Interesting that Mitt Romney would try to pick up a knife for the first time in his pampered life to fight against a street fighter who has sliced, diced, and circumcised more guts than an ISIS imam. This will not turn out well for Romney. He has forever committed political suicide by unwisely attacking the greatest knife-fighter in American political history.

Here’s Romney’s Waterloo:

Romney even sunk as low to say “Trump didn’t build his business success.” Isn’t that an Obama lie? In-f***ing-credible!

Let this sink in. The Republican Establishment sent out one of its loser former presidential nominees to destroy the Republican frontrunner. This is a huge historical event. And it ensures the total destruction of the Republican Party should Trump decide to run third party. A part of me hopes he does if it will destroy the corrupt behemoth GOP Establishment leviathan.

Before Ted Cruz supporters get all giddy over Romney’s attack, remember the Establishment would have just as likely sent out Romney to attack Cruz if Ted was winning.

The soft-spoken, nice man Romney is the epitome of why tough-guy Donald Trump is going to win the nomination. Romney is a wuss. A nice guy but not enough tiger in the tank to carry the Republican voter’s anger. He’s going to get his little sweet ass handed to him once Trump gets Romney in his sights. Trump is everything Romney is not and vice versa. Trump is, simply, a man for his time.

Make no mistake, Romney’s BS attack on Trump does nothing but tell Trump’s supporters (and non-supporters) that the Establishment is terrified of him. But not for the reasons they state. They say Trump is a liberal and will do this and do that and blah, blah, blah. But the real reason they fear him is because he is going to destroy their little Washington power fiefdoms and their go along-get along agreements with their “good friends on the other side of the aisle.” Actually, there’s only one aisle in Washington. The Democrat aisle.

Trump cannot be bought, controlled, or silenced. He isn’t like the other wussypants Republicans in the past. He’s a loose cannon who isn’t cozy with the Establishment who just may keep one or two of his promises to the voters. And the Establishment cannot have that!

If the GOP decides to broker the convention or do some other trickery to stop Trump from being the nominee, it is all out war! As it should be.

I thought the Republican Party had sunk the lowest it could get when it bought ads on black radio shows saying the supporters of conservative Chris McDaniel, the opponent of Thad Cochran in the Mississippi runoff were “Nazi, KKK racists.” Mississippi has an open primary and the outraged black Democrats put Cochran over the top. Absolutely disgusting.

But to run out a RINO loser has-been like Romney to stick a knife in Trump is beyond disgusting. Even the Democrats don’t murder their nominees. I don’t care what happens from this point, I’m voting for Donald Trump.

And shame on you, Mitt Romney! This is not the act of an honorable man. You’ve shown your true colors.

As for the Republican Party, let it burn. It’s long overdue and well-deserved.


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