Did anyone really believe the Republicans were going to flat out repeal ObamaCare? Just like everything else, they had to make a show of it before pulling away the football at the last moment. Again. This show is as predictable as it is sickening. But the wussypants Republicans must keep up the show to keep the SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters) back home voting for them come next election.

The Republicans aka Democrats knew McCain would take the bullet for them on the repeal vote. After all, cancer is eating away his diseased, corrupt mind and he’ll be pining for the fjords soon. Or roasting in hell this “his good friend” Ted Kennedy.

McCain, for his part, didn’t mind shoving it up the culos of Trump and the Tea Party again. It’s what he does. And AWD still can’t believe Trump or his man servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham haven’t defected to the Democrat caucus. Perhaps that is the next “screw you” to conservatives.

I have no doubt that there are scores of Republican Senators who would have taken McCain’s place with the final NO vote on the repeal of ObamaCare. I’m sure plenty were nervous before McCain showed up. After all, these are RINO corruptocrats who have remained in office on the promise of repealing ObamaCare. In fact, they all voted to repeal ObamaCare seven times when Imam Hussein would surely veto. Political professional wrestling. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m sure Fredo or John Cornyn or Jeff Flake or Roy Blount or name the Senators from your state would have, if commanded by their owners on Wall Street and Big Banks, cast the final vote to not repeal the bill.

McCain gave them cover. It’s obvious. Yet I have heard no other bring this to light except ye olde Big Sexy.

Let AWD clue you in on another truthful prediction. As I have said forever, a border wall with Me-hee-co will NEVER be built! Nevah!

Y’all, it’s Third Party time. Or it’s “Do Not Vote In The Primaries For Another Incumbent,” or it’s Red State Secession time. Choose your elixir for us to have a chance to elect honest people. For me, I’ve long tired of having the Democrats in DC (including the GOP) destroy my country and control my money.


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