There are two damn things in this mundo AWD doesn’t give one damn about and both of them are anything the corrupt hellhole of Mexico says or does! I hate Mexico. I hate a country so corrupt and worthless that it has to export its citizens to America because it cannot create jobs or sustain an economy sufficient to keep its people there. I hate a country that plays upon the goodwill and political correctness of its neighbor to the north to feed its people. I hate a country that allows drug cartels to dominate and terrorize the innocent people living in Mexico. Especially when the government is in bed with the drug-running savages. I hate a country that sues American states for passing common-sense immigration laws to protect its citizens from the violent swarms of illegal aliens from their southern neighbor. That’s Mexico. And that’s why I hate Mexico!

Mexico is not an ally of America. Quite the contrary. Mexican lawmakers are asking the U.S. Senate to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in border states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and my beloved Lone Star State of Texas. Mexico says gun registration will make it easier for them to trace guns used in violent attacks. Mexico isn’t sophisticated enough to track their own ass with both hands and a map! They would be much better off tracking the guns sold to drug cartels by Hopenchange and his chief thug, Eric Holder.

Why should we be surprised? Me-hee-co is only doing what all other enemies of America are doing these days in calling for gun registrations and gun controls that penalize law-abiding Americans. The mainstream propaganda media, China, Democrats, the Communist Party USA, Democrats (same thing), Juan McPain, Eric Holder, and the supreme American enemy, one Barack Hussein Hopenchange Soetoro Obama all are working hard to build momentum for gun registration and “universal background checks.” And universal background checks and gun registration only lead to one thing if history has taught us anything. Gun confiscation. And gun confiscation has only lead to one thing if history has taught us anything. Mass murder of civilians at the hand of tyrannical governments.

I really doubt Mexico came up with this on their own. This smells of Obama and Holder. Mexico cannot track the guns in their own damn hellhole country but once again butts its nose into American politics. Calling on the Senate to pass gun registration of border states? Yeah, right! Of course, Democrats and wussypants Republicans will fall all over themselves apologizing for our Second Amendment rights to one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

So you’ll excuse me, government of Mexico, if AWD tells you to besar (kiss) my big ol’ sexy culo (ass)! You might prohibit the citizens of your country the means to protect themselves with firearms. I’ll be damned if you, Democrats, communists, wussypants Republicans, China, Obama or anyone else will force that on me and my people. Our resolve is stronger than you could possibly imagine. Because the day America submits to gun control and confiscation is the day we become Mexico. And none of us patriots will ever allow that!

Molon labe, pinche maricones!


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