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The comm-a-nist Bloomberg posted an article today titled Young Americans Are Killing Marriage.

The article says:

In 1980, two-thirds of 25- to 34-year-olds were already married. One in eight had already been married and divorced. In 2015, just two in five millennials were married, and only 7 percent had been divorced.

There’s a simple reason for why marriage is biting the big one in America. Young men have seen the misery divorce has placed upon their dads and don’t want to follow that path. And who can blame them?

Today, AWD had a meeting with a young salesman in my office. He told me he was going to get married in two months. I asked him if he had studied how his fiancee’s mother treated her father? He asked why? I said, a young girl will usually follow in the footsteps of her mother. If the mother is a controlling bee-yotch, the daughter will eventually treat her man the same. Trust me.

I counseled the young man the same I counsel my own sons. If you choose to marry, don’t have children until you are totally sure you can live with this woman until the children are adults. A divorced dad is screwed. Or, ‘FFL’ as AWD has put it. F@@@ed For Life! The divorced dad will be financially screwed until his early or late 50’s. Child support and, in some cases, alimony take any extra income the divorced dad could use to invest in his future. I’m not saying a dad shouldn’t take care of his children but the system is totally slanted to give the mother (no matter how big a disaster zone) custody of the children and up to half of the dad’s income. Even if the Dad had zero culpability for the divorce!

A divorced Dad is also screwed because he goes from seeing his children every day to seeing them every Wednesday night and every other weekend. Think about it. A guy who adores his kids and spends every possible moment with them is robbed of that because of divorce, many times divorces that are not his fault! But the laws in America screw men 99% of the time.

So is it any wonder young men don’t want to get married? Unless they have some religious qualm about having sex out of marriage (which is extremely rare these days), why would a young guy want to expose himself to the risk should the marriage end in divorce? And, by the way, it’s reported that half of all marriages end in divorce. Why take the chance? It’s not like women hold out the boo-tay anymore until a ring is on their finger.

AWD predicts that marriage won’t exist in 30 years. Unless laws are drastically changed and men are no longer screwed by the government, you can say goodbye to marriage. And women have done it all to themselves.

I’d like to see the government totally disassociated with marriage in America. Why does a man have to get permission from the government to marry and divorce? And why should a man abide by marriage and divorce laws stacked against him?

AWD is single. I have dated numerous women since my divorce. Most are so shallow intellectually, spiritually, and morally, there is zero chance of them meeting and keeping a quality man. I admit, AWD laid more cable than AT&T early in my post-divorce dating career. I’m no saint and haven’t always been a pillar of virtue but those days are long over.

American women, with few exceptions, aren’t worth dirt. Spoiled, bitter, self-absorbed jerks who consistently seek the man who doesn’t exist. The Bigger Better Deal. It’s their way or no way at all. What man wants to saddle up to a woman who only wants to suck him dry spiritually and financially while consistently pointing out all his faults? But that is what most American men face.

I’m not saying all women are bad and all men are good. I know there are good women and bad guys. But good women in America are harder to find than a salad at a Michael Moore dinner party.

I told the young man in my office today to never give up an ounce of his freedom to his wife. If he goes out a night a week with his compadres now, continue going out after his marriage. Because if he quits for a week or two, he will never get that freedom back. Women usurp freedoms in their quest to control every molecule of air a man breathes.

True story. AWD used to play golf with a buddy who made a good living and worked from his home. His wife didn’t work because of his earnings. Their kids were in school so the wife was free to do whatever, whenever. AWD and this friend liked to play golf during the week. But for us to play golf during the work week, my friend would have to put on a suit like he had a meeting, drive 30 seconds to the club, change clothes and play golf so his wife wouldn’t get mad. She, even though she didn’t work, hated that he enjoyed himself playing golf. After our round, he would go into the clubhouse, change clothes back into his suit and drive home like he had been at a meeting. Pitiful.


So is anyone surprised that young men who have seen their dads tortured through control and divorce don’t want to marry? What’s in it for them?! Risk!

I warn my oldest son every week to not fall in love until his dad checks out the parents and their relationship. If the mom wears the pants and treats the dad like sh*t, it’s sayonara bakachan! The daughter will eventually become her mom. And I’ll be damned if I let my son get treated like a @#*& doormat!!

Women like to ask “where are all the good guys?” The answer is, you’ve killed them all because you’re bad women! You took their children, their money, their homes, their futures, etc so now all they want is to get your legs in the air and then move on to the next victim! And you American women damn well deserve it! So sit on your Louis Vuitton purses and your BMW’s you’ve bought with your child support and spin on it!

