At a rally against the “Personhood” bill being considered by Oklahoma lawmakers, State Senator Judy McIntyre (D) was photographed holding a sign that read: “IF I WANTED THE GOVERNMENT IN MY WOMB, I’D F#CK A SENATOR!”

Since the ‘F’-Word isn’t permitted here, as it shouldn’t be…I cannot post this ‘Picture of the Day‘ from Black&Right…so check it out it, speaks volumes. Like they say…’A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words!

This real classy so-‘lady’ was at a rally along with others regarding the ‘Personhood Bill’ that is pending in Oklahoma…you can read much more here, it’s a short read and ought to set your hair on fire as well with much of what was said etc.

Here’s a snippet of the article I’m referring to above:

OKLAHOMA CITY – Hundreds of people gathered on the north steps of the Capitol on Tuesday to protest legislative efforts to declare that “personhood” begins at conception.

They were loud, enthusiastic and, at times, off color.

Senate Bill 1433, by Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, is pending in the House after securing approval in the Senate.

Another measure, House Joint Resolution 1067, by Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, proposes to put the issue to a vote of the people. But Rep. Gary Banz, R-Midwest City, said the measure would not be heard in the House Rules Committee, which he is chairman of and where it was assigned.

The protesters donned aprons and took off their shoes to illustrate their contention that the declaration would be a throwback to when women had few reproductive or career choices.

“Women brought you in 2 the world,” read one sign. “Women will vote you out of this Legislature.”

“Forcing your agenda between my legs is rape,” another sign said. and blah blah blah.

How in the world do people like this woman, along with many others of all race and stripes ever get elected and reelected time after time..they are the dregs of our society…period!

So you tell me…does life begin at conception? Or are the normal people in this country with two braincells left to rub together and know that it is and declare it is…completely crazy according to these Leftist-Loons trodding the earth?

It’s pathetically sad what this country has come to now…to even have a bill named ‘Personhood Act‘ speaks volumes to how low we’ve sunk.

Add you two-cents…I’m beyond the point of being past disgusted. ~


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