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Interesting that Mitt Romney would try to pick up a knife for the first time in his pampered life to fight against a street fighter who has sliced, diced, and circumcised more guts than an ISIS imam. This will not turn out well for Romney. He has forever committed political suicide by unwisely attacking the greatest knife-fighter in American political history.

Here’s Romney’s Waterloo:

Romney even sunk as low to say “Trump didn’t build his business success.” Isn’t that an Obama lie? In-f***ing-credible!

Let this sink in. The Republican Establishment sent out one of its loser former presidential nominees to destroy the Republican frontrunner. This is a huge historical event. And it ensures the total destruction of the Republican Party should Trump decide to run third party. A part of me hopes he does if it will destroy the corrupt behemoth GOP Establishment leviathan.

Before Ted Cruz supporters get all giddy over Romney’s attack, remember the Establishment would have just as likely sent out Romney to attack Cruz if Ted was winning.

The soft-spoken, nice man Romney is the epitome of why tough-guy Donald Trump is going to win the nomination. Romney is a wuss. A nice guy but not enough tiger in the tank to carry the Republican voter’s anger. He’s going to get his little sweet ass handed to him once Trump gets Romney in his sights. Trump is everything Romney is not and vice versa. Trump is, simply, a man for his time.

Make no mistake, Romney’s BS attack on Trump does nothing but tell Trump’s supporters (and non-supporters) that the Establishment is terrified of him. But not for the reasons they state. They say Trump is a liberal and will do this and do that and blah, blah, blah. But the real reason they fear him is because he is going to destroy their little Washington power fiefdoms and their go along-get along agreements with their “good friends on the other side of the aisle.” Actually, there’s only one aisle in Washington. The Democrat aisle.

Trump cannot be bought, controlled, or silenced. He isn’t like the other wussypants Republicans in the past. He’s a loose cannon who isn’t cozy with the Establishment who just may keep one or two of his promises to the voters. And the Establishment cannot have that!

If the GOP decides to broker the convention or do some other trickery to stop Trump from being the nominee, it is all out war! As it should be.

I thought the Republican Party had sunk the lowest it could get when it bought ads on black radio shows saying the supporters of conservative Chris McDaniel, the opponent of Thad Cochran in the Mississippi runoff were “Nazi, KKK racists.” Mississippi has an open primary and the outraged black Democrats put Cochran over the top. Absolutely disgusting.

But to run out a RINO loser has-been like Romney to stick a knife in Trump is beyond disgusting. Even the Democrats don’t murder their nominees. I don’t care what happens from this point, I’m voting for Donald Trump.

And shame on you, Mitt Romney! This is not the act of an honorable man. You’ve shown your true colors.

As for the Republican Party, let it burn. It’s long overdue and well-deserved.



  1. Tres Equis

    This need a f***ing thumbs up button!

    • Mr. Rational

      Why do you think I used to try to post “tip jar” comments as the first thing in threads?  They were the “thumbs up” for the post proper.

  2. david7134

    I was not sure about Trump, now I am in for him and a supporter and voter. A man who lost to the worst president in history is lecturing us on who to vote for. The Republican establishment shows that they are totally corrupt and in league with the Democrats, just like everyone suspects. People are angry and I would not doubt this could get ugly.

  3. My message to Mitt Romney… a simple f–k you. Conservatives went with Mitt to defeat scumbag Obama, but were disappointed because Mitt has testicles the size of BB’s – Screw you Romney.

  4. For what it’s worth – just saw on CNN where Romney team along with John McCain plan to block Trump at RNC. It will turn very ugly should the RNC try to block the voters voice in the coming election. As I posted earlier, this sorry ass piece of shit Romney can kiss the asses of conservatives.

  5. They have been telling us for years who we must accept as their chosen candidates, that we must all hold our noses, that we must support them when they are wrong. And now they send a twice failed Presidential candidate clown out to lecture us on who we should vote for?

    Romney wants to rescue the party from We The People. They are freaking out about Trump.
    Everything we despise about the GOP establishment is represented by Romney. And in Rubio, and Cruz. What a bunch of hypocrites. They are afraid of losing everything if Trump wins.