We’re onto you. And we damn well make sure our sons are on to you and your female offspring.

Want your son to walk this down the aisle? Sheeee-ut!



  1. Quartierleblanc

    There is a lot of wisdom in that post. The guys who really understand this principle are some of the rappers and few of the Black pro athletes. They have baby momma’s and accept some degree of child support. The big HOWEVER is that they NEVER allow the woman to get into the piggy bank. ( That means NO MARRIAGE) They can live in the house, they can have an expense account, they can drive the car, but they never ever own them. Reward is based upon behavior. Trinkets, toys, jewelry, clothes etc are bestowed upon being a good girl. Be good, take care of business and the rug rats and you’ll be taken care of.

  2. Joe Stalin

    And don’t forget to have have guns BEFORE the marriage. The Leftist women will do EVERYTHING they can to ensure the man is emasculated weaponwise. Just look at the communist Northeast. Acquire as many guns, ARs and handguns as you can. The moment the lefty women start crying about your “need” to have big tools, tell ’em to go find a eunuch to keep their bed warm. Resistance has to start somewhere, and it might as well be here.

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  4. Deplorable B Woodman

    If you aren’t already, you need to be reading ReturnOfKings dot com.

  5. You nailed it. I lived it.
    Met my second wife in China. Smartest move I ever made.

  6. There are other issues that arise even before divorce becomes a concern. Men with half a brain don’t want to marry the classless broads that predominate the current dating market (we refer to them as the “Bad Teachers”) who have a half a decade or more of riding the carousel under their belt by time they are ready to settle down, so it takes a lot longer to locate and attract marriageable females with anything resembling traditional values.

  7. AWD, one fine day me and you should sit down with a bottle of good whiskey and compare notes on this minefield. I managed to get custody of my kids (The law here is as anti-father as it is there), but by God what it’s cost me in terms of money, time and damage to my career doesn’t bear thinking about.

  8. Curt in Pittsburgh

    I told my sister that I can afford to get married. I can’t afford to get divorced.

  9. When I divorced the father of my children, I asked for NOTHING. In fact, I even let him keep the timeshare in Vegas, and only took my share of the equity in our house. I just wanted out. Period. We shared custody of our daughters 50/50…he’d have them one week, and I’d have them the next, so no child support changed hands for a few years. I wound up moving to Canada, and I wanted my girls with me, and he agreed because he wanted to take a job that would have him travelling all over the States, and he’d be away from home for up to six months at a time. We agreed that he would pay me $600 a month in child support, which was a bargain because based on his income, I could have had over $1,000 a month. I felt it was more important for my girls to have a father with enough money to fly back and forth to see them, and to fly them out to see him than to bleed him dry. Because he was working in a different place all the time, whenever they went to see him, they got to see a different part of the U.S. I made sure they spoke on the phone with him often in between visits, and once I learned about Skype, I had them using that so they could see their dad when they were talking to him. They’re young women now, work full-time, and can’t just leave for the summer, Christmas vacation or Spring Break to see him, but they Skype with him a few times a week, and have a very close relationship with him. He says I have been more than fair, and I appreciate the fact that he didn’t put up a fight when I wanted to remove the girls from the Stares, so I feel he has been more than fair as well.

  10. A prenuptial agreement is a must, even if you have little to no net worth. Additionally the days of having 6-10 kids is over, regardless of your religious beliefs. If the marriage fails 10 years down the road and you have 5 kids , you will be paying $2500 – $16000 a month depending on your income. Who can afford that ? Plus a wife that stays home guarantees you will be paying spousal support forever.

  11. I wouldn’t get married again personally. I think I’ll just find a woman who hates me and buy her a house. It’s cheaper and cuts out the middlemen.


  13. I, as a woman, will tell you that these female so-and-so’s are very hard to work and live with. So I agree with you. It’s embarrassing as a female to see this. As far as the divorces for men: I HAVE SEEN THEM SCREWED. And I wonder what the hell is wrong with these judges?! Don’t they have any evidence to go over and decipher the truth about something? Justice with Jeanine: PLEASE INTERCEDE!!! But you know…this is why the kids are screwed up. It really does take a good father to raise them and give them love and emotional security. Geez…

  14. I just watched the anti-trump rant. Do any of these people ever listen to what they are saying? And where did this white girl get a nigga accent?

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