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Libs are nothing if not predictable. And stupid. But they are amusing at times. Very small amounts of time.

Michael the Moore has written a letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder criticizing Snyder’s declaration that Michigan will not allow Syrian refugees to enter the state after the tragic, but predictable attacks in Paris.

Michael the Moore wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know that, contrary to your declaration of denying Syrian refugees a home in our state of Michigan, I myself am going to defy your ban and will offer MY home in Traverse City, Michigan, to those very Syrian refugees you’ve decided to keep out. I will contact the State Department to let them know I am happy to provide a safe haven to any Syrian refugee couple approved by the Obama administration’s vetting procedures in which I have full faith and trust.”

AWD thought we got rid of Michael the Moore back in ’12 at an Occupy and Poop event:


I guess not. Haven’t we suffered enough?

So Moore wants Syrian Muslim refugees? Sounds like he has eaten all his recent servants and needs to reload. But doesn’t it make you feel all warm and secure knowing Michael the Moore has “full faith and trust” in Obama’s vetting procedure of Syrians? For those of you who don’t know, Obamas’ vetting procedure to enter the United States is this:

Q: Are you a Muslim? Ok, you’re in.

Everyone, including Moore know that the Mastodon of Michigan will never see the first Syrian. Much less in his house. For now, he’ll just have to keep spreading butter on his Oreos by himself!

AWD always chuckles when lib celebrities promise to leave the country if (choose any issue that makes sense to intelligent people) happens. They never do. Check that. I think actor Johnny Depp lives in Paris when he’s not making awful movies. Good on him!

Rich liberals like Michael the Moore love all savage minorities from any third world savage hellhole but choose to live in lily-white enclaves with other rich, white liberals. No, there will be no Syrians in Moore’s one bedroom, 15 kitchen palace. Unless Moore wants to eat them.

What continues to baffle AWD is how liberals, who are champions of every freaky-deaky lifestyle want to import Muslims who kill every freaky-deaky lifestyle. And even lifestyles that are non freaky-deaky if they are not Muslim. And where are the gay protesters? Don’t they know that each and every Syrian refugee wants to throw gays off buildings and hope they survive the fall so a proper stoning finishes them off? It’s must more evidence to support AWD’s First Rule of Politics:

Liberals depend on stupid.

So don’t worry about Michael Moore taking in Syrian refugees. He just is a press whore who loves to make promises he knows he won’t have to keep. Kind of like the now-single AWD has done with the young lovelies I have dated post-divorce.

Moore is a blow-hard that probably has a blow hole. He says he supports union workers but insists on making his films with non-union labor because it’s cheaper. He speaks at Occupy events railing against the 1% but reportedly is worth $50 million. He says he has feet but hasn’t seen them in 45 years. He’s nothing more than a lot of talk augmented with a whole hell of a lot of stupid. In other words, a liberal.

If AWD was the governor of Michigan, I’d send a truckload of Syrian refugees to Moore’s house pronto. If he doesn’t allow them in, make them camp out on his lawn. Make sure that Breitbart or other trustworthy news organizations (if there are any) are there to keep an eye on Moore. Make him eat his big fat stupid words. He’s eaten everything else.




  1. I heard Michael Moore make those comments about allowing Muslim terrorists camp out at his place to plot new attacks here in this country and so they can kill Americans………..

    I could just picture this balloon putting globs of butter on his oreos making disparaging comments about those of us that want to eliminate this blight on humanity from the face of the earth…………

    the truth of the matter is Moore is a piece-of-shit……Moore isn’t full of shit….he is the shit………..

  2. Moore is just another liberal gas bag!! He knows the refugees will never be in his home!! Someone should have let the hot air out of him a long time ago!! He acts like he is just a regular guy but he is a 1%er!!! Fucking liberal shitstain!!!! FUCK YOU MOORE!!!!!!!!

  3. Quartierleblanc

    What a hypocrite. HIs idea of porn is watching whales have sex.

  4. I’m surprised anyone could understand him through all the fat jowls and slobber.

    He knows damned well he will never, ever have a ‘refugee’ in his home. Hypocrite.

  5. If he wants them then he is welcome to have them!

    Hope he doesn’t expect any thanks for to these people it’s only a means to an end to accept an infidels charity and when things blow over, they will tell him, “You have been so kind but if you ever come to my country I will gut like the pig you are! F**k you American infidel! I s*it on your academy awards last night! F**k you!”

    Like I said, he’s welcome to have and support them!

  6. Someone needs to spike his poo poo platter next time he flys to Hawaii for a snack, or 6.
    I’d bet he believes in global warming or whatever they call it today, too.
    Read this for our tax dollars at work (not food stamps for moore)

  7. If we went by the constitution Moore would realize that the governor of Michigan is basically the president of Michigan. Michigan is its on state/country. Each state is its on country and the states only ally together to make the United States of America for common defense and to promote trade and prosperity for all states. If this country truly followed the constitution Moore would not be so flippant to the governor of Michigan who has declared he did not want Syrians in his state. Moore is flying high (he thinks) now due to the libs running Washington D.C. and he thinks he can defy the governor and sanity. I would laugh my a$$ off if the governor would arrest his fat butt and put him in jail on bread and water. The idea alone would cause him a coronary. Why is Moore still using our air anyway??

  8. Spurwing Plover

    What don’t old lard bucket go and move into the middle east at least we would’nt have to put up with his stupidity

  9. No offers to wounded American Vets.

    Wants to open up his ex wife’s house to Mooooooooooslims.


    Hello to my friend Bluto!!


  10. Crankywhitewoman

    I’m in Texas, visiting my family for Thanksgiving, and since I have them all in one place, I read this article to them. AWD, you have a bunch of new fans. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Crankywhitewoman, in what part of Texas are you? Thanks for introducing the page to more dudes and dudettes! Happy Thanksgiving!


      • Crankywhitewoman

        Alvord in Wise County. My crankywhitesister has 12 acres out here, and my crankywhitemom just purchased a 30 acre parcel here because she’s planning to get herself and her guns out of California. Now The Mister and I will have two places to go to every winter to escape the subzero temps in Ontario, Canada. Yay!

        I also read to them your piece on the Code Pink dipsh*ts plans to dress up as vaginas and protest the Republican convention a few years back. Got a lot of laughter with that one. I’m lucky in that my entire family is made up of sensible conservatives, so instead of using this Thanksgiving to discuss climate change, like Hussein wants, I’m reading them AWD articles.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    This is the ugly old warty toad who called american’s the worsts stupidist’s people yeah listen to old megaphone mouth long enough and you’ll think the earth is still flat

  12. warning……..I could not get through this video……..I had to turn away……I just couldn’t watch this all the way through………

    and this bastard in the white house wants to bring these animals into this country…….he can got to hell…….I emailed this to a friend but I said something in that email about what I would like to do to this bastard in the white house but I can’t write it here or his praetorian guard would be coming after me……

  13. the Poles have it right……..700,000 Poles have taken to the streets to protest the Muslim invasion…… the EU wants Poland to take in thousands of Muslim terrorists and the Poles are having none of it…..and I don’t blame them one bit……..they need to hold strong and not give in to these dumb-bells in the EU like Merkel who are destroying their own countries by letting these animals over run them…….

    Poland for the Poles……and not for these Islamic animals……..

  14. One would think someone of his body-type would be jolly and humble, yet surprisingly…

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