AWD’s angry white brother says “those you suspect the most, usually are!” New England Patriots QB and noted Metrosexual (i.e. homosexual in a metro) Tom Brady has long been pinging ye olde gaydar five by five. His latest hairstyle and clothing isn’t doing anything to make him more popular in the locker room. Maybe in the prison showers!

This is what happens when you marry a fuzzy little foreigner who is a fashion model. Its mandatory that everyone involved in the fashion world be a homo-sexule or at least act like it. And Brady’s fuzzy little foreigner wife Gisele Bundchen (whose name in German translates to “My Husband Is A Poofter”) is leading Brady down a road best left for Clay Aiken and Boy George.

It appears Tom needs a big injection of testosterone. But looking at his photos, it appears he may have gotten several injections…the hard way! AWD suggests Brady gets back to manly practices, ditches that fuzzy little foreigner, heads down to Wal Mart and pick up some Wranglers, pop on that AWD t shirt, go pig hunting and start acting like a man. And Tom, never EVER call your clothes an outfit.

Here’s Tom carrying something no man should every consider touching:

AWD misses the days of old when NFL football was a game for men played by men. The players didn’t wear pink cleats and sport diamond earrings that cost more than the stadium they were playing in. They sacked the QB and then went after his family. Players were tough and mean. There was no “in the grasp” or “helmet to helmet” BS, half-a-sissy penalties. The stars who played the game were men like Johnny U with flat tops, hi-top black cleats, and ran a two-day 40 yard dash. Or Sonny Jurgensen who had a belly that rivals Michael “the Hutt” Moore. But man, could they play! After the game, they’d go kill a moose or roof their house in a blizzard.

Let me tell y’all one damn thing, this cat didn’t wear earrings:


No, after a tackle Butkus would eat the running back’s spleen. AWD once met Dick Butkus when I was about 8 years old. I asked for his autograph. He broke my leg. I was honored.

I’m telling y’all one damn thing. I’m pretty sure Tom Brady has seen one up close. Of course, the NFL desperately seeks to have gay football players for some damn reason. I guess playing the game of football these days is gauche. It appears Tom Brady is pretty far down the road to poofterism with his style of dress, haircuts, and man purses.

Larry Csonka, where are you when we need you?

Watch this pathetic crap:

Tom, why not stop expelling CO2 into the atmosphere by not breathing for 60 minutes on Earth Hour? Idjit!


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