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Marines vs. Nazis: The SS in Afghanistan?



The Marines and the SS Symbol…it actually sounds like a new Call of Duty/Zombies video game, right? Nope, it is the “new” symbol of hate, torture, racism, and white supremacists in the Marine Corps. At least the Huffington Post would have you believe. The Huffington Post first released an article yesterday that included the above picture and a brief first paragraph statement of the scandal involving the Marines urinating on dead Taliban bodies. The history lesson ensued. The remainder of the article contained the history of the SS (Nazi Police) and their atrocities in World War II. That was the best they could muster but all they really cared about was releasing the photo and story.

Today, another article clarified that this picture was not taken recently. Huffington Post seemed to raise much more of a calm tone. However, this will not die down in the ranks of our U. S. Marines. They will be forced to endure countless hours of classes on what symbols mean, what hate symbols are, and, of course, battle field conduct with DEAD Taliban. They will have to sign papers saying they received this class, and commanders will have to provide statements to higher ups that all their Marines and Sailors are now aware of how to “behave.” These classes will now have to be scheduled in addition to the not-so-important war we are fighting. But more important things than winning wars take priority with this Administration, Media, and Defense Department.

The SS symbol for our Scout Sniper Platoons is nothing new. In 1992, this was an issue when our unit deployed to Okinawa after Desert Storm. An appointed officer was sent to our platoon to conduct interviews, take pictures of tattoos, and question the instructor staff of both the Quantico Course and Camp Pendleton Courses. Even after the inspection, the symbol of SS was displayed to represent exactly what it stood for – Scout Sniper. Infantry Commanders have been aware of this symbol for quite some time; it is nothing new-except for with the liberal media and their interpretation of it. This is part of the piling-on and the distaste our current administration and mainstream media have for our troops.

To the Huffington Post and others of their ilk, we (the American Armed Forces) are the enemy in the War on Terror. The slaughter of innocent civilians, beheadings, homicide bombers, and thievery by the nation of Afghanistan and their government stand blameless by the judiciary of the liberal propaganda media. The unit in the photo has been identified as members of 1st Recon Battalion out of Camp Pendleton. I personally knew their leadership and can say they are some of the most professional Marines I had the opportunity to fight with. They have gone above and beyond like most of the ground combat units there to ensure the safety, dignity, and care for the Afghan nationals and prisoners captured.

In contrast, when a Recon unit was overrun in January 2010, the same cannot be said for the brutal outcome and dismemberment that followed with the Taliban’s brand of battlefield “behavior”. Where was the outrage, the sick stomachs, the compassion for OUR dead? It was kept quiet and not released for fear of inciting more violence and retribution. Our Military Commanders need to come out, release the specifics that these SCUMBAGs have not only executed on our troops but the innocent nationals as well. Stop protecting our enemy, let Americans and our allies know exactly how our young men and women are treated and killed, how they were beheaded, burned alive, and tortured. We cannot win a war feeling more for our enemy than our soldiers! America has not successfully destroyed an enemy since World War II and our compassion in time of defense will be our failure and will only cost more brave Americans.

Our commanders need to speak up, be honest and tell the administration where THEIR boundaries are during conflict. Unfortunately, strong leaders like Patton, Puller, and MacArthur no longer exist. WE have lost the war in Afghanistan and will continue to lose wars because the left cannot stomach a fight. And this administration expects our WARRIORS to behave like Boy Scouts!

The MSM will not dare tell stories like this.




    My words to this priceless post of yours would be meaningless.

    Eternal Gratitude ~

    Please folks…make this go viral…it’s a must!

    Wake-Up America..before it’s far to late!

    Anger, frustration and tears are three words that come to mind watching what’s happened to our military fighting machine from the past to this day now in my lifetime…how about yours?

    Another reason we have to send this information to all in any way feasible that we have at our finger-tips.

    Go Viral via Al Gore’s Amazing Internet!

