Marines vs. Nazis: The SS in Afghanistan?



The Marines and the SS Symbol…it actually sounds like a new Call of Duty/Zombies video game, right? Nope, it is the “new” symbol of hate, torture, racism, and white supremacists in the Marine Corps. At least the Huffington Post would have you believe. The Huffington Post first released an article yesterday that included the above picture and a brief first paragraph statement of the scandal involving the Marines urinating on dead Taliban bodies. The history lesson ensued. The remainder of the article contained the history of the SS (Nazi Police) and their atrocities in World War II. That was the best they could muster but all they really cared about was releasing the photo and story.

Today, another article clarified that this picture was not taken recently. Huffington Post seemed to raise much more of a calm tone. However, this will not die down in the ranks of our U. S. Marines. They will be forced to endure countless hours of classes on what symbols mean, what hate symbols are, and, of course, battle field conduct with DEAD Taliban. They will have to sign papers saying they received this class, and commanders will have to provide statements to higher ups that all their Marines and Sailors are now aware of how to “behave.” These classes will now have to be scheduled in addition to the not-so-important war we are fighting. But more important things than winning wars take priority with this Administration, Media, and Defense Department.

The SS symbol for our Scout Sniper Platoons is nothing new. In 1992, this was an issue when our unit deployed to Okinawa after Desert Storm. An appointed officer was sent to our platoon to conduct interviews, take pictures of tattoos, and question the instructor staff of both the Quantico Course and Camp Pendleton Courses. Even after the inspection, the symbol of SS was displayed to represent exactly what it stood for – Scout Sniper. Infantry Commanders have been aware of this symbol for quite some time; it is nothing new-except for with the liberal media and their interpretation of it. This is part of the piling-on and the distaste our current administration and mainstream media have for our troops.

To the Huffington Post and others of their ilk, we (the American Armed Forces) are the enemy in the War on Terror. The slaughter of innocent civilians, beheadings, homicide bombers, and thievery by the nation of Afghanistan and their government stand blameless by the judiciary of the liberal propaganda media. The unit in the photo has been identified as members of 1st Recon Battalion out of Camp Pendleton. I personally knew their leadership and can say they are some of the most professional Marines I had the opportunity to fight with. They have gone above and beyond like most of the ground combat units there to ensure the safety, dignity, and care for the Afghan nationals and prisoners captured.

In contrast, when a Recon unit was overrun in January 2010, the same cannot be said for the brutal outcome and dismemberment that followed with the Taliban’s brand of battlefield “behavior”. Where was the outrage, the sick stomachs, the compassion for OUR dead? It was kept quiet and not released for fear of inciting more violence and retribution. Our Military Commanders need to come out, release the specifics that these SCUMBAGs have not only executed on our troops but the innocent nationals as well. Stop protecting our enemy, let Americans and our allies know exactly how our young men and women are treated and killed, how they were beheaded, burned alive, and tortured. We cannot win a war feeling more for our enemy than our soldiers! America has not successfully destroyed an enemy since World War II and our compassion in time of defense will be our failure and will only cost more brave Americans.

Our commanders need to speak up, be honest and tell the administration where THEIR boundaries are during conflict. Unfortunately, strong leaders like Patton, Puller, and MacArthur no longer exist. WE have lost the war in Afghanistan and will continue to lose wars because the left cannot stomach a fight. And this administration expects our WARRIORS to behave like Boy Scouts!

The MSM will not dare tell stories like this.


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