those illegals in his pocket for his own personal voting block……he didn’t join the Gang of Eight to save the country….he did it for himself and only himself…….he saw a path to the white house and sold us down the road thinking that we wouldn’t be able to do anything about once he was elected………….

    I don’t care who beats the shit out of Rubio in the debates as long as they expose him for what he is…….”treacherous”…………

    • Bluto, I don’t think we need to worry about President Rubio.


      • awd…..I hear he is surging in the polls……I know we should take this kind of news with a grain of salt……FOX News is in the tank for him and the establishment is getting behind him but it is disconcerting to hear him making some sort of surge……I want him out……kaput…..gone……he should go back to being a slip and fall lawyer….what he does best……….

      • For anyone in the truly conservative camp who can stomach listening to the absolutely loathsome and despicable Sean Hannity – which I can’t – I spotted a headline to a story posted on recently where Hannity’s ugly mug was pictured along side Rubio’s and the headline had Hannity telling Rubio that he would be president one day.

        And, if that isn’t sickening enough to trigger your gag reflex – I also heard that The Bleeding Bimbo, Megyn Kelly, had Rubio on her show recently and she was gushing forth with the kind of groupie-like, idol worship that was reminiscent of the effect Elvis used to have on chicks back in his early years.

        AWD is right, though. Marco is toast. And, the funniest thing about his implosion is that it cost the vile and despicably evil Sheldon Adelson a big pile of money.

    • ditto that Don’t trust him at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. why are republicans….er I should say republitards so damn stupid…..the republitard party is dumb….stupid…..and suicidal………

    why are d’himicrats and independent jag-offs permitted to vote in a republitard primary……every damn doo-jigger in New Hampshire can vote in the republitard primary there…….why do they…the doo-jiggers get to vote for their favorite republitard…….why are these doo-jiggers able to sku the results of the primary vote with their libtard views……

    and then again the doo-jiggers will be able to vote in the So. Carolina primary sku-ing the vote there as well……that’s how we keep ending up with Lindsey….the dhimicrats cross over and vote for this asshole…….and now they’re going to get the opportunity to select the republitard candidate……………

    why is the GOP so damn stupid to permit this…….I’m sick and tired of being screwed over……..

  3. Disgusted Caucasian

    Rush compared Rubio to Reagan last week and got his head bit off for it. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that.

    • Psychotic hag

      Rush wears high heels under his desk while on air.

    • After the highly suspicious ‘fix’ took place in Iowa (Kudos to Matheson for a fine analysis of that charade), the establishment RINO-cucks who’ve been trying to derail the Trump Express sent Rush and The Bleeding Bimbo a fax that ordered them to help pump some air into the Rubio clown.

      Rush tries to pretend that he is anti-GOP establishment, but I think he plays that game because he knows the conservative base of the GOP is fed up with the establishment RINOs and he doesn’t want to lose his audience. When push comes to shove, Rush does as he is told to do by the Establishment. So, he lies and assures everyone that Rubio is a full throated conservative . Yea, and Obama is a secret Grand Wizard in the KKK.

      He caught a ton of heat from his audience over that baloney, and had to spend the next week trying to weasel word his way out of the mess he had gotten himself in.

    • captainmike

      Rubio to Reagan????? I did not hear that but thanks for the heads up. I like Rush and often agree with him but sometimes I wonder if he really remembers what conservatism is. It is probably the most whored word in the political world.

  4. If Trump fizzles out, and with Cruz (ick) having the millstone of Glenn Beck around his neck, I fear we will have to choose between Rubio and Sanders. Sigh.

    • I’m for either Trump or Cruz, in that order. But I think that if Trump or his handlers fail to get control of his massive ego, Cruz will end up winning. Trump’s problem is that having an alpha ego, means he can’t stand criticism, anyone who he feels has slighted him gets attacked immediately, and his mouth will run with his brain in neutral resulting in him offending pretty much everybody.

      He’s one hell of a businessman, but if he wants to sit in the oval office, he needs to tone it down a bit. Pissing off those who support him will be like pissing into hurricane force wind.

      It sure is fun to watch the RNC establishment desperately throwing support behind any establishment puke they can find to derail Trump and Cruz. I mean, first El Jebito, and now Marco ‘open the borders’ Rubio? They are running out of puppets.

  5. Marco Rubio has been screwing Jeb Bush’s latin wife for years.
    Even before Jeb couldn’t get it up anymore.
    That’s ALL Marco is good for!

  6. I backed him when he ran against the faggot Christ and thought him to be a good young conservative.He got in and fell under the spell of McNasty and the other faggot Lindsey Gaggem.Anyone stupid enough to fall in with those two should be thrown out.Good news is that he cant run for the senate this year because of his news is that we may lose the seat to a Dem.I’m a Cruz man.

  7. this conversation is a pretty good list of Obongo’s accomplishments……er…I mean his scandals…..the things Obongo has done to us told in a joke format………..

    I wish he would get a disease like ebola and do us all a favor…………

    • I had to take the “/s” off the end of that link to get it to work.

      I liked that list; the problem is, it’s still growing, and will until Jan 2017.

      I have often hoped for an Ebola miracle myself.

  8. A DUB…….

    I enjoyed the crap outta this one. Seems you know exactly what your doing, so let’s dispel that myth right now that you don’t.

  9. I’ve reconsidered my stance about Hildabeast “Rotten” Cankles…….I am going to celebrate with Cankles……she did it……..she got it done…….what a babe….damn if she didn’t pull it off…..she got it done only the way she could do it…… one else could have done it like her……….lets all celebrate with Hildy……

  10. Rubio is a talking head. He is Latino first,….American…second. He is a latin Obama. All of this rhetoric about controlled immigration and the rest of the crap is all lies. He is going to be a Latino president and forget about the wants or needs of the Anglo community. He is the same crap with a different name.

  11. AWD I’m running a goggle hang out with Irish Savant. Would you appear and give an American view as a guest sometime? I will let you know future dates and if there’s something you would like to discuss please let me know. Regards Lemmyhead

  12. a friend asked me to pass this along to at least 15 people………I am in total agreement with this amendment…….these bastards we call representatives sell us down the road as soon as they take office…….it’s time we put a stop to these assholes that think they are our rulers…….it’s time……..

    This is what Mark Levine has been talking about–a constitutional convention by the states to get back to the laws of the Constitution. This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on. This is an idea that we need to address.


    One message to forward!

    Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.

    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Their latest stunt is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that they passed … in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite ruling class that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

    If each person that receives this will forward it on to 15 people, in three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators, Representatives of Congress and the President of the United States; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives and the President of the United States that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States …”

  13. just a little info on what Obongo has been doing………..that bastard just won’t stop……

  14. hey…all you liberals out there….you know who you are…..I don’t want to offend you by calling all of you a bunch of retards……I just want to find out if this is true……….

  15. can’t wait for this asshole to jump in the race…………

    no doubt in my mind he’s looking for the opportunity to jump in…’s just a matter of time………..

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      I want Bloomberg to jump in as an independent. That would blow it for the dems before Trump gets a chance to stomp on them.

      • I’ve had the same thoughts myself………Bloomy doesn’t stand a chance in hell with his gun control bullshit…………I’d like to shove my “big gulp” up his ass…….

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