Isn’t this rich! One has wonder why this ordeal drug on so long in the first place! Nevertheless, like they say…pay backs are hell! You also have to wonder if her Dear Leader is going to swoop in and save her job anytime soon…anyone think that will happen…hmm? Then again, he may insert her in his administration somewhere…after-all, she fits right in with his ideology!

Here’s the story, this is short and sweet…depending on how you look at it. – This is via Mediaite:

Florida’s Brevard Community College professor Sharon Sweet made headlines in September, 2012, when she made her students sign a pledge to vote for President Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Over the weekend, a college review board investigating the incident recommended that Sweet, on leave since her infraction became a national scandal, be permanently dismissed.

“I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket,” read the pledge that Sweet, a professor of mathematics, asked her students to sign. Sweet was immediately put on leave after college officials determined that she had violated the institution’s code of conduct.

After an investigation, a review board determined that Sweet both attempted to influence her students’ vote and misrepresented her intentions:

“Professor Sweet strongly encouraged or mandated that students from several classes sign a pledge card that stated, ‘I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.’ She also misrepresented her intentions to multiple students, indicating at various times that she was conducting voter registration for the college, that the pledge cards were non-partisan voter registration forms, and that the pledge was a ‘statistical analysis.’”

The board determined that Sweet’s actions, which “constitute harassment, incompetence, misconduct and unprofessional behavior in the workplace,” should result in her termination.

So friends…do you think she will be permanently terminated…or not?

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