What a bunch of p*ssies we’ve raised as a nation. Where the mere sight of a Trump sticker sends middle-class socialist brats in universities into little hissy fits! Where a man acting like a man and not some Kansas City queer gives liberals the vapors. Where the mere sight of a Confederate flag in the South brings tears and fainting spells.

These so-called offensive things are called micro-aggressions by worthless libtards. And the whole damn PC micro-aggressions thing is 50 shades of stupid! However, the uber-offended little precious lilies on college campuses don’t seem to have any problem with Hillary goons beating the bejeezus out of Trump supporting little old ladies. But that’s probably because the little old ladies are Hitlers.

AWD was reading about what’s going on at NC State in reference to the wussification of their student body. Ooops, it probably needs to be referred to as the student transexual body lest AWD offend the little wastes of space in Raleigh.

According to CampusReform:

“It’s sometimes called ‘death by a thousand paper cuts,’” explained Renee Wells, director of the university’s GLBT Center. “There’s this cumulative emotional effect that leaves people feeling marginalized and invalidated.”

Common examples of microaggressions are remarks suggesting that Asians get good grades, suggesting that women are bad drivers, or asking an African American student whether he got an athletic scholarship, Wells noted, but added that there are other, more subtle types of microaggressions, as well.

“For example, a student walking across campus might see a Confederate flag in the window of a residence hall or a racist slur spray painted in the Free Expression Tunnel,” she observed, saying, “these are things that you see that aren’t necessarily targeted at you, but are part of the environment you are navigating.”

Well, you feel invalidated? Well, I’ve done my job! Score one for America. And there are probably good reasons to assume Asians get good grades. Because they do! When AWD was in college, the general rule of thumb was to drop any class that had more than two Asians in it. They were going to ruin the grading curve. Not because they were that much smarter than anyone else, they got good grades because all they did was study. What else were they going to do? Go on dates with women? Yeah, right.

Renee Wells, who I’m pretty sure was probably once a dude, goes on:

Vitriolic sentiments on social media, meanwhile, constitute what Wells describes as “microassaults,” because unlike microaggressions, they are intentional.

“Microaggressions include things you might consider macroaggressions, things that are intentional and overt—people using racist slurs—which are microassaults,” Wells said.

Even members of marginalized groups must be wary of microaggressions, she continued, asserting that “horizontal oppression” takes place when a member of one minority group microaggresses against another minority.

50 years ago, the grandfathers of these putrid little socialist multi-sexual bastids were bayoneting the Viet Cong in the throat. They were men and didn’t act like women. And each of these little campus PC turds crying about being offended by names, flags, and the Bill of Rights could use a good slap if not more!

So AWD was thinking why not start some macro-aggressions? If micro-aggression cause such consternation among the effete crowds on campus, perhaps some macro-aggressions would push them over the edge where they prefer to step in front of a bus than live another day in this hateful, oppressive America filled with white privilege. Hell, I’d give them a shove.

So F You, you little offended half-a-sissies of all the multitude of sexes you’ve invented. F You to each of them! You’re lower than amoebas and will be the first ones to go when it all goes down. Think the Chinese Red Army will hesitate one second to slit your little pencil neck throats because you hate the America that has given you so much for nothing in return? Or the Muslim terrorists your precious Democrats are flooding into the Great Satan? It won’t be “death by a thousand cuts” but death by getting your papaya chopped off for Allah!

When the whip comes down, what will your last thoughts be? Will they be, “Damn, everything I believed was wrong and resulted in getting me killed by those who hate me” or will it be “Damn, I wish I had a bayonet to stab that savage terrorist in the throat!”

My guess is you’ll just curl up in a ball and die. You’re p*ssies like that. And America will be much better off when you are purged.

How’s that for macro-aggressions, little petunias?


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