    • American Infidel #1

      Thanks BT, the same frustration is felt watching this from the sidelines now. Knowing the BS that is going on and more to come.

  2. The unit in the photo has been identified as members of 1st Recon Battalion out of Camp Pendleton.


  3. Well Hell’s bells every time I try to comment with links to “This Ain’t Hell,But you can see it from Here”. My comments won’t show or are kicked back because of Spam. Anyway two more stories over there with more info and background. The Marines will not be punished.
    God Bless the Marine Corp and the SCOUT/SNIPERS.

  4. Have I told you guys lately how much I dig Females that fly Warthogs?
    Dang it the link didn’t work. Check it out at Blackfive. Another Hot Chic flying the wings off a Warthog.

  5. And under Demotivational Yeah keep on messin around with the troops, Zero.

  6. I was going to buy a Chevy Camaro SS but since I read the HUFPO article I realize that the car is only meant for Nazi’s

    effen libtard traitors, they better hope they never try to become “embedded” journalists during the next military conflict
    anothe traitorous rag is “rolling stone” and the NYT

  7. since Chevy makes the Camaro SS, and it is owned by the Govt, does this make the Obama administration Nazi’s?

  8. As I sit here in Afghanistand reading this it only makes me more and more frustrated. I am on my fourth tour here and my first was when this whole thing kicked off in 2001. From 2001 to the present day I have seen how this “war” has turned into one big circus. These people live in the damn stone age and for some reason enjoy living like crap. They know how to play the system and continue to suck on the tit of the american military that comes here. They know when they can get money from us for certain things we have done. They know when and where we can engage them. They transform from a taliban fighter into a farmer in a blink of an eye. There is only 2 types of people in this country the taliban and taliban facilitators. The only thing that keeps me from not going off the deep end is my brothers to my left and right. Some of those brothers of mine have the SS brand and they are SCOUT SNIPERS. Not some nazi, and I am sure the person who wrote about the MARINES in the picture would understand that if they were face to face with those MARINES.

  9. What are these cry baby/ hand wringers bitching about now? This isn’t badminton and they’re not knitting doilies over there. I’m sick of bureaucrats like Panetta!

  10. It is the exact same insignia that the Nazis used. I don’t care what they call it, or what they say it stands for.

    Ok now, call me a troll and a jump all over me.

    They couldn’t come up with something better than that?

  11. I HATE NAZIS! GFY, Jew hater.

    Did you lose your way from Stormfront?

    • For the record, this post has nothing to do with the picture of the Snipers at the top of the post.

      Is that CLEAR? The comment that I was responding to is no longer on this thread.

      I am in no way suggesting that our MARINES are Nazis.

      But the goddamed left will say that!

      I tried to put this in the reply to the above post, but it won’t go.


      • Hey Swamp for what its worth I saw the comment you are referring to this morning, before it got wiped. I got your back if needed. Something about twisted head wear.

        • Thanks Dirty Al. You know how I like to go after the Jew bashers. I recall the scene in the Blues Brothers movie when Jake and Elwood are trying to get somewhere, and there is a Nazi rally blocking the roadway.

          When Elwood asks a police officer what the holdup is the officer replies, ‘Nazi’s.’

          Elwood replies, “I hate Nazi’s.” If you ever saw the flick you know what happens next.

    • I give up!……………………..

  12. American Infadel #1

    Great article!! When does libitard hunting season begin? I think the left so afraid of guns and the military that all the can do is be an overly loud minority. All I can say is WE WIN!!!

    Swamp music, have you serves your country in the Military? I THINK NOT!!! So how about you go back to playing with your little sisters Barbie dolls, and leave the shotting and maiming to those of us who do it for a living. REALLY MAN!! Who made you the FONT POLICE?

    • Libtard hunting hopefully begins late this year. Thanks Brother.

    • I knew someone would give me shit about my post.

      As to whether I’ve served my country, none of your business.

      I was just making an observation.

      Font Police, thats funny right there.

      BTW, that flag is just more ammo for the left. Give them all the rope they need to hang us right?

      • Hi Swamp, long time no speak.

        Couple of thoughts from me. I struggle to defend the use of a SchutzStaffel(sp?) insignia by our side (as a pro-West, pro-Anglosphere Englishter).

        I sincerely doubt that these Marines lads are Jew-haters or National Socialist sympathisers. They are volunteer soldiers of the country that is Israel’s staunchest ally. I could argue that they’re indirectly fighting a pro-Israel conflict even.

        My take is this. The SS was a feared, ferocious miltary unit which carved itself a dread reputation. Fighting men who need to rouse a spirit of aggression and camaraderie may well sieze on the symbols of such a force to cement their own resolve and ferocity.

        I have seen images of soldiers of the Parachute Regiment displaying Swastika emblems and SS daggers at private functions. Emblems of the same units their forefathers fought to the death at Arnhem. Also, various British Army units wear T-shirts carrying the slogans of Genghis Khan on the joy of battle or conquest. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want to sweep the Chinese into the sea and make the streets of Peking slippery with human blood like Khan did.

        I can’t directly defend the use of an SS logo. This is merely my (perhaps mistaken) way of analysing the reasoning behind it.

        • I sincerely doubt that these Marines lads are Jew-haters or National Socialist sympathisers. Liam

          I agree. The comment that appears at the bottom of this thread, as of now, was directed at another poster who said something about Jews in general. However, I don’t see the comment anymore.

          Our troops, and the British fighting men and women, are the best the world has ever seen.

          Alas, I am not the thinker that you and others here are.

          I understand that ‘Power Perceived’, is ‘Power Achieved’.

          And I knew that our military folks would take my comment the wrong way.

          The flag in question is just an opportunity for those not in the know, to label our troops as monsters.

          I am moved to tears at times when I think of the thousands of young men and women who have given ‘all’ to defend our countries.

          Old timers on these boards know full well my support of our military.

          I have not been here in a while, so maybe ‘Semper Fi’ is new in town.

          God bless him anyway.

          Thank you Liam.

          • No problem Swamp. Like the quote about “Power Perceived”. I’ll remember that.

            Agree with you as well that we should beware of giving propaganda material to assorted enemies.

  13. Oops

    * served


    Sorry a couple mistakes in my last post, gotta love tiny key boards.

  14. I see that the heads in the Pentagon want to remove God from the AF patch. Why? Now with this crap with the sniper emblem it goes beyond stupid. What is on the uniform makes no difference. What is important is the FPS of what comes out the business end of the barrel. I remember 40 years ago before I retired we were exposed to diversity. Then it was called Race Relations. I learned such useful information as the meaning of “I was dragging main in my duce and a quarter checking out the foxes.” In 40 years since I haven’t had a reason to use that bit of knowledge. The people that make waves on such as this couldn’t find their anal sphincter with a search warrant. The words of Mr.T of A-Team fame come to mind “SHUT UP FOOL.”

  15. O.K. I’ll admit it, I think the German Army was the s…! That symbol catches my eye everytime I see it.
    I’m half German and Europe should be speaking German right about now. I wonder how that multi-cultutralism would have went? How they lost amazes me. They were superior on every level. There were many in the High Command that didn’t want to eliminate the Jews. That was the sickness that brought about a curse. A real live Biblical curse. The Battle of Stalingrad just about says it all- along with a certain person’s madness.

  16. @swamp

    I need to apologize man!! You are right! I am new here, I add comments on and off, always read the Posts on AWD, rarely do I skim the comments usually only when I post a comment I my own. I thought you were coming from som lib position on this, and TOTALLY misunderstood your position. Actually I agree with you. I apologize for coming at you like that.

    • No problem my friend. I can sometimes come at an issue from the wrong angle, and it is taken the wrong way.

      Hope you continue to post here, your presence is welcome and needed.

      Looking forward to your comments in the future.

      Thank you for your service.

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