    What Romney said and did today was the end of my respect for the Republican party. I despise what they are doing to Trump. After they made him sign that agreement that he would stay loyal to the party and not go third party on them they turn on him. And now this open verbal threat meant to damage a man that a very large percentage of us want to be our next President.? It’s our President we are choosing, not them for once.

    If I wasn’t convinced on who to vote for, I certainly am now.
    TRUMP 2016!

  6. Disgusted Caucasian

    GOP desperation on display here.

  7. captainmike

    Perfectly put.

    The Republican Party has thrown all pretense of loyalty to its constituency out the window. The mask is off and I think that people are finally paying attention.

    I think the stakes in this election are much, much higher than many people realize. It could well be the final battle between the ruling/donor/media class and WE THE PEOPLE.

    It is interesting that Trump has really been a uniter of people from a broad spectrum…. Democrats/Republicans; liberals/conservatives; young/ old; white/ black/ Hispanic; rich/poor; highly educated/ less educated; women/men; etc., etc. But all these diverse groups do have one thing in common; they are all patriotic Americans who love their country and their countrymen above all else.

    I was thinking about this the other day and it occurred to me that the real purpose of the two major parties was to divide the American people into various groups and special interests and thus weaken us against the control of the Ruling/Donor Class. Interestingly, I have sat down with reasonable, intelligent people from the other side of the table and found that we agree on about 95% of the issues, most of which are just simple common sense. We are Americans first and last.

    It has become obvious that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between a Democrat and a Republican politician and that their true allegiance is to 1) their donors (owners), 2) the Party, 3) Themselves, 4) Each other….with the Constitution and the American citizens way down at the bottom of the list.

    We have been blessed to live in the greatest country in the history of mankind. We are standing at the final fork in the road. We must unite as Americans first.

    And AWD, thanks for all of your efforts to illuminate the truth.

  8. Romney could’ve won, but wussed out. Now we’re supposed to believe that he’s tougher than Trump? And Cruz wants to sing-song mock Turmp while Rubio really wants to break out the ruler? Yeah, that’s who I want for the next president.


    Not trying to badmouth, but… Every single Mormon I know, since Romney’s attacks and Beck’s constant diatribes has switched to, “Ted, Ted, Ted! Ted Good! Trump BAD!”

    Kinda says a lot, huh?

    • Romney was such a nauseating, spineless, ball-less race wimped cuckservative that this pathetic waste of White skin had a major bowel movement in his panties after the left spewed some of their standard anti-White vomit at him, and criticized his family’s group picture because it was ‘too disgustingly White’.

      How did this spineless race wimp react to that? Did he defend his family’s gene pool? Nope.

      He went out and adopted a designer African crumb cruncher and had his family’s group picture retaken with the African eyesore sitting on Mitten’s lap, front and center.

      If that is not the Ultimate Definition of a pathetic, weak, cuck loser of a feminized, castrated White man – I do not know what could be a better description.

      BTW: I can hardly wait for when that African designer ‘grandson’ hits the age of 8 or 10 and decides to introduce one of the Romney family’s innocent White daughters or grand-daughters to a dose of African acupuncture, Zimbabwe-style.

  9. Romney is a boy scout and that is why he lost.He wouldn’t go after Obama.Trump has balls and knows how to go in for the knockout punch.For better or worse I would rather have a fighter in the race.I’m a Cruz guy but if Donald is the nominee I will vote for him.How about a Trump/Cruz ticket ? That would make RINO heads explode.

  10. Lynn Sykes

    Sounds like Reince Prebus got the message and is backing down. Now he’s “90% sure” that there will be no brokered convention and that “any nominee” will receive the “full support” of the republican party. Can this be believed?

    • These establishment bastards just don’t want their party to end. They have proven over and over and time again that they are no different than the democrats. In fact they are worse than the democrats, as I’ve said before at least the democrats fight for their constituents whether their in the majority or minority, our guys roll over after election time and ride the gravy train. For 28 years now after Reagan these bastards have done nothing to secure our future, only theirs as professional politicians. Now Romney comes out in their last line of defense as their goalie. He’s not even wearing any pads, only knee pads!
      I’m seeing now that this has done nothing but push even some staunch Cruz supporters to see the light regarding our party. This was my brothers apithany. He’s a staunch Cruz supporter and previously was going to sit home if Trump wins, but not any longer!
      I’m hoping that Ted will put the gloves away and join forces with Trump and except the vp spot for 4 years as Trump is no spring chicken. Teds young and he would be a great president after 4 years under Trump. unless the ice cream man and the liberal from Ohio drop out soon a brokered convention is in the future, and Cruz and Trump had better get a plan together!

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      “Sounds like Reince Prebus got the message and is backing down. Now he’s “90% sure” that there will be no brokered convention and that “any nominee” will receive the “full support” of the republican party. Can this be believed?”


  11. When Trump becomes president, the first thing he needs to do is fumigate the whitehouse. Next, when these sorry as*s in the senate and congress are up for reelection Trump needs to campain for thier replacement. Oh yeah, and defund the chamber of commerce.

  12. 100% well said. I agree, and that’s why I’m voting for him too. Let it burn.

  13. the backlash against Romney “the Wuss” started as soon as his baloney speech ended……..the outrage against this lying-ass stooge began almost immediately…..all over talk radio everyone came out against him…..slamming him and calling him every name in the book for his treachery…………

    the thing I fear is anyone who is a so-called outsider, like Trump, is in real danger…… the establishment that controls the white house…..the real establishment…..the boys behind the scenes……the bankers….the multi-national corporations…..the crony capitalists……the one’s that control the FBI….the CIA…..and tell them what to do…..they will sit Trump down or which ever outsider wins the nomination and explain to him that he is their boy….that he doesn’t represent the electorate……that he will do their bidding or he won’t be president for very long…..if you know what I mean……..

    don’t think for one second that the one’s behind the scenes that are really running the show….the one’s who are really making the decisions and running the world….the Western world that is….the bankers….the elites……will ever give power back to the people……Trump will be sat down and told just what he can do and what he can’t do….or he will, well, how do I say it….”swim with the fishes”……don’t think for one second that they won’t do it……they aren’t going to give back this country to the people or to anyone else……it’s their’s and they intend on keeping it…..

    Trump will either fall in line or just may end up pushing up daisies…….so will Ted Cruz if he gets out of line……face it…..we lost…..they won…..and there isn’t anything you can do about it………

    if you win the white house you will obey…..or swim with the fishes…..

    • Bluto – can’t argue with what you said. However, after reading your comments for a little over three years, I know you would not cave nor would I if I were president. Maybe we will be surprised in Trump or Cruz should they become president. Guarantee one thing… the average hard working American has had enough of stinking politicians who feel they should be in charge of running our lives and wiping our asses.

  14. for lack of a better place to post this…………

    Ike’s plane………the first “AIR FORCE ONE”

    where is an Eisenhower now……a great statesman…….not like this asshole Romney……

  15. Patrick lilley

    Well, I saw the Libtard section and thought that I’d click on it. I’m having trouble with my PC so I didn’t read the other comments and see the “thread” of discussion. But I want to quickly pass this along. I worked my whole life until my dd became a home bound invalid requiring me to quit work, Rob my retirement and stay home. For the first time in my life, I had enough time to pay attention. Then some things about 911 caught my attention. Damn, that thing was Orchestrated. Not in the sense that bush did it, but EVERYBIDY knew it was coming. If anybody reads this bet their doubting me already and I haven’t even gotten started yet. Did you know that a bill became law making it legal to propagandize in the United States. In 1950 there were 53 different news sources. Now there are six. They have only one agenda. To tear down the unity and the democracy of America. Their biggest fear is that enough people knew (a good many of us know about the US media) but if enough especially X military PERSONELL knew what the media was doing that they might form militias and attack! ? The media is trying to divide us Libtards vs Nazis….. They want us to fight. In truth, the six major news sources are our enemy. Even over ISIS…. I figure we are doomed. I have zero military experience . Was going to Nam after high school , graduated 1977. Going into marines . I’d probable dead almost 40 years now….. Bay of Tonkin was a lie…. Am I a libtard? I’m an American who is calling out an enemy of the US inside our own borders.